Magnus’ Revenge, New 40K, Star Wars & More


There was quite a lot of tabletop goodies this weekend friends.  Take a look:


40K BREAKING: Warzone Fenris Sequel Teased

We’ve been waiting since February, but it looks like Magnus is returning to Fenris to settle the score – soon!

specialist gamesSpecialist Games Wishlist 2017

Games Workshop has been cranking up Specialist Games all year. But what does the community want the most?

onslaught-00140K: Planetary Onslaught – A Peek Inside

Prepare for planetary invasion with a peek inside 40K’s newest rulebook:

bloodbowlnrbundleeng_prodslideGW: New Releases November 12 “Pricing & Links”

All the Blood Bowl Goodies have arrived along with a new 40K supplement for Pre-Order this weekend from Games Workshop!

ahc01_box_leftFFG: Arkham Horror, Westeros & Star Wars

FFG has a new set of releases hitting the shelves this week, including their latest LCG: Arkham Horror.

60040199070_planetonslaughtcodex0240K: Planetary Onslaught Contents Confirmed

Games Workshop pulls the cover off the new Planetary Onslaught Book – it’s Invasion time!

dice-camera-action-horzD&D: Dice, Camera, Action! with Chris Perkins

Grab your sword, bow, and wand. Come adventure with this week’s live-play through of Curse of Strahd. – Session 28

~You’re all caught up – onto the week!

  • Aaron Elvis Pearce

    Am I missing something? Where the Star Wars?

    • Kritarion

      FFG: Arkham Horror, Westeros & Star Wars