GW: Rumor Engine Teaser


Games Workshop is already teasing products for next year – check this out!

Well that didn’t take long! Games Workshop’s new Warhammer Community site went live today and they have already started teasing the community with upcoming products. Here’s the first one:

via Warhammer Community

The Rumor Engine


Oh hey there. We bet the word ‘rumour’ is what drew you to this article. It would have grabbed our attention too. Speculating wildly about future releases is an essential part of the Warhammer hobby*. To nudge things along a little, we snuck into the Design Studio and snapped a photo of something that’s coming next year. Unfortunately, photography is not out strong suit…

*Well, not really, but it sure makes for fun reading!

Oh boy! I love a good mystery. What could it be? Well we already know about a certain faction that’s pretty heavy on the Gold Theme that’s getting some sweet vehicles. Could it be more Custodes Goodies?


Gold? Check. Vents? Check? Rivets? Check. But wait…what’s that strange symbol on the lower right?


Is that…a Dwarf Icon?


Well Dwarfs do love gold, rivets and the occasional vent. Maybe this is that rumored Duardin Metal Golem? Who knows!? Well…I mean Games Workshop does, obviously. So either the Duardin are getting some love or…

Squats Return 2017!


What do you think? Are the Duardin getting some attention or is that just another vent? What other educated guesses do you have?

  • zeno666

    Its another space marine

    • Shawn


  • Talos2

    Rumours of the other engineer style dwarf AoS faction, I’d guess that

  • Thomas Gardiner

    It’s almost certainly Dorfs (I refuse to utter their new name, lest my tongue be sullied by its vileness).

    • Talos2

      I don’t even know what it is

      • ZeeLobby

        Duardin. Ugh, I cringe when I type or say it…

        • frank

          Tyler Duardin is always what comes to my mind like their dwarf fight club.

          • ZeeLobby

            If only one of their characters is a schizophrenic multiple-personality leader. LoL.

          • Ty Hayden

            You just broke rules 1 and 2 of Dwarf Fight Club.

          • crcovar

            Man those anarchists and their rules…

          • Moose


            Duardin sounds to much like Duodenum

    • Dan Wilson

      “Dorf” sounds a little more appealing that duardin…. kudos there.

      • Stefan Pietraszak

        “Dorf” is German for “village” …

    • Shawn

      Think of it this way: Their official name is a world specific racial name and dwarf is the common human name that everyone else calls them.

      • Erber

        I like that idea. Similar to the elves in the elder scrolls series:) everyone just calls them high elves, wood elves and dark elves, but their real in-world names are altmer, bosmer and dunmer respectively.

    • NNextremNN

      As someone who has no connection to the old or new Warhammer Stuff: Dorf sounds way more stupid than Duardin. The old sounds like dork and dumb the new one sound somewhat mystical.

      • Thomas Gardiner

        Bruh, do you even Dorf?

        • LordRao

          Stephen Dorff.

          • Thomas Gardiner

            My favourite Star Trek character is Commander Dorf.

  • Emprah

    Could be Dorf, or that symbol could be the sylished Titanicus “T”

  • Runefyre

    definitely steam duardin.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    Zoom in and its a silver cross over something head or skull shaped. Not much like the Dwarf icon.

  • Kritarion

    It’s tehir next tabletop: Warmachinehammer

    • rtheom

      I actually thought I had misread the article title and was looking at a Warmachine post at first. ;p

    • Hawt Dawg

      With three years of playtesting…

    • petrow84

      I wouldn’t even mind the ripoff, if they’d use the rhulic stuffs to re-create 40k Squats, along with some mantic Forge Father feeling…

  • ZeeLobby

    Definitely looks like a hammer, not a face. I still think it’s Steampunk Duardin related though.

    • zeno666

      So Space Marine Dwarves then? 😉

      • ZeeLobby

        I wouldn’t put it past them to try to include Space Marines twice :D.

    • Aezeal

      Looks like a face with a beard

      • ZeeLobby

        Could be an uneven paint job, but the top bit is definitely asymmetrical. Def not a dwarf thing to do, unless it’s not a face.

        • Aezeal

          Not saying dwarf per se just said face. The grill doesn’t look very fantasy to me tbh.

    • Hawt Dawg

      That is what will tip over at least two of my buddies to start AoS.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah. Our group already steampunked itself out at this point. Next, after PP’s scarecrow release, which is already after Maulifaux’s existance, they’ll release a grim fairy tale faction.

        • Hawt Dawg

          Not. Looking. Forward. To. It.

          Manorwar Theme Book OTOH…

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. Both are themes that have been beaten to death.

        • Aezeal

          We already have sylvaneth right?

  • PuppySwarm

    The black spot is 100% a mechanicus bolt/screw. Look at any of the Forgeworld knights, the arms are attached with the EXACT bolt.

    • ZeeLobby

      Would make the most sense.

    • Desmond Burke

      I just looked through all the FW Knights, and it’s similar in that there are rivets surrounding the perimeter. But there is a big, solid bolt in the middle. This one at the very least has a cross shape in the center. I’m looking at it, and I still see the Dwarf icon. Look at the center, the dots aren’t symmetrical.

      • PuppySwarm

        Yeah it’s not the exact same as the knights now that i look back at it, but it looks very similar, just a smaller cross shape.

        • amaximus167

          Also similar to the Sentinel leg bolt thing.

  • rtheom

    It’s the Duardin Action Figure.

    • Hawt Dawg

      I am getting three because rumour is that they have a chop-chop arm like Big Jim.

      • rtheom

        Duardin Golem now with Kung Fu Grip!

  • Chris Hateley


    • Chris Hateley

      I’m joking of course.

    • frank

      i know you are joking but how great would that be if they released squats before updating sisters of battle.

  • amaximus167

    I hope it is a Penitent Engine…

  • Manu De Pouget


  • Keith Wilson

    Steelhead Duradin FTW!

  • evilazzaMachine

    Steamhead duardin? Steampunk dwarves

  • OldHat

    Looks too futuristic. I am thinking (hoping) AdMech release.

    • Shinnentai

      That was my immediate thought, but there’s no getting round that dwarf icon.

      • OldHat

        Doesn’t look like a Dwarf icon to me at all. I guess time will tell!

  • Alexander Slizewski

    I’s the engineer dwarfs; definitely the engineer dwarfs.

  • Hawt Dawg

    Skyrim Dorfs are coming to AoS.

    At last.

  • Dan Wilson

    Looks like a dwarf face in profile, facing the left, with the “hammer” looking shape being a helmet, and the bits below being spiky beard tufts.

  • Damien Coté

    Guys! It’s clearly the giant Nid creature we have all been waiting for!

  • am1t

    Oh please GW please please please

  • Painjunky

    More imperial crap. Boring.

    • Andy Wise

      Highly unlikely to be Imperial from the look of it. Not boring; it’s a bit of fun / slightly intriguing. Thanks for the heartfelt and constructive contribution to the debate though.

  • NNextremNN

    Squats keep dreaming this won’t happen.

  • Clearly this is evidence of the return of Squats to 40K.
    I base my conclusion on Squats being Dwarfs in space, other rumours suggesting new factions in 40K coming in 8th Edition, wishful thinking, and a desire to see how many people take this suggestion seriously.

  • Agent OfBolas


  • Andy Wise

    That certainly looks like a dwarf rune, I’d kind of assumed that it was 40k at first pass but not now. Really good to see a bit of fun coming out from GWin the form of a teaser.

    Mind you I’m still convinced that they’ve been feeding the interwebs with the leaked pictures we see as part of a planned marketing strategy. Still reminded of the monochrome harly pictures that came out…