40K Deep Thought: Slaanesh – Change or Die

Keeper_of_Secrets-censoredGames Workshop just might have something sneaky planned for the Eldar’s Ancient Enemy…

Hey BoLS Readers – I’ve got a tin-foil hat conspiracy for you all. What if the Eldar “End-Times” event that Games Workshop has been talking about is actually all about bringing back Slaanesh into the game?

weirdalfoil_2322+++Tinfoil Hat Warning – Proceed with Paranoia+++

I know – I’m sure a lot of you are probably looking at that picture of Weird Al and thinking “What is AdamHarry talking about?” Well let’s throw some things out there and see where they take us, shall we?


Going, Going, Rebirth?

Last year Slaanesh took a hit in Age of Sigmar. A Chaos God was captured by the Aelfs and hidden somewhere in the new universe. We haven’t seen or heard much from the Dark Prince in AoS and his spot on the Chaos Pantheon has been taken by the Horned Rat…For now.

aos-chaos-pantheonThe Great Usurper! Look at those four cheese-addled horns down there…

Slaanesh has also taken a back seat in 40k. don’t believe me? Okay, name a book from Black Library that involves Slaanesh that isn’t Fulgrim. Find one? Good – when was that published? Before 2013? hmm… Let’s look at the past year’s Black Library books/events they are doing:

  • Legacy of Russ
  • Beast Arises
  • The Red Path

Or let’s look at the Chaos Codexes and Supplements:

  • Codex Chaos Space Marines
  • Crimson Slaughter
  • Black Legion

Well at least the Emperor’s Children are getting all that attention in Horus Heresy, right? With all the Boxed game attention like Betrayal at Calth and the rumored Battle at Prospero box or all those EC armies that get featured on Forge World…oh wait. That’s right, Forge World focuses on Sons of Horus, World Eaters, Word Bearers, Death Guard and Iron Warriors in all their example paint schemes. Go check out Forge World’s top seller page or the Horus Heresy section if you don’t believe me. Sure they got Shoulder Pads and a Primarch…just like everyone else.

Slaanesh: The Hardest Sell

Let’s be honest here: Slaanesh is a hard sell to parents. I don’t care about how you feel about it morally one way or the other. I don’t care if you’re in a country that glorifies violence but we can’t have a nipple-slip on TV. The cold, hard truth is that Games Workshop is a business and selling Boobie-snake models to 12-year olds isn’t the best business model. “What about games like Kingdom Death” – yes, there is a market for games aimed at adults. But have you seen the Battle for Vedros line? They aren’t going for the same demographics.

So what does this have to do with the Eldar? Does anyone else find it coincidental that Slaanesh has been silent for over a year and just now we’ve got this new Eldar vs Deathwatch thing going on? We’ve heard murmurs and rumors that the GW design studio had been working on revamping Slaanesh for awhile – ever since we got the last batch of Daemonettes (which were toned down quite a bit from what we saw before).

bols-dp-1790Multi-generational Daemonettes. Smaller claws, more then less boobs, more hair, and corsets.

Eldar God-fight!

Now we’ve got these Teasers going on with lots of references to Eldar Lore and their great Nemesis. It seems like the Eldar are gearing up to take on Slaanesh for a final showdown. If Ynnead, the Eldar God of the Dead, is involved who know what trick the Harlequins are going to play.

My money is on a great Eldar god clash between Cegorach, Ynnead and Slaanesh that leaves something new and unseen standing. Remember that each of these deities represent a legitimate portion of Eldar Psyche.  Just as Slaanesh subsumed the old Eldar gods, the same could be in store for the Dark Prince in the upcoming Rhana Dandra.

That allows Games Workshop to finally fundamentally redefine Slaanesh/(whatever wins the Eldar god fight) in a new aesthetic theme. What will this theme be? I don’t know!  If your Eldar god recipe was:

  • 2 cups BDSM god
  • 3 cups undead Amish god
  • 1 teaspoon Loki

recipe-oldDon’t forget 2 dashes of arrogance!

I have no idea what the models would look like but it would be awesome!

What’s really interesting about this theory is that is still allows the old lore and minis to stay around. The Emperor’s Children can remain as the “pleasure/pain” marines and the same with all the current Daemonettes – if you currently have a Slaanesh army you shouldn’t be too worried about it. Why? Because those armies will just represent Slaanesh’s “True Devotees” – check the AoS lore! There are still pockets of Slaanesh’s followers wandering around searching for the Chaos God, they just can’t find him because the Aelfs have him hidden so well.

