AoS: Season of War Is Over

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Games Workshop’s Global Campaign has ended – Come see the results!

The Age of Sigmar Season of War Global Campaign is finally over. For the Past 30 days players from around the globe in over 1000 participating stores have thrown-down the gauntlet in battle. At the end of the day Order has managed to hold it’s own and control all three cities. As a Chaos player I begrudgingly have to admit defeat. For now…

Let’s a take a look at the final recap of all the cities. You can see the progress from the initial engagement, the first week’s results, the second week’s results and the third week’s results. We even have a snap shot of the last minute fighting.

via Games Workshop

Season of War Ending

Season of War Website

Season of War 7-23-2016

The Living City – Order Controlled

The Living City Final

The final push from Chaos on The Living City fell flat (unfortunately). Order has a rock-solid hold with very little shifting from last week. Chaos looks relatively stable in second place while Destruction actually gained some final ground for a third place finish. Death got a late start if you remember the initial engagement and just never seemed to be able to gain any ground. Maybe next time…

Greywater Fastness – Order Controlled

Greywater Fastness final

I’d like to give a HUGE shout-out to the Destruction players in the Greywater. They made some amazing gains almost doubling their control in the final days. Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t quite enough to topple Chaos out of a 2nd place spot. Order won the zone, Chaos got a shaky second, Destruction had a strong showing for third and Death finished last. I wonder what would have happened if the Destruction players had attacked more of Order instead of Chaos – it could have led to an upset!

Phoenicium – Order Controlled

Phoenicium Final

While Death may have been behind in the other two zones, it appears to have a much stronger presence in Phoenicium. Order finished strong and actually gained some turf to finish first. Chaos shifted slightly but maintained a strong second place finish. Death actually took third from Destruction who finished last. That last minute push is quite surprising but Death had been clawing it’s way from the grave for the entire campaign.

What does this mean for the rest of the Mortal Realms? We’re not sure yet! Games Workshop will have the final news and results later this week. I’m sure there are lots of lessons to learn from this campaign for players and Games Workshop. I can’t wait for the next one as I’m sure it’s going to build on these lessons and have new ideas implemented.

I’m also glad we didn’t see any last-minute “switch-a-roo” nonsense. Having stores report results was a really, really good move. I also liked the subtle buffs GW provided – I think they were useful but not dominating. They could influence the outcomes just a bit, but they didn’t win you the game.


What do you think? Did you participate and what was your favorite moment in the campaign?

  • EnTyme

    What bothers me about this isn’t that Order won, it’s that Order was never NOT winning throughout the campaign. Hopefully GW will learn from this and figure out a better scoring system that doesn’t favor the alliance with the most model lines.

    • rtheom

      Yeah, that’s what I’m really hoping. This campaign was really kind of a let down, but hopefully they learned something about how to organize and arrange a campaign from this and can give us something much better in the future. And please, please, please put more places on the map to fight over. This one per country thing was just sad.

    • Simon

      That, and the fact that all the charts look basically the same…
      1. WAY in First Place: Order
      2. Commanding Second Place: Chaos
      3. Consistently Fighting Over the Dregs of Third Place: Death & Destruction

  • zeno666

    So space marines wins again?

    • Zack Seiders

      ….. the forces of order is a rather large faction. It is not just the ground marines, we have the regular empire, the dwarfs of both flavors, the lizardmen, the angry tree people, the 3 flavor of elves. Cannot Just blame the ground marines as they are part of a bigger problem. (though it is good to see that destruction for the most part held its own ground despite order and chaos being the 2 largest factions in the setting atm.)

      • euansmith

        “Marge, we’re all out of Exiles!”

    • I represented pretty hard playing Wood Elves/Wanderers. It didn’t help the other forces when over half my games were against other Order teams. Allegiance popularity at my FLGS seems to match the campaign results – about half order, Chaos a middling second and death/destruction rounding out with a small handful of players. Our order teams included Duardin, Empire, Bretonnians, WElves, Sigmarines and Lizards.

      • ZeeLobby

        Haha, yeah. I figured that was a major issue. When Order fights Order, Order wins!

      • rtheom

        They actually weren’t counting same faction vs same faction battles in the results. There was no way for them to submit them online.

        • Austin Becht

          Apparently they were, as my store was entering them just fine. That said, if they do do another one of these, they should pretty much disallow that.

          • rtheom

            Really? Are you sure they weren’t just recording the results and never entering them just to encourage you to play games?

    • Drpx


    • Wayne Molina

      At least in AoS for this campaign, Order winning makes sense fluffwise since everything else was “Chaos rules the world”. So from a fluff standpoint it makes sense to have the “good guys” pushing forward and retaking the world. I have no problem with that as a Death player.

      The problem is, as mentioned above, that Order has the most factions in it, and the most model lines, and on top of that the campaign started when Sylvaneth (an Order faction) came out so Order from the start was frontloaded to have the most players and most points (either from painting Sylvaneth, to new players grabbing the box and playing Stormcasts, to the sheer number of people likely playing an Order faction). The not-Dwarves are order too aren’t they? So most of the factions people played in WHFB (Elves, Dwarfs, Men) are Order, Seraphon are Order, Stormcasts are Order, and Sylvaneth are Order and on top of that just came out with awesome looking models when the campaign started.

