BoLS Unboxing: Deadzone Starter Box


It’s a new edition of Deadzone – come take a look inside the latest skirmish game from Mantic!

The Folks at Mantic have been hard at work cleaning-up, tweaking and rebuilding their Skirmish Game Deadzone – and now it’s out in the wild. We got our hands on the box so lets take a look at exactly what you’re getting inside:

The Deadzone Starter Box has a big emphasis on getting into the action of the game. The box contains enough materials for two players to start playing. It has a starter force for the Enforcers and Forge Fathers. The miniatures themselves are pretty well done. If you’ve ever put together Mantic’s miniatures before you won’t have a problem assembling or working with these bad boys.

And if you’ve never assembled any models, these aren’t super difficult to assemble – but be sure to use a clippers, a modeling knife and the right type of glue. These are plastic miniatures so you may want to invest in some Model Masters Liquid Cement for Plastic Models. I use this stuff on all my plastics and it’s super effective!

Quality wise for the models, I have no complaints. I’ve built Enforcers before so there weren’t any surprises there. The new Pathfinder unit was pretty cool looking (think lightly armored human scouts). The Forge Father miniatures are also some of my favorite Sci-Fi Dwarf models of any range – I like the compact design and hard edges. And for the price, it’s a really good deal to jump into this game.

As for the rest of the components – they are all perfectly acceptable for a starter box. The Terrain included in particular is really well done. We’ve actually talked about the ruin set before. We liked it then and it’s still good stuff! It’s modular as well so you can build it however you’d like. If you already have a lot of wargaming terrain, then you may want to just use it to construct a single blown-up building. Or you could create multiple smaller features – it’s your terrain, have fun with it!

The accessories in the box (of which there are BUNCH) are all good things, too. While you can use generic counters for the game, the box comes with all the specific counters you could possibly need to you’re good to go on that front. And of course there are custom D6s but you could use a regular D6 for stand-ins (just decided what numbers equal what icons before you start rolling dice).

Overall, if you are looking for a great entry product into Mantic’s Sci-Fi gaming universe then Deadzone is perfect for that. It’s a pretty quick game and this 2nd edition of the box is just a better version of the 1st edition. The models are well done, the extras are cool, the terrain is neat and functional – really you just need a buddy and you can start skirmishing in the Deadzone! Pre-orders are available and it should start shipping later this month (May). What are you waiting for – Head to the Deadzone!

via Mantic Games

Deadzone Starter Box 

Deadzone Box


In the future, unthinkably powerful mega-corporations own and govern entire planets outright, protecting their interests with vast, private armies. Now, an even greater danger is sweeping the galaxy – a hideous mutagen wiping out entire sectors of space. To stem the carnage, highly classified Containment Protocols are enacted, blockading the infected system and wiping it from navigational charts forever. Here, with the veil of civilisation lifted, rival factions descend into furious conflict, each with a unique claim on the chaos of the Deadzone!


Deploy elite Enforcers to mercilessly hunt down the rampaging Plague army as it surges ceaselessly towards total contamination; Oversee the ransacking of abandoned districts by the hulking Marauders as the terrifying Veer-Myn single-mindedly set about bolstering their own numbers; Plunder natural resources with the tech-heavy Forge Fathers as the eclectic Rebs scavenge for discarded gear, or simply scheme in secret as the mysterious Asterians pursue goals known only to themselves. As your collection grows, where will your loyalty lie?


A tabletop wargame without the hassle, Deadzone strips away unnecessary complications leaving you free to enjoy the excitement and tactical depth of futuristic battle. Starter armies of two rival factions are included in this set, kicking-off your collection of Enforcers and Forge Fathers, along with everything else 2 players need to get right into the action. Assemble your finely detailed miniatures and get ready for fast paced, easy to learn, mission-based skirmishes in a brutal future!

Deadzone Spread


We’re gonna need reinforcements…

  • DocNacho

    Played my first games of Second edition a few nights ago. It is a HUGE improvement over first edition.

    I was playing Forge Fathers (Space Dwarves) and my opponents played with the Enforcers. First off, my strike team was only 4 models and my opponents had 5. (These were the starting armies from in the main rulebook) The low model count is a huge bonus. Our strike teams were 96 points with standard games being 100, 150, and 200 points. 4 Models in an army? Yes please!

    The game is dependent on scenarios and capturing and earning Victory points. You earn these by claiming objectives and killing enemy models. for a 100pt game, you need 12vp to win.

    the games are extremely cinematic. The first game saw us scrambling to the top of a tower to try and claim an objective. I had 3 of my forge guard up there and still couldn’t get my opponent to budge. He ended up jumping down and picking up a loot crate that turned out to be a grenade… Well, grenades explode and throw guys in random directions. After all was said and rolled, I had one troop left that fell 3 stories down… Lessons were learned. Don’t bunch up!

    In all, the game is loads of fun, has minimal model count, but, has a ton of flavour and tactical options. I highly recommend it!

    • euansmith

      I really like the way that the Mantic rules still contain the Army Lists; though I miss the tiny little pocket sized format of the original rules.

      • Morat

        Deadzone was always a “full format” rulebook though. Only Kings of War got the rulebook for ants treatment. Was a shame they increased it for KoW 2nd edition though.

        New Deadzone book is about 50% smaller than most.

        • euansmith

          Oh, right, so was the little pocket-sized booklet the original Warpath rules?

          • Morat

            Yep, I think there was a small size book in Fate of the Forge Star, that might have been a fold out pamphlet rather than a rule book though.

          • euansmith

            The one I had was the same format as the KoW A6 booklet, but with army lists for Enforcers, Forge Fathers, etc. Mantic was giving it away at shows. It must be buried in the heaps of crap in my my house.

  • Jared Swenson

    I really like this game, and it’s a shame it’s not picking up steam. While on the surface people assume it’s a not!40k setting, it’s actually very different. I’ve become a fan of the setting, and this game. Don’t see myself getting into the coming Warpaths though, but I really like the way Deadzone plays.

    • Morat

      Bit early to be writing it off with regard to “picking up steam”, let’s not forget it’s not even available to actually buy yet. One of the many drawbacks of Kickstarters.

      It’s keeping me busy that’s for sure. Finished a table’s worth of scenery this evening. First time I’ve owned my own wargaming scenery for going on two decades…

      • Heinz Fiction

        Yeah, I’m waiting for the rules beeing available for download before I decide whether or not to invest money in this game. It looks good though. I also wonder to what extend i could use existing models (40k, Infinity and others) for Deadzone,,,