MalekithMalekith – Hide-n-Seek Champ 2014-???

Maybe this Eldar event will be the major cross-over between 40K and AoS – at least in the fluff. Maybe this is just one big prison break for Slaanesh to be “reborn” as the “Eldar God” – hey the Marines have the Emperor, the Orks have Gork and Mork, the Necron’s have the C’tan, the Tyranids have…well they are just hungry…but still, the Eldar had a pantheon of Gods and this could be a way for Games Workshop to bring that back.

I don’t know what the future holds for Slaanesh and the Eldar. But judging by the response from the last batch of theorizing, I’d say that there is a fan base for Slaanesh so it would foolish for GW to write them out completely. I mean, it’s not like they are the Tomb Kings of 40K, right?

Tomb kings cropYou can still “technically” play as Tomb Kings…

What do you think? Will Slaanesh finally be killed or set free? What about the rebirth of Slaanesh into something new? What would you do with Slaanesh if you were GW?

  • Karru

    If it was model design that’s the problem then that is easily fixed. Sleek armours in the same manner as Sisters are (armour, not bodysuit like Eldar) and more leather and metal here and there. Just cover up the boobs and all that. Boom, done. Next question.

    It is extremely likely that Slaanesh will share the fate of Sisters. Forgotten and then killed in the lore in some way, because GW can’t be bothered to re-work them or just make new models so, behind the shed and put them down. This allows the design team to focus more on new SM releases, GW wins, Marine players win and everyone else just sighs, hard.

    Also, the last part was golden. “I’d say that there is a fan base for Slaanesh so it would foolish for GW to write them out completely.” oh-wait-youre-serious-bender.gif would fit here perfectly.

    Even though they haven’t been “written out” completely, Bretonnians are basically gone, Tomb Kings are basically gone, Sisters are not far behind and now Slaanesh. GW cares very little for anything that isn’t Space Marines, and the design team doesn’t really care for any other Chaos God outside Khorne and Nurgle. There is some sort of brain fever going around the design team at this point which is the reason we see some Tzeentch coming out.

    But yeah, TL;DR

    Slaanesh will disappear in some way.

  • m3g4tr0n

    So, it’s okay for parent to buy their children minis with guns and chainswords/chainaxes, but it’s morally wrong to show a breast?

    What the hell, BoLS?

    • Karru

      I have understood that American television for example doesn’t have a problem with gore and violence, but oh boy if there is a nipple on the screen. Then is the time to cover the eyes of little Timmy before he gets scarred and his future becomes grim hell filled with drugs, murder and alcohol. I have also seen this insanity here in Finland as well, good god it’s just literally the worst thing on the planet.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        Fundamentally the problem is Christian, Jewish and Muslim morality is based on the ancient tribal taboos of a small group of Midde Eastern goat herders rather than any logical philosophical system of non harm or ethics.

        • piglette


          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation


          • gordonshumway

            The above poster is referring to a tired internet meme that assumes any comment critical of religion in any way equates with being a fedora-wearing internet atheist. The implication being that these strawmen sit back and happily tip their fedoras to each other every time they so ignorantly attack religion. Yes it’s as tedious as it sounds, and you are lucky not to have experienced it prior to today.

          • Karru

            I was slightly confused as well, but now that you reminded me my faith in humanity tanked again.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            haha, thank you for the explanation, us old folk need the internet translated for us sometimes.

            As it happens I’m not an atheist, indeed I am a card carrying good old fashioned British Druid. I also happen to have a degree in Theology (which really is a sign of a misspent youth if ever there was one), so while I may attack religion hopefully I don’t do it too ignorantly 🙂

          • Richard Mitchell

            I think we are seeing slippery slope in action here, with every comment above. Slaneesh not appearing = mindless violence on children’s television and Abrahamic faiths are e-vile.

            I guess in England its common for kids to live in a drug violence filled hell, but ya my kid and plenty of other kids in the greatest country in the history of the human race don’t experience that. Its the individual choice of the parent.

            And if you think Christianity preaches sex over violence really, really read the Gospel. It doesn’t advocate violence of any kind, in fact you are supposed to let someone kill you rather than fight back (which I can’t do, because I am an American, not because I am a Christian) and Christ exalts a prostitute over his apostles because she has greater faith despite her more sinful past.

            Literacy and analysis, its a thing.

