40K: Artemis & Deathwatch Rules Spotted

Deathwatch Crop

Captain Artemis and the Deathwatch Armory rules have been seen in the wild – Xenos, get ready to run!

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Artemis Rules 1

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IMG_9341 Death Watch Weapons 1 Deathwatch Mission Tactics 1 Deathwatch Mission Tactics 2 Deathwatch Special Issue Wargear Deathwatch Armory 1 Deathwatch Armory 2 Deathwatch Profiles

Wow – The Deathwatch are getting some pretty great wargear. The Melee weapons are brutal! I really like the Xenophase blade for the forced re-roll on successful invulnerable saves. And the Heavy Thunderhammer is going to make the toughest of Thunderwolves targets cringe.

Don’t think the ranged weapons are packing a punch either! The Infernus Heavy Bolter packs a lot of versatility. I’ve always wished that regular Heavy Bolters were Assault 3 for Space Marines now the Deathwatch are getting that PLUS a heavy flamer on top of it – eat your heart out Lt. Ripley!

The Mission Tactics seem like a sweet bonus, too. Artemis basically gets to use 3 different ones over the course of the battle if the player chooses to change them. Pick your target type and re-roll 1s against them – I could get behind that! Oh and the Stasis bomb attack is equal parts hilarious and horrifying. That’s one attack you DON’T want to whiff with.


What do you think of the Deathwatch Armory? How about Captain Artemis?! And Xenos, don’t bother to run – you’ll only die tired.

  • Randy Randalman

    Some good stuff. While they are xenos hunter’s in the fluff, I hope they will also help tone down the prevalence of Wolf Stars.

    • TB0N3

      After all, thunderwolves are mutant/xenos w/ever (there are no wolves in fenris, only damaged genestealer DNA)

  • McGibs

    The assault 3 heavy bolter seems like a weird rules shift to me, without it being either salvo or mentioning some sort of suspensor system ala forgeworld.
    I mean, its a welcome change, because heavy bolters need a rework, its just a weird solution to that problem where there have been others that made more sense both mechanically and fluff wise.

    • OldHat

      I was going to post about that too. Really not sure why the Heavy Flamer isn’t one-use, too. Seems like it would weigh too much as is, since both systems are usually barely man-portable for a Marine.

      I hope HBs get Assault across the board. An iconic weapon no one takes as is might see some board time that way… Hah! I mean, lol grav.

      • Anggul

        I would like them to be salvo 2/4, I think that would fit best.

        • Solrac

          A HB should be Salvo 3/5. Why would a massive machine gun used to supress troops have a lower firing rate than a Grav Cannon?

          • georgelabour

            It shoots bigger louder bullets?

          • Anggul

            That’s a meaningless question. You can’t compare the rate of fire of a realistic weapon to a completely imaginary one and say one makes more sense. They made up the grav cannon, it can have whatever rate of fire they want it to have.

            Incidentally, they should reduce the rate of fire of both grav guns and grav cannons, not to mention not give the regular grav cannon a grav amp. As it is there’s no reason for it to be a separate piece of wargear because every model that can take a grav cannon also gets a grav amp. It also begs the question of why the centurion version has the grav amp on the other arm when apparently they can just be stuck together and carried quite easily.

          • MPSwift

            I’d say 3/4. 5 would put it at more shots than an multibarrel assault cannon which doesn’t quite seem right. But then my Xenos-murdering Long Fang squad with 5 heavy bolters are happy either way 😛

          • Chris Eyler

            Because the Grav Cannon is one of the most poorly designed weapons in the game, from a rules perspective. Any time a weapon is the obvious choice, in 99% of situations, it should have its rules reworked.

    • Jonathan B.

      The Deathwatch always had access to suspensor supported Heavy Bolters, which reduced the range to allow for assault use. IIRC, it was an 18″ range, Assault 3, S5, AP4 weapon, and it could use the special ammo.

      • McGibs

        I’m totally on board with suspensors, its more that in this case there’s no mention of any suspensor tech (either in the text or on the model), and that it doesnt have any tradeoff in the way that suspensors have worked elsewhere in the rules (like the 18″ range)

        • ZeeLobby

          SMs need no trade off!

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Took the words out of my mouth, was about to say that was the rule way back when! A squad of four marines could take Heavy Bolters with relentless / true grit!

    • georgelabour

      The deathwatch are much like the grey knights in that they get access to gear superior to whar ‘normal’ Astartes are permitted to use. It’s one reason the DW gets to use Xenos gear after all.

      And they do in fact have access to superior suspensors for their heavy weapons. The one depicted in the Deathwatch RPG can turn a Devastator into a fairly mobile terror with a Heavy Bolter.

      EDIT: as for a lack of fluff. GW has been cutting back on that stuff in favor of focusing on rules. I suppose we can blame the ‘only stats matter’ types, and bean counter for that unfortunate turn of events.

      • nurglitch

        Yes, damn GW and their emphasis on crunch!

