GenCon 2016: FFG Star Wars Booth Showcase

Star Wars Luke FFG Logo

The BoLS Crew stopped by the Fantasy Flight Games Booth at GenCon 2016 and got a guided tour of all things Star Wars!

Star Wars is kind of a big deal these days with the new movies coming out, tons of other products and tie-ins and of course all the awesome games coming out from Fantasy Flight Games. We got a guided tour from Anton Torres from FFG who was able to show off the new Wave 10 ships from X-Wing, new ships from Wave 5 of Star Wars Armada, and a brand new large expansion for Star Wars Imperial Assault:

The videos are nice and pictures are a nice substitute but nothing beats getting to see these miniatures in real life. If you weren’t able to see them live check out the video to see them up close. And if you can’t watch videos (for whatever reason) here are some pictures were able to take at the show:

xwing gencon jabba model ffg gencon jabba ffg gencon Star Wars Destiny Dice Star Wars Destiny Dice 2 Armada Rebellion 1 X-Wing Wave 10 Ships Armada Imperial 1

FFG is having a fantastic year. X-Wing is dominating and has a really well rounded-meta right now. Armada is coming into it’s own, especially with waves 3 and 4 coming soon and wave 5 spotted. Star Wars Destiny – the new collectible dice game – looks like a simple to play game that will scratch that collectable itch (if you have one). And The Imperial Assault Expansion is adding a RANCOR to the fight – it also makes a fantastic set of miniatures to use for all your Star Wars RPG games too…Fantasy Flight Games is firing on all cylinders with the Star War license and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store!


The Force is strong with FFG!

  • miniwar monger

    I just heared FFG isnt doing no more GW licensed stuff. Apart from 2 more expansions for their 40k card game they seem to quit the partnership.

    And with their own tabletop they rather want bite into GWs cake now.

    • ZeeLobby

      I’m all for it. For the most part FFG makes solid games.

    • Phil Turner

      Ya just “heared it”? Where, down at the holla, by the still? Until I “hear it” from a reliable source, I’ll take that with a grain of salt.

      • miniwar monger

        Well, the absence of any new GW licensed games at Gen Con should be pretty indicative.

    • Feathers

      Pity. There’s still plenty of expansion potential for the Warhammer Quest adventure card game.

  • Jesse Cavazos

    What about their Star Wars rpg stuff?

  • Xodis

    So Ill be picking up almost all of this.
    RPG? Check.
    Imperial Assault? Check
    Xwing? Check

    Still wish they would have announced the last Career book for EotE though, I’m very impatiently awaiting the Bounty Hunter book.