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Age of Sigmar: ‘Fyreslayers’ Faction Focus – Time To Bring The Heat

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Jun 3 2024

The Fyreslayers are under the spotlight as the next Faction to be Focused by Games Workshop. Will they bring the heat in the next edition?

The berserker followers of Grimnir are back and still wielding gold and fire. The Fyreslayers are here for the next edition and are looking lean, mean, and stout! You certainly don’t want to be in their path when their blood starts to boil and they get the itch for a good fight.

via Warhammer Community

“In the Age of Myth, when gods walked the realms alongside mortals, the duardin deity Grimnir met his end in an epic confrontation with Vulcatrix, the Mother of Salamanders. In the pyroclastic explosion that followed their mutual destruction, Grimnir’s divine soul was dispersed across the eight realms, cooling and coalescing into a potent magical material known as ur-gold.

The duardin who once followed the Berserker God still dedicate themselves to his memory. They are the Fyreslayers – an entire civilisation of warrior-cults, organised into great clan-lodges who scour the lands for fragments of ur-gold, aiming to amass enough to free Grimnir’s trapped spirit.”

Fyreslayers Battle Traits

The Runic Magic of the Fyreslayers has returned in the new edition. Rune of Fury is their first battle trait. This allows them to turn the tables on the units that charged them by granting them Strike-First. That makes them deadly on the charge or if they have to hold their ground and receive one. Next up, we have the Rune of Farsight which allows the Fyreslayers to toss out their axes with a shower of mortal wounds on their enemies at a 10″ range. Who doesn’t like a bunch of mortal wound generation?

Rune of Fiery Determination is up next and it grants the Fyreslayers a 5+ ward for the rest of the battle round. That’s handy for the Fyreslayers and can be a problem for their opponents. The Rune of Relentless Zeal grants the army Run and Charge in the same turn. So again, you’re not safe charging them and you’re not safe if they are run range, too! And finally we have Rune of Searing Heat which grants Fyreslayers Crit (Mortal) for the rest of the round.


Overall I think the fact that each of these abilities requires the Fyreslayer player choose one to use for the battle round is the one big balancing factor. You’ve got a lot of answers to things — but you might not be able to pop every one you want when you need it. Clever generals will have to plan out their turns to get the most of the Ur-Gold Rune they are needing. And wise opponents will try to bait them out…

Fyreslayers Battle Formation

Games Workshop is only showcasing the Warrior Kinband Battle Formation but there are others to be sure.

“Other battle formations can make your MAGMADROTHS more resilient, enhance the objective-capturing prowess of your HEROES, or reinforce your territory by shaping barricades of molten stone.”

Fyreslayer Prayers

The Fyreslayers don’t use the same type of Spell lores as other. Their Zharrgrim are focused on the rune magic and prayers. The latter of which can be quite effective…



And it’s not just prayers they can bust out. How about calling up some help…

“Zharrgrim don’t restrict themselves to simply bolstering and protecting their allies with their chants and prayers. If times are particularly dire, they can summon a Molten Infernoth to turn the tide of battle. “

Manifestations are going to be a thing in the new edition for sure.

Fyreslayer Warscroll Previews

GW showcased another three warscrolls from this faction — four in total with the Molten Infernoth above. We get a Magamadroth, an Infantry Hero, and the Hearthguard Berzerkers. It’s something to chew on for sure.




Fyreslayers Spearhead

We also get a look at their Spearhead army, which as you might have guessed, is the same as their current Vanguard box:

  • 1x Battlesmith
  • 5x Hearthguard Berzerkers, which can alternatively be built as Auric Hearthguard
  • 20x Vulkite Berzerkers

This box is currently a Vanguard box as mentioned. You’ve still got time (and not much) to snag it at the current price before the hikes. And here’s a quick run down for their Spearhead Rules:


Well that’s it for the Fyreslayers Faction Focus — what do you think of our berserker duardin friends?

Author: Adam Harrison
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