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Heresy’s Heroes and Imperialis Coming Up, Plus New Stormlight RPG – Weekend Rewind

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Jun 9 2024

Dive into this weekend’s hottest news: learn about Saint Sabbat, check out the weirdest D&D weapons, and get big savings on Heroquest.

D&D: Five Of The Weirdest Weapons In 5E

Magic weapons are a staple of D&D, especially 5E. But these five weapons are among the weirdest you’ll find in any book.

The Stormlight Archive RPG Gets An Official Kickstarter Date And Sweet New Trailer

This year, the official Stormlight Archive tabletop RPG has an official Kickstarter date: August 6th. The campaign is going to be huge.

Warhammer 40K Next Week – Heresy ‘Heroes’ And Imperialis Tanks

Next week’s pre-order releases see a number of the Heresy’s heroes, depending on whose side you’re on, as well as Imperialis reinforcements for days.

‘HeroQuest’ Is Over 50% Off To Celebrate The Upcoming Quest Pack With Multiple Endings

The Jungles of Delthrak quest pack for HeroQuest will add a ton of new content. If you haven’t been playing HeroQuest, this is the best time to start.

Warhammer 40K: Who Is Saint Sabbat?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Sabbat Worlds made famous by The Gaunt’s Ghost series – but who is the person the sector is named after?

Author: Mars Garrett
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