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Marvel: Crisis Protocol – 5 MORE Characters From Team Tactic Cards We Want On The Tabletop

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Jul 6 2024

You can’t get these hidden gems by me Atomic Mass Games. Here’s five more characters that we need in Marvel: Crisis Protocol properly!

Last month I took a quick look at some Team Tactic Cards that had character art on them for character that didn’t have miniatures for Marvel: Crisis Protocol...yet. Well, turns out there’s a LOT of art with “hidden gems” and I found a few more I wouldn’t mind getting added to the game. And yes, I’ve mentioned a few of these on other lists before — which is all the more reason for me to reiterate that they should be in the game as AMG already has the art for them on the cards. I see you AMG. I see you.

Black Tom Cassidy

If you’re not familiar with Black Tom Cassidy, he’s the cousin of the X-Men member Banshee and he’s another mutant. He’s the one on the lower right of the card. Anyhow his power is a little weird in that he can project his power through plants. Deadpool fans might remember him making a cameo in the Deadpool 2 movie. Personally, I would just like another villain added to the mutant roster side of things.

Lady Deathstrike

Yuriko Oyama, aka Lady Deathstrike, has an (adamantium) bone to pick with a certain X-Men member, too. And yeah, I’m going to keep harping on this his chord until she gets added. Heck, I didn’t actually believe we’d get Maverick in the game but he’s coming along with Weapon-X! Considering who else is on this card, I figure it’s really only a matter of time.

Master Mold

Okay, the truth is I don’t actually know if this is Master Mold or not based on the artwork. I’m more familiar with the 90’s X-Men cartoon version of the Self-creating Sentinel factory. But I think this is a pretty good idea of the scale of him. Plus, anytime you see a MASSIVE Sentinel sitting with a bunch of cables attached to it, you can assume it’s the big guy. Anyhow, I don’t know if this could be a terrain piece or a character in the game but either way if AMG made a Master Mold, I would 100% get this kit and figure out how to play with it in every game.

Quasar (Phyla-Vell)


This one is a bit of a deep cut for Marvel fans as it ties back to the Annihilation story event and mostly had to do with the cosmic part of the Marvel Universe.  Anyhow, Phyla-Vell took on the mantle of Quasar and wielded the power of the Quantum Bands. She’s the character on the top left of the image. She would be a fun addition the Guardians of the Galaxy Affiliation (along with Moondragon, too). I don’t know about you but I’d like to see even more come from the Marvel Cosmic side of the house. There’s so many weird and wonderful characters out there in space. For example a World War Hulk and his crew would be pretty sweet…just sayin.


Okay, okay, I’m kidding. Although now that I’m thinking about it a Morlock faction with Leech could be kinda neat…But seriously, How is Jubilee not in Marvel: Crisis Protocol already!? I know the X-Men are “done” at this point but she’s the ultimate 90’s kid and, like, totally belongs in MCP — on the tabletop and not just on Team Tactics Cards! The X-Men won’t be complete without Jubilee.


Okay, now I need to make up a list for Morlocks and World War Hulk’s space pirate crew. This is why I’ve been enjoying MCP so much.


Author: Adam Harrison
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