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Warhammer 40K: Chaos Space Marines Previews – Eight Detachments Inbound

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May 7 2024

The Chaos Space Marine Codex is coming soon and it’s bringing a whopping eight detachment with it! It’s time to spread some heresy.

Chaos Space Marine players get ready because you’re on deck for a new Codex. There’s bound to be something in there for your particular playstyle as well. There’s going to be eight different detachments to choose from and we’re getting a quick look at what they are today!

via Warhammer Community

“Let’s cut right to the chase – Codex: Chaos Space Marines is coming out soon, and it has eight* Detachments in it. Eight! Aside from being one Detachment for each point of the Chaos star, this glut of army options allows you to pattern your heretical warband after some of the most notorious forces in the galaxy, from Traitor Legions to piratical renegades.”

Chaos Space Marine Detachments

First up we have a fast moving detachment. The Deceptors are all about getting up close as quick as possible and is based on the Alpha Legion and their sneaky operations.

Drop in close and get on top of the enemy all while maintaining that fire support. This sounds like an aggressive detachment that wants to take those enemy objectives with force!

Next up we have the Chaos Cult Detachment. If you have a thing for throwings mobs of Cultists into the meatgrinder of combat then this one is definitely for you!


This allows you to get your Cultists in the face of the enemy …for a price. But hey, that’s what those Cultists are for anyhow! Let them show you there devotion by clogging the unbeliever’s guns with their bodies. Or something. On the “brightside” as they take more losses the survivors can become even more dangerous. That’s a plus I suppose.

There’s also the updated Slaves to Darkness Detachment which has been renamed Pactbound Zealots. This is basically the same but the name change is a better reflection of their abilities. And with it’s return we’re seeing some favorites tagging along, too. Don’t leave your Talisman of Burning Blood behind!

If you want to kick it old school, there’s also the new Veterans of the Long War Detachment which is a nod to their time as well disciplined Marines.


Veterans of the Long War seems like a good choice if you’re looking for a strong “take all comers” list. Bring them out to show these new Primaris Punks how you did things in the old days!

If you’re looking to lean more into the Hero-hammer aspects with your mighty Chaos Lords, then the Fellhammer Siege-Host might be a good option. They’ve got all the tools to drop-kick the enemy’s heavy hitters into the trash bin of destiny!

Imagine slapping this one on a multi-attack melee weapon as you slice and dice your way across vehicles and fortifications with (relative) ease! Or maybe your Chaos Lord is more into joining the fray with friends. Check out the Dread Talons Detachment and drop in speed — and leave before you have to face the consequences!

The final detachment that got mentioned was the Soulforged Warpack Detachment. This one is empowered by Vashtorr the Arkifane — you can bet there will be some monster vehicle upgrades for the Daemon Engines!



It’s gonna be a good time to be a heretic!

Author: Adam Harrison
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