            And AMERICA! Just because.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            sadly Christians tend to read the Old Testament as well as the new.

    • http://www.political-humor.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/of-course-dad-wears-a-gun-we-are-worth-protecting.jpg

      Why give them helmets or shoes while riding their bikes if daddy can have a gun instead? That’s american logic.

      • Richard Mitchell

        Makes sense to me, probably explains why we are #1 and Britain, well lets just say their age of empire is long, long, long, long, long, gone.

        • I’m not from Britain. But it’s okay… I didn’t expect an American to understand the irony of “protecting his kids” in relation to “shoes and helmets vs. guns”.

          • If you speak English, you’re from Britain. Get used to it.


        • But a lot of what America is #1 at, the rest of the world is happy to be out of the top ten for.

      • How vert protective of fictitious children.

        • Old zogwort

          Hey those children might grown up to be nice fat whales like all of us did.

      • Old zogwort

        Lol helmets what fancy salesman has convinced you you needed those ? All you need is a safe biking lane or a big orange flag mounted at the back of the bike if you want them to be safe in traffic.

  • Andrew Thomas

    *cough* Fear to Tread *cough*

    • Severius_Tolluck

      yes but he commented on post 2013…

      • Andrew Thomas

        And I guess no one has submitted anything to Black Library focused on Slaanesh or its followers? How much of this is a conspiracy to scuttle part of their cannon, and how much is a dearth of quality material?

    • Slaede

      Angel Exterminatus, The Path of Heaven, Vengeful Spirit, several short stories. The Emperor’s Children feature heavily, but their contributions to the Heresy are largely done. They participate in the invasion of Terra but don’t contribute much beyond that after taking out Ferrus.

  • wibbling

    That symbol isn’t of the Horned Rat. The Horned Rat is three bars crossed over one another. If anything that symbol is Malekith’s hat.

    As for Slaanesh and selling: this si a game with undead zombies, vampires, nuclear weapons, virus bombing and men who shoot one another with guns.

    In america there might be prudish concerns over anatomy, but Europe and the UK especially isn’t that backward: well, as long as you ignore people like Caroline Lucas and Kat Banyard who, if she had her way would ban breathing.

    Remember we also haven’t had anything new from Tzeentch, either. Nurgle waits for beasts, Khorne for fleshhounds. Slaanesh isn’t going anywhere.

    • Karru

      I’d like to point out that Slaanesh hasn’t had any model releases in a loooooong time, this means non-daemon slaanesh forces as well. Khorne got a whole new faction in AoS, Nurgle got a ton of models during the End Times and Tzeentch just got the Silver Tower. They are now bringing back Tzeentch for the 40k End Times most likely, but Slaanesh is going to die for sure.

      • Andrew Thomas

        This assumes that new Slaaneshi models are needed. While it’s true that Noise Marines could use a new plastic kit, even if it’s just an upgrade sprue, the lesser Daemon kits aren’t so old that they look out of place. At a minimum, you could get away with 4-5 new sprues and make a sufficient change to how the army looks.

        • Karru

          Slaanesh only lacks a plastic Greater Daemon. When it comes to other Slaanesh models, I’m talking more about the worshippers, like the Noise Marines you mentioned.

          Nurgle got Glottkin, Plague Knights and the Character dude. Khorne got a ton of plastic characters, Blood Warriors, Skullreapers, Bloodreavers and the plastic Bloodthirster. Tzeentch got some with the Silver Tower, but Slaanesh is still very lacking in the “mortal” department.

          • Andrew Thomas

            Fair point.

      • Frank Krifka

        Demon slaanesh hans had a release in a long time, but Warriors of Chaos got the hellstriders circa 2008?

        • Horus84cmd

          Hellstriders where 2012/13. So fairly recent.

          • Frank Krifka

            Yes. I couldn’t remember the releas year by I know it was recent

    • 6Cobra

      Oh yes, those prudish puritanical Americans who have the world’s largest “adult film” industry. If only they’d allow poor GW to design erotic miniatures! Who knew that Ted Cruz is head of both design and marketing at GW.

  • Spacefrisian

    Death murder and lots of blood….totaly ok, boobs and puke…..censored like no tommorow.

    Yeah you Nurgle lovers you be next after Slaanesh.

    • LordKrungharr

      I saw a guy on a skateboard poop on a mainstream cable channel news show. So that’s progress in the uncensored department. And public television shows boobs as long as they’re of non white native peoples in third world countries.