      • nuggy

        Though there aren’t really that much “chaos controlling everything” in the setting atm. Order apparently won the realmgate wars (something that went completely under my radar as it happened right before the campaign) and they now control the all-gates. Sure chaos had taken over before the start of the setting but that changed as soon as Sigmar retuned (aka the age of sigmar game started) as they have had a constant push now for a year and with this landslide result in the campaign it dosn’t look like there are going to face any difficulties in the coming future either.

        But still even as a chaos player Im glad they won, I just wish it hadn’t been such a crushing win. Looking forward to how the story progresses after this and hopefully they will bring the pace up now to reintroduce more of the “old” factions with humans and elves.

  • ZeeLobby

    They really just need to pour the same excitement they pour into Sigmarines into other factions. I’m praying for the day GW adopts the PP/Corvus Belli/etc release cycle where every two/three months, all factions get a new model/formation/story/rules. It’s difficult to expect players, especially new players, to pickup and want to play a faction that gets new things once every 2 years instead of once every 3 months…

    This problem is identically found in 40K when comparing Imperials and their options to say Tyranids.

    • Zack Seiders

      It was not till the ironjaws came along that this became an actual fact. If the army is not getting new models in said update then they are getting new rules/ changes to the existing kit “more models for more money… which is not to bad if it is a horde army”.

      • ZeeLobby

        It’d just be nice to see them be more all-encompassing. You see it a lot in 40K, and it’s taking hold in AoS, but you’d like GW to be able to make a campaign box that doesn’t include a SINGLE mention of the Order faction. Sure it won’t sell as much, which is maybe why we’ll never see it, but it makes the players of those factions feel like their not the step-child in the system.

        They continue to put themselves into this self-fulfilling prophecy of “we build space marines because they sell, people buy them because we build them, we build more of them because people bought the ones we built, etc.”. At some point, if you want your game system to reflect your fluff, you need to make some production cycle decisions not based purely on money.

        I’m really hoping the 40K rumors are true and we might finally see Thousand Sons vs Eldar in a box set (though honestly Eldar is like the adopted brother to space marines, while the other step-factions sit in the background). I’m completely a fan of them doing more of this.

        • Wayne Molina

          Agreed. That’s the issue in 40k, the setting encourages Imperium vs. Others, but 90% of releases are for Imperium. They either need to advance/change the setting so Imperium vs. Imperium can happen in the fluff without being a rare event (such as having something split the Imperium, so let’s say Ultramarines form their own “New Imperium” and can therefore fight against the Astra Militarum over a planet), or stop catering to the Imperium/Space Marines so more people want to play Xenos/Chaos armies. Same thing here in AoS, which is sad because I had hoped there WOULDN’T be the problem of having the majority of supported factions be under the same banner, although at least with AoS barring Faction vs. Faction (and maybe even then), they are alliances not serving the same goal, so inter-faction fights can at least somehow be justified.

          That is what I find most funny. For a game that touts itself as being about the “narrative” it’s hard as hell to come up with any sort of narrative to justify a Marine vs. Marine or even Imperial vs. Imperial battle, yet those are the majority of battles that happen due to the proliferation of support that GW gives them due to being the best sellers so the ones GW pushes the most support for.

          • ZeeLobby

            Couldnt have put it any better. It’s a real problem that they must just ignore as long as they sell. The issue is Imperials fighting Imperials gets old after a while, even with a fluff justification.

            AoS is in a slightly better position, but then they really need to start doing campaigns based on faction over alliances. Or heck, make Sigmarines their own extremist 5th faction.

          • Wayne Molina

            What I was originally hoping for was that each storm cast chamber was its own group and Sigmar was trying to unify them with his hammers of Sigmar or whatever the ultramarine looking ones. So you have the option of this force that might be allied with Sigmar or might be off doing their own thing and it allowed for more flexibility. Instead we basically got Imperium 2.0 where they are all on the same side and fighting against one another doesn’t make sense from a Fluff standpoint

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      GW’s current model is focused onsupplement that gives an update to a few armies.

      I agree, it would be better if at the very least each alliance was given a new model or two.

      • ZeeLobby

        Or update in a cycle sequentially. Really anything over Order, Order, Chaos, Order, Death, Order, Order, Beasts.

    • MPSwift

      To be fair Tyranids have had more splash releases than most over the last couple years… just that none of them have been all that good… 😛

  • Painjunky

    It ended how everybody (except for GW) knew it would end.
    Muhreens win everything. YAWN,

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    The campaign was really hampered by the scoring system. It needs to be percentile based, that way every alliance has a fair shake at winning, no matter how over or under represented they are.

    The campaign was also hampered by the lack of points being released before the event started. It was foolish to release the rules for points after the campaign started.

    It was a learning experience.

  • Cylux

    Well, good, Order winning means there’s no danger of the setting getting blown up again any time soon.

    • Beefcake the mighty

      I know I don’t know what we would do without the mortal realms of adjectivenoun🙂

  • Beefcake the mighty

    Well they have been doing this war gaming stuff for over 30 years so you would think they have figured out things like balance, community interaction, solid rules etc. Perhaps they are just late bloomers.

  • Ben_S

    What does this say for faction balance?

  • Grumpy Scot

    Next time have more than 4 battlefields.

    1) Order v Chaos.
    2) Order v Destruction.
    3) Order v Death.
    4) Chaos v Death.
    5) Chaos v Destruction.
    6) Death v Destruction.


  • Antoine Henry

    They can’t manage rules..
    They can’t manage campaign plays
    They don’t know how to release a new game correctly
    They can’t manage their customers.

    Why still buy GW’s game ?