GenCon 2016: Privateer Press Showcase

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The BoLS Crew got a guided tour of the Privateer Press Booth at GenCon 2016!

GenCon 2016 was a whirlwind of demos, games, booths and PEOPLE. We got a few moments with Will & John from Privateer Press to see what cool new stuff they had at the show:

Will broke it down from all the cool new stuff in the case and also the big hit that is Warmachine/Hordes mk. III! The new Warcasters were a welcome sight. They were from the Privateer Press Kickstarter were they initially started out as Journeymen Warcasters. Well now they are all grown-up and fully graduated to combat status!

Another big hit at the show as the new Battlegroup Boxes. They are one heck of a deal! On top of that, if you have a buddy that wants to get into the game with you, the new two-player starters are even better than last time!

Privateer also had a ton of other products from their other systems. All the Level 7 games were there (go check those out for a sweet change of pace).  They also had all the cool new pins, the collector’s edition of Prime & Primal. And speaking of books, they were showing off a handful of new paper backs. We got a hold of Tales of the Invisible Hand which is actually a new property from Privateer Press. It’s more modern/pulpy and I’ve started to read the book. It’s been a fun ride so far – I’ll let you all know my full thoughts on that one later.

Overall, Privateer Press had a great booth and it was a blast getting to hang out with them. If you get a chance to go to GenCon their booth should be on your list of “Go-To” booths!



It’s an all new edition and an all new war!


  • Hawt Dawg

    Gasp… An Undercity expansion? Wow! I am actually replacing the rubber minis for real Warmahordes models for the base game. Looks like I will be needing more. 🙂

    • zeno666

      I take it you liked Undercity?
      Give me the elevator pitch for it 🙂

      • Hawt Dawg

        Liked? I have yet to play it.

        I have this collecting disease see…

        Run. Away.

      • Daniel R Weber

        Got it at a con flea market. Mechanics are pretty fun, Basically WM lite (RPG style). Enemy AI system interesting, like the way it plays out. Downside: bland board and tiles (for a company with such stock in visuals this is a real let down), limited replay with the 6 (7?) scenario campaign in the box. The expansion needs plenty of new scenarios to make this game worth the retail price tag. tl;dnr: fun game, not worth the price tag with only 7 scenarios, would rethink this once more scenarios available.

        • zeno666

          Thanks. Yeah the look of the board was one of the things keeping me away from it :

    • Why replace? I plan to shock-harden and paint the ones that came in the box. Much cheaper.

      • Hawt Dawg

        Cheaper but the sculpts aren’t all that hot.

        And as I wrote, collecting baby, collecting…

  • zeno666

    I can see the cryx inflictor there, does this mean that it actually exists and might even be released at the end of this month as promised??

    • *long, slow zoom in on a box of Man-o-War Bombardiers*