    • petrow84

      Been watching Breaking Bad recently.
      Body dissolved in acid? Sure!
      Head-shot in full view? Yeah!
      Sniffing crystal all day long? Make an up-close of it!
      S3xy time between lovers? Just blurred reflection shots, please.
      Boobs in a strip club? Better cover dem nipples, lest we’ll be sued!

      • You can’t have nipples in strip clubs where alcohol is served. So that’s a properly researched show, not TV censorship.

        Apparently. I wouldn’t know.

        • That’s not the case everywhere in the US… fully topless is a-ok at places that hold a liquor license in Texas; only have to keep bottoms on, no pasties required.

          • Thanks for the clarification. I thought pasties were only required in the County of Cornwall.

            I love this site – I learn so much!

        • petrow84

          Whatever your source is, thank you for contributing to my daily education, good sir!

          • Well, I may be wrong, I only know about LA clubs.

            From what I read. In bible class or something. I’ll get me coat.

  • Sam Nolton

    Y’know….it’s not even the model design or the six-breasted daemonettes of ages past that’s the problem with Slaanesh….it’s the REASON slaanesh exists. Lust and indulgence and excess just don’t apply to warfare all that well. They’re such personal, nitty-gritty character tropes that they really only work in more intimate settings like Inquisitor and Dark Heresy.

    GW managed to make SOME headway with this back when the Daemons codex was released for 40k, highlighting how Slaanesh’s influence could apply to military commanders seeking adulation from the adoring masses, and with the newer units introduced like the Seeker Chariot/Hell Flayer (the latter being repurposed from cleaning up his realm after battles like some sorta erotic zamboni). But yeah, overall Slaanesh just doesn’t fit well into the 40k setting for armies or combat….it needs a hard reboot.

    • Emprah

      Its not that. western liberals exalt sexual degeneracy and perversion, so a god mocking them is not welcome.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        Violence and greed are true perversions of the human spirit. What people do with their genitals is not really so important.

        Look around the world at the sum of human suffering, genitals are not high on the list of causes in comparison to greed, violence or the will to gain power over others.

      • Saultnami

        Pretty ironic to hear from the social standpoint in favour of censoring sexuality. But yeah, liberals are the ones that don’t like slaanesh.

    • Karru

      I don’t really get why people automatically jump on the lust part of Slaanesh whenever he/she is mentioned. Slaanesh is the Chaos God of Pleasure, Passion and Decadence. Not the God of Extreme Bondage and Quickies. As is stated in pg. 10 of the CSM 4th Ed. codex, “Mortals that seek charisma and fellowship turn to Slaanesh, for his gifts can make one popular and inspiring. …while even the hardiest warriors might seek the adulation of the masses and the unflinching loyalty of their followers.” So as you mentioned, they started to focus more on the other followers.

      I believe that Slaanesh is actually an amazing fit for 40k. For his followers do not seek to actually gain the eternal favour of Slaanesh as much as those of Tzeentch or Nurgle. No, followers of Slaanesh want to be in complete power themselves and if you could kindly tell me what Chaos Champions want for example. Those that actually know how bad Imperium from the individuals point of view can tell you that Slaanesh fits in perfectly. Slaanesh can help incite revolutions that aren’t as obvious as other gods, for Slaanesh might have just given Planetery Governors or Generals the charisma they needed to start it. Slaanesh is the second most interesting of the Chaos Gods. Those that turn to Nurgle only want to save themselves from death and those that serve Khorne only want to kill people. Tzeentch will always be my favourite Chaos God, but Slaanesh will remain as a strong second.

      Slaanesh feeds on strong emotions, for example the thrill to kill someone. Torture, pain, the joy of others suffering, these are all strong emotions that feed Slaanesh. All of these fit the world of 40k or are you saying that Dark Eldar don’t fit the world either? Followers of Slaanesh go trough a cycle. They start with the charisma that Slaanesh gives them, when they use it they feel amazing as their followers turn to follow his/hers every command. Then it isn’t enough and they start to slowly feel like they want more and more and more stimulating, killing, torturing and waging war isn’t going to be enough. They start to lose their minds and then they will start the war on a larger scale while Slaanesh just giggles in his/her Palace.

      • Sam Nolton

        You’re totally right, and I agree. I think the point I was trying to make more is that the models should change to reflect that. You can totally play on the adulation and pride angles of it without needing to go all six-breasted and leather fetishism.

