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Star Wars X-Wing: E-Wing Preview

Super Kaiju here again with another Fantasy Flight reveal!  This time its the Rebels super advanced fight the E-Wing! Lets see what this baby can do, shall we? First thing we’ll notice that in the long running tradition of Rebels the ships aren’t cheap. But these babies can take both astromechs and system upgrades. I can […]

First Look Review: X-Wing Miniatures GR-75 Rebel Transport

“General, prepare your troops for a surface attack.” Thus begun one of the greatest Sci-Fi fantasy sieges in recent memory, the Invasion of Hoth.Today we take a look at the heavy lifter transport that helped the Rebels evacuate Hoth, the GR-75. This new ship also unlocks a new way to play X-Wing Miniatures: Epic Mode. […]

Star Wars X-Wing – Rebel Aces Preview

Aw snap, now the rebels got aces too! Lets take a look at the preview.  No joke, 5 seconds before seeing the new Rebel Aces here I saw a quick thing on Reddit on my phone and thought ‘Ya know, its a shame that to get the Rebel Aces you have to buy the GR-75 […]

Star Wars X-Wing: Wave 4 First Look Review

Can’t stop, won’t stop! The hype train don’t stop here at Fantasy Flight, as we now have Wave FOUR to look forward to! Wait? Wave 4? What does that not make the Imperial Aces and Large ship expansions? I dunno… but now we’re knee deep into the extended universe here. HWK-290, you are no longer alone.  […]

X-Wing: Imperial Ace Pilots – The Skinny

Awhile back Fantasy Flight revealed their new expansion for the Empire by not adding a new ship, but by adding more pilots – and WOW they are amazing! Not only that but a fresh paint job and 2 per box for the convenient price of…well, the same price you’d pay for 2 regular interceptors. But hey, new […]

X-Wing: A Glimpse of Rules for the Large Ships

Oh lordy lord. Even more leaks! This time about the rules for the new giant ship stuff.And let me be the first say yet again, WHY CAN’T WE GET BETTER PICTURES HERE?! Other than that, lets take a look. First and foremost these babies aren’t in scale. Which in my opinion, is a shame. Granted, these […]

X-Wing Wave 3 Ships First Look (Video)

Our Bothan spies were able to secure copies of the new X-wing Wave 3 ships at GenCon, that will hopefully be releasing later this month! Last night I spent a good portion of the evening ripping the packages apart, assembling, and flying my new ships around (while making classy pew pew laser noises I might add). So […]

X-Wing Tactica- Skywalker Competitive List

Here I’ll be talking about lists I’ve used in tournaments or ones I’ve seen used. Today we take a look as Luke Skywalker and some friends. Heh, so lets delve right in with my very first competitive list, the very one I used to win the Kessel Run. The ListRocking the Rebels here, we bring 4 ships into the fight. Starting […]

X-Wing Miniatures- Millennium Falcon Tactics

It’s time to take a look at the “Fastest Hunk of Junk in the galaxy” – the YT-1300. “Never tell me the odds!” – Han Solo A guest column by Super Kaiju. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one in a game of Sacbac with some smuggler looking dude in a cantina in […]

X-Wing: Full Speed Ahead: A-Wing Review

Today let us head back to the hangers of the Rebel Alliance and look at the fastest ships they can let loose, the lightning fast A-Wing. Super Kaiju wrote this review article on the most interesting fighters from Star Wars, the A-Wing. Because I am a creature of habit, let us continue on the reviews/previews of […]

X-Wing: Wave 3 Minis Nerd Out & Review

With May the 4th past us, lets take a closer look at Fantasy Flight Games’  newest ships lineed up for X-Wing.  Speculations have been met, with some curve balls thrown in. By Super Kaiju So lets nerd out and look at the stats of each one of these new ships and throw out some more Speculations […]