      • Emprah

        Yeah the last SM codex did not even have a Thunderhawk mention.

    • Ian Bush

      Let’s just hope they apply it to heavy bolters in all marine factions. It’s an easy change to make them some what viable again. That or give them rending…

      • Djbz

        I’d say salvo would be far more fitting for a marine carried heavy bolter.
        Definitely not assault (I mean if a bolter is too much recoil to charge while firing a heavy bolter certainly is)

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Well if Sgt Hawker can do it, and hes a mere mortal……

  • Dan Wilson

    The xenophase sword is very cool, the internus heavy bolter is wicked and the corvus black star is awesome. But those are the only stand out things for me. The formations are pretty underwhelming.

  • BK Ripper

    The special issue ammunition rule here is odd. It specifies that the ammo can be used with Bolt pistols, but does not provide a stat line for them. I can’t see bolt pistols using the bolt gun stat line (although that would be cool). Is there any information on this?

    • OolonColluphid

      They are half the range.

  • euansmith

    I misread that first selection of wargear as “Relics of the Vagrant”. I was expecting a shotgun.

    • CthulhuDawg

      That movie rode my brain hard and put it away wet.

      • euansmith

        It certainly was nothing like what I expected it to be. It was a lot better 😀

  • Firemind

    Shame that combi-flamer isn’t ap2 as some leaks were pointing out. d

    • petrow84

      I rate the Deathwatch Armory Keeper a higher shame. Really, with all the fancy wargear assigned, couldn’t he throw a single bolt pistol to Captain Artemis?

  • LordKrungharr

    Rending wolf claws disagree with the heavy thunder hammer assessment. It shan’t live to strike! And Wulfen don’t care if they did cuz they get to strike anyway.

    • nurglitch

      Yeah, but with a Sv4+ I don’t think they’ll be making it into combat.

      • Anggul

        That’s what storm shields up front are for. Wulfen are a really strong unit.

  • Ross Allan

    Hold on….where’s the Frag Cannon??

    • Djbz

      These are from Death Masque not the codex.
      It only shows what the “unique” units in that box have Which is why certain items are missing

      • Ross Allan

        Ah, gotcha 🙂

  • ZeeLobby

    The cropped pic makes it look like the Ork is fighting alongside the deathwatch!

    • Darkcat

      The libby is controlling him.

  • Anggul

    I like it. I find it funny that it’s a new codex but their Necron tech is better against invulnerable saves like the Necron version was in the previous codex, now removed.

    • Skathrex

      obviously the DW have stolen and improved it, thats why is missing from the new codex 😉

      • Anggul

        Thing is there’s a reason they started removing everything that ignores or reduces invulnerable saves. Invulnerable saves aren’t only force fields, they also cover dodging, phasing, ephemerality and such. A sword that is better against force fields is now also making people worse at dodging or phasing between dimensions for some reason.

        I really think ‘dodge’ saves should have their own category and jink should be put under it too.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          They dont want to overload everyone with keywords apparently like in AoS

          • Anggul

            AoS is much more streamlined than 40k. 40k has masses of keywords, one more wouldn’t make a difference.

  • This Dave

    I like the idea of picking your Mission Tactic for the game and then being able to swap it once or twice during the game. Really gives them the feeling of being well trained special forces that can adapt and improvise on the fly, something the Imperium is not really known for doing.

    The Heavy Thunder Hammer is impressive as well. S 10 with the possibility of causing Instant Death? Who cares if it’s Two-Handed? How many people ever equipped models with another Specialist Weapon just to get +1 Attack with a regular Thunder Hammer?

    Like that Infernus Heavy Bolter as well. Might need to convert the four Deathwatch guys I have with Heavy Bolters to this pattern. Assault HBs and a Heavy Flamer for close encounters?

    So far it looks like firepower is not going to be a problem for the Deathwatch.

  • JP

    A Thunder Hammer that can cause Instant Death? A Stalker Bolter that’s actually a Sniper weapon? Heavy Weapons turned into Assault Weapons? Christmas came early for the Marines this year!

  • Simon Chatterley

    Have I missed something here? Where is the Frag launcher? Plus no grav weapons at all?

    • Simon Chatterley

      Ahh wait…this is the stuff in the boxed set rather than the codex itself. Stand down Internet, I’ve caught up.

      • MPSwift

        Well recovered 😛

  • UvW Sausage

    Is it just me or does it look like they completely forgot to add bolt pistol profiles and as wargear even though it’s mentioned in the special ammo rule?

  • Cyaneye

    At the sight of the Xenophase Blade, somewhere on a dusty shelf the Swarmlord is crying

  • Shiwan8

    So, “hey, here’s a one use thing you can use to try to scratch a WK with, but if you miss you DIE!”

    Way to go GW, let’s make more gear no-one will ever use. How about next nid release the synapse is a one time thing lasting just one turn and after that all units not in synapse spontaneously die. That’ll make the game better!