        Hell…Slaanesh is HORRIFYING to the Eldar, tie that in some way- make them a dark, twisted reflection of the Eldar aesthetic maybe.

        • Karru

          Which is why I mentioned some time ago that the Daemons can keep the aesthetics they have, but the Mortals can wield shaped and majestic armour with strong colours and smooth surfaces to show the beauty of Slaanesh. The Daemons can just cover up everything while keeping the feminine shape.

      • Nathaniel Wright

        Because wargamers, and people that write on wargaming websites, are looking for the cheapest and most easily digestible material.

        They simplify things to absurdity, because writing an -actual- article involving Slaanesh would require more than the two brain cells they have left from huffing paint fumes.

  • treadhead2

    Pacman is the god of the Tyranids

  • Huntard

    This just in on the rumor mill BOLs Exclusive! Click for editorial insight!

    Dark Eldar are being discontinued! They haven’t gotten new models for eight years!

    • Karru

      This just in! All the teasers that have been released by GW are pointing to something very, very bad happening to Slaanesh!

      Again, they may not be discontinuing Slaanesh model line, but they will most likely use this as an excuse to not make new models for it.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    I have a terrible feeling that Slaanesh will be destroyed in this new story. I will be both sad and relieved that I never got around to building a Slaanesh army, and sorry for those that did.

    Ms S seems to me a crucial part of that mandala like structure of the Chaos Gods. Removing he/she will be a really bad move.

  • Horus84cmd

    I really don’t “get” the rampant panic and non-fact rumour mongering surrounding all this (40K and AOS). I truly consider it to be all a bit of non-starter with little traction.

    • Karru

      About what? The “death” of Slaanesh?

      • Horus84cmd

        Exactly! All the waffle is, by far the majority, conjecture and assumption without taking facts into account. All ridiculous to me.

        • Karru

          A fact. Something is going to happen to Slaanesh as is pointed out in the teasers.

          A fact. Cegorach has a plan that involves tricking Slaanesh in some manner.

          A fact. Slaanesh was prisoned in AoS lore.

          A fact. Slaanesh hasn’t had any releases, mortal or daemon, in years, Including the End Times.

          Using these facts we can start to ASSUME that something bad is going to happen to Slaanesh. Again, the teasers are all pointing to this. The lore is filled with clues and hints about these things and the teasers give the rest of the puzzle pieces for us to play with.

          • Karru

            Also, I’d like to add that last time Cegorach has tricked someone, it involved C’tan turning on each other.

          • Horus84cmd

            All the above good solid facts. Albeit I would read too much into an army not having much, if any releases. Alots of armies go for a year or two without releases due to internal plans of GW.

            Yes. All the portents and teasing suggest some event going to happen from the historic background etc… that involves Slaanesh.

            Its the “sky is falling” respond that is ridiculous.

          • Karru

            A year or two indeed, or as Slaanesh players say it, 6 years. There is also the problem that Slaanesh has been quite quiet in the fluff, as in no real mentions of him outside Horus Heresy and Fulgrim.

          • Horus84cmd

            ahem the following:

            Hellstriders of Slaanesh in 2012/13
            Current Demons codex published in 2013

          • Karru

            I would say the F word added with the word Me, but since that might get removed, you can get the picture. My brain decided to stop responding there for a minute. Thank you for correcting.

          • Horus84cmd

            Haha yeah. I know what you mean.

  • Forging the Narrative right BOLS?

    40k is an allegorical setting. a warning of what our culture is posed to become, facist regime found in the imperium silences all nay-sayers, while eliminating all that is different, slight differences become abhorrent. Where free speech, and religious freedom are heretical.

    While Chaos the manifestation of freedom in it’s purest form, showing that anarchy is both the natural enemy of totalitarianism and its response. Chaos represents living for one self, to the exclusion of all else, where the Imperium is sacrificing everything for the state. Both extremes are bad.

    Both are the enemy of the morality and freedom we value now. Slaanesh is a physical manifestation of taking indulgence to an extreme, in a completely and utterly selfish pursuit.

    To remove Slaanesh would show that it’s more important to silence this avatar, this warning, so that no one can see what it represents in order to ‘save us’ from the immorality of a figment.

    The irony is that doing so would echo the actions of the censuring and totalitarian Imperium, that they are actually right, and we need to be following a fascist outlook. This could easily be a critique on our modern times, though I thought we have become less prudish than the 80s.

