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40k Editorial: The Ultimate Power in the Universe

So you’re playing a game of Warhammer 20k, just sitting pretty with your massive vehicle squadron of Land Raiders without a worry in the world. Suddenly, a 15 man unit appears from the 41st millennium and charges your formation. This unit will, on average, kill 16 of your Land Raiders on the charge. That’s 16 wrecked […]

40k Battle Report: Necrons vs Eldar at 2k

Here is a bat rep of what is most likely my last game with the old Necron codex. Necrons vs Eldar, 2000 pts, annihilation. I played this game on Oct 15th at New World Comics in Oklahoma City, it was a random pick up game with someone I’ve never met before. We decided on 2000 […]

40K Lore: The Evolution of Necrons

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and think about how Necron rules and fluff has evolved over the last decade. 2nd edition rules I started playing Necrons when they were released at the twilight of 2nd edition, February 1998. Back then, Terminators had a 3+ save on 2d6 and it wasn’t uncommon for a […]

40K TACTICS: Maneuver Warfare

Some people believe that combat should be an honorable duel between two equally matched foes on an open plain. I am not one of those people. What is Maneuver WarfareBroadly, there are two types of warfare: maneuver and attrition. Attrition warfare relies on the principles of mathematics; whoever has the most men, morale, and materiel […]

40k Tactics: Splashing Death Cult Assassins

So you may ask, “My Grey Knights are underwhelming in melee, even with force weapons, and Paladins are too expensive! What can I do?!” The answer: Splash Death Cult Assassins.The term “splash” comes from Magic: the Gathering, a card game in which there are 5 colors (6 if you include colorless, 7 if you count […]