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WFB Hobby – Basic NMM tutorial

Mananarepublic 5 Minute Read July 6

This tutorial covers how to paint ornate armor using a Non Metallic Metal method.I have never been very good at using metallic paints, so instead I have always preferred to paint models with the alternative NMM method. The model I selected for this tutorial is part of the Rackham elf range, but the color scheme […]

WFB: Hobby – Painting Fur and Feathers pt. 2

Mananarepublic 5 Minute Read February 1

This is the second part of the tutorial on how to paint fur and feathers, this part covers brown fur and feathers.First off lets take a look at how to paint Tsar Boris fur pelt. Before starting to paint the model was primed with black.  Step 1 The fur was first given a few coats […]

WFB: Hobby – Painting Fur and Feathers pt. 1

Mananarepublic 6 Minute Read December 31

This is a 2 part tutorial on how to paint fur and feathers, the first part covers lighter fur. Step 1 – basecoatThe bear was primed with black after which it was given a basecoat of Astronomican Grey (GW foundation paint) in several thin layers. I cover the whole bear because I feel it helps […]

WFB Hobby: Painting Sickly skin

Mananarepublic 4 Minute Read November 8

There is enough Frankenstein type monsters walking around in 40k/WFB/WM/Hordes so I figured I would give you my take on how paint zombie style skin. The model I picked for the tutorial is from the now canceled Confrontation range – I choose it because it pretty much is a naked gorilla of parts sown together […]

WFB Hobby: Creating Da Boss

Mananarepublic 4 Minute Read October 22

Every orc army needs a big bad boss leading it and to make him more badass he needs to ride a big bad boar. This is how I made mine. Planning My goal was to create a warboss slowly walking across the battlefield looking for survivors and have both him and the boar look in […]