  • Brian Griffith

    Slaanesh has also taken a back seat in 40k. don’t believe me? Okay, name a book from Black Library that involves Slaanesh that isn’t Fulgrim. Find one? Good – when was that published? Before 2013? hmm…

    Vengeful Spirit, May 2014.

    Sure they got Shoulder Pads and a Primarch…just like everyone else.

    And a Contemptor, and Kakophoni, and Phoenix Terminators, and the dice set, and the upcoming phoenix glaives…

    • Like to point out that the Emperor’s children are one of the best HH legions, with a lot of unique flare if their unit selection. Eidolon is magnificent.

      EC are probably not a good of a seller, because they are the most distinct in their look and requires more conversion rather than the buy and go from Calth factions.

      Either way, Bols is either not good with their ‘spin’ or just has a hard on for confirmation bias. 2/5 wouldn’t click again.

      • Brian Griffith

        Oh, absolutely. And just because they haven’t gotten a lot lately doesn’t mean they’re unsupported. They were just one of the earlier legions to get their stuff.

      • Ghaniman

        It’s the purple.

        • Ryan Adams

          I dont think so. Emperor’s Children along with imperial fists and iron warriors seems to be the 3 most played HH factions, If you go on youtube/ blogs and the like.

    • +Asurmen, 2015 – It plays in both the 30k and 40k timeline.

    • The Path of Heaven, May 2016. Including a big Greater Daemon on the cover.
      Guess the author of the article never bothered checking Black Library to make sure he wasn’t writing rubbish.

  • David Queldroma

    It is not fair. I have a large army of Slaanesh. Noise marines, daemonettes, I have invested a lot of money on them. It’s not possible.

    • Karru

      Welcome to the world of GW, you can take a seat riiiiight there on the corner with Brandon the Bretonnian and Tim the Tomb King.

      • bobrunnicles

        And Sylvia the Sister of Battle…

        • Karru

          Ah yes, I’m sorry I forgot about her. She is still not sure if she belongs here, but we will give her all the time she needs to accept it.

    • Mira Bella

      Ask a squat player about the “not possible” part.

  • bobrunnicles

    “2 cups BDSM god
    3 cups undead Amish god
    1 teaspoon Loki”

    2 girls 1 cup?
    I’ll get my coat….

    • ChubToad

      Oh god, don’t go there. That’s more like Nurgle than Slaneesh.

  • Mike Salamandrin

    As far as I’ve read the various generations of fluff, warp entities are physical projections of sentient species’ collective unconscious, and the Eldar God’s are chaos entities harnessed within a mythic cycle; whose relationship is similar to gods in the Chtulhu Mythos, Neil Gaiman stories, and Diskworld’s Death.
    My hypothesis is it will turn out that Isha, Kaine, and Cegorach were the eldar’s aspects of the known Chaos Gods; Nergal, Korne, and Tzeetch respectively; harnessed by their myth cycle into benign entities and ultimately protecting their species from the perils of the warp. The Fall ocurred because, untill they left the tutelage of the Old Ones, they never experienced cultural corruption until it was on a galactic level. Without a conceptualized god to control what Slaanesh embodies, it was able to directly attack them. I think the Laughing God’s plan is to make their aspect of Slaanesh the God of death; conceptualizing the entity representing the social decay, corruption, and arrogance that would have otherwise destroyed the race as The literal “Death of The Eldar”

    • Mike Salamandrin

      TL;DR: The Eldar gods cut themselves off from the negative influence of the Chaos Gods by understanding them as gods in their myth cycle. They were blindsided by ‘corruption’, which lead to the fall of their civilization through pride, decadence, and the massive warp incursion representing pride and decadence. The plan is to make a myth conceptualizing ‘corruption’ as ‘entropy/death’, controlling the eldar aspect of Slaanesh, the elder winning their war with chaos, and Slaanesh still existing by drawing essence from other sentient beings

  • Kord

    They will replace Slaanesh with Khorne Jr. He collects knuckle bones instead of skulls. Of course Khorne Jr. models will have skulls too, borrowed from Dad.

  • Defenestratus

    I hope they don’t get rid of Slaanesh.

    The ideas and “events” leading to its birth so closely resemble the age we’re living through right now, where people are constantly wanting to work less, indulge more, and look for ever increasing intensity of stimuli to liven up their otherwise easy and comfortable lives.

