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Atomic Mass Games: ‘Grand Tournament’ Prizes and Scheduling Announced

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Jun 1 2024

Atomic Mass Games announces the official Grand Tournaments from around the world. They listed the prize pool for each game system, too!

Only a short time ago Atomic Mass Games said they were moving away from the Worlds Tournament System to a Grand Tournament style structure. The big change to how Atomic Mass Games is handling their tournament series is in full effect. They are still having the big “end cap” event at AdeptiCon next year but the lead up is different. They’ve announced the Tournament series and also listed all the prizes you can win for playing.

via Atomic Mass Games

“We are happy to announce the Atomic Mass Games Grand Tournament Prizing and Schedule for June 2024–May 2025! If you have questions about the event, please contact the organizers, if you have questions about AMG’s organized play, you can contact AMG directly at [email protected].”

AMG Grand Tournament Prizes

First, we tackle the prizes!

Star Wars: Legion

Star Wars: Shatterpoint



Star Wars: X-Wing

Star Wars: Armada


Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Atomic Mass Games Grand Tournament Regions

Again, one of the big factors driving this change was the desire to spread the tournament scene around. According to AMG, “the cost of one player to Worlds was nearly equal to the cost of providing event support to a stand alone 32-person convention event.” The theory was that now, without the Worlds Tournament System in place, they could reach lots of different regions that might not normally have the opportunity to have an event. Did their theory work for the upcoming Grand Tournament season? That’s a good question! You can see the complete list here.

For the sake of brevity, here’s the major tournament regions:

  • Canada
  • UK
  • US
  • European
  • Other Regions

Each of these regions is hosting multiple events for one or more of the various game systems listed. If you’re a fan of any of these games and want to participate in a GT for that game there’s pretty good odds that one will be near you! That said, the “Other Regions” is really the big winner here. Check out the spread of countries that are going to go host a Grand Tournament this season:

  • Chile
  • Bolivia
  • Mexico
  • Philippines

There are multiple events in Chile and Bolivia and for the first time there will be an official MCP Grand Tournament in the Philippines!


This season goes from 2024-2025 and starts (basically) now. And again it will end with the big Worlds Open at AdeptiCon 2025. I really think that this core change to the AMG tournaments is a big step. I have a feeling we’ll see even more events for next season (2025-26). But we’ll have to see how the gaming communities respond and if the tournament scene grows in response to these events. My biggest concern is the 32-player size — what if you want to host larger events at a convention or perhaps multiple events. I’m sure the folks at AMG are thinking about that and have answers. But that might be a question for next year.

For now, make your travel plans and get out there to your Grand Tournament for your favorite game system from AMG!


Time to find the most “local” events to go to…

Author: Adam Harrison
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