  • Matt Craufurd

    BOLS your obsession with Slaanesh is tedious in the extreme. Just the other day you were reporting that there will be a new starter set for 40k including a plastic Keeper of Secrets along with a plastic Ahriman. GW have been releasing teasers on their fb page that specifically mention Slaanesh. No one cares that you find sexuality uncomfortable. This is all just boring speculation based on nothing.

  • David Queldroma

    One question. Why in the card game (conquest) Slaanesh appears without any problem. (last appearance 13/6 in The warp Unleashed expansion) why?

    • Mira Bella

      Because it’s not made by GW?

  • Евгения Ремезова

    Oh, yes, BOLS is whining again about Slaanesh. I wish author of this article would have some passionate love making with a dozen of Demonettes, with all that comes after for said author.
    God, it’s beyond hatred. All those damned moral-fighters…
    I mean, what the hell? 40K is a world where your soldiers cut men and women with chainswords or roast them alive with flamers!
    Hell, you dislike b00bs?
    Well, try to explain that kid you’re seeing playing 40K, that his marines didn’t just kill a group of Eldar Banshee, but also left some Eldar children as orphans, since surely some of said Banshee had kids? I mean, it won’t hurt that 40K playing kid as much as a sight of b00b, right? Right?…

  • Sure

    Yes, there is a double take to be had when we say blood and decapitation is okay but the nip slip isn’t. However, in order to keep the game at the level of popularity it us at or higher, you’ve got to change Slaanesh. A model re-work isn’t enough. Nobody likes dealing with minors and sexual topics, which is why we generally only do so when we must for education and responsibility’s sake. Tabletop gaming doesn’t fall under this, so altering both the story and models is probably better for trying to get new players and hobbyists, as well as the parents who may be paying the way.

  • Darth Bumbles

    I think, at most, Slaanesh will be “mysteriously disappeared” for a while, the Chaos codices will explore how one of the Four going missing will affect Warp politics and we MIGHT see an increase in Dark Eldar activity if they no longer have to worry about the soul sucking business Whenerver they’re in Real Space.

    Over all, no change. Well still see rules for Noise Marines (but no new minis) Daemonettes (but no new minis), even Keepers of Secrets (but no new minis). Harlequins went what… A decade without new minis? Dark Eldar spent ages without new minis or a codex as well. The Slaaneshi fans will just get to gripe for a while and one day the next Big Event(tm) will be the return of Slaanesh.

  • Iconoc1ast

    No! Dont take away my BDSM God!

  • AnomanderRake

    Slaanesh is only a hard sell if you decide to be lazy and equate ‘god of desire’ with ‘god of breasts’.

    Every Daemons army book spends a lot more time on Slaanesh’s aspects as a god of pride/ambition than anything else, yet the models never seem to reflect the indolent/vain/greedy side that comes through in the lore. Spend more time exploring other sides of Slaanesh and the problem disappears.

    But since the current development team seems to have no sense of artistic composition and difficulty understanding language I doubt they’re going to.

    • 6Cobra

      What comes through the most to me in the daemon book(s), the Liber Chaotica, and other source material all the way back to L&TD (and what almost every gamer also seems to forget) is that Slaanesh is a god of *excess.* Any virtue taken to an extreme becomes a vice; anything good, wholesome, and/or pleasurable becomes toxic and destructive if taken to extreme excess. This is especially true when you throw in a big dollop of selfishness and narcissism, which is at the core of the idea of Slaanesh.

      Slaanesh is actually by far the deepest of the Chaos Gods, conceptually, and beyond the tired cliches about the “BDSM God” and “bewb-snakes” that’s what actually makes people uncomfortable. Khorne and Nurgle don’t actually hit close to home for most people. Very few gamers actually struggle with not killing everyone around them, or have a deep desire to contract Ebola. But we *all* ALL have vices, and weakness that we either indulge or struggle mightily not to – many of which have nothing to do with anything sexual. Overeating, drug or alcohol abuse, compulsive gambling, codependant relationships, even being a workaholic.. you name it. That’s Slaanesh, looking back at each of us in the mirror.

  • 6Cobra

    Ahh.. another Slaanesh thread. Before I begin reading, I’m already excited for plenty of sneering comments blaming “American culture” for the design and marketing decisions of an English company that is otherwise lambasted for never taking account of any of its customers preferences.

  • Old zogwort

    Nothing sneaky about it you guys don’t dare to post the uncensored picture so why should they continue this unmarketable line of miniatures ?

  • Arthfael

    This… actually does make some form of sense…