40K: Prophecy of the Hidden Path – A Look Back


Last August, Games Workshop laid out the Prophecy of the Hidden Path. Next Month, it looks like it’s coming to pass…

Hey BoLS Fans, let’s take a step back and gather our storm of thoughts. We know something big is coming for the Eldar (or should I start saying Aeldari now). The thing is we should have seen this all coming months ago – Games Workshop put it all out with the build-up to Death Masque. Let’s take a look back at all the bread crumbs that were laid out for us:

The Prophecy of the Hidden Path

Eldrad Rhana Dandra eldrad-prophesy-2 Eldrad Prophecy 3 Eldrad Prophecy 4 Eldar Prophecy Five

Like Ghouls in the Dark, the wicked ones gather, drawn to a Tragedy Unfolding.

Warning twice-given across the span of time, Stifled by pride and Hatred.

The strands of fate shall grow taut at the dawn of the Rhana Dandra.

The death of all Eldar looms large, but fate can be twisted, even broken.

One shall walk the forked path, a threefold truth to weave the skein:

Nemesis of She Who Thirsts, Opener of the Seventh Way.

Long Dead souls gather behind

The rebirth of Ancient Days, Drinking, but not consuming;

Taking in, but giving new life.

In the heat of Khaine’s Wrath, our sorrow will be reforged.

Our destiny becomes a weapon fit to slay a goddess.

The pallid moon of unremembered voices shall turn into a sun

Lit by the flames of unjust wars, a crucible of souls and dreams.

The Stolen Seers, Amassed, Gather unto them the Dead.

Legion, they drift within the sands, Their voices raised as one.

Lambent glow becomes shining beacon, Death knell rises to the herald’s cry.

The blackened shield becomes the sword, The yawning void becomes the path.

The God of the Dead Calls out.

A Whisper so fierce and strong it shall hush the stars forever.

The Prophecy of the Hidden Path ends there. But GW also had these two follow-up posts too:

Eldrad Quote Death-masque-teaser-768x768

Now looking back it’s easy to see that these last two referred to Death Masque and we know how that turned out:

via Lexicanum

Eldrad Ulthran attempted to undertake a great ritual that would prematurely awaken Ynnead, involving channeling the remains of Farseers through every Infinity Circuit. The ritual would have rendered every Craftworld disabled and wreaked havoc on the Astronomican, but Slaanesh may have ultimately met its end. However, he was foiled by the Deathwatch in the Battle of Port Demesnus.”

But you never can keep a good prophecy down. Eldrad might of failed in Death Masque – but maybe that was just part of this galactic play that keeps on going.


Based on the latest White Dwarf teasers, the trio of new “Aeldari” models and the (crazy, yet awesome) community theories this just keeps getting better. Looking at the evidence and then comparing that to the Prophecy of the Hidden Path it’s starting to make a lot more sense. Plus we just got a ton of confirmations from the Warhammer TV team in their live stream today. I can’t wait to see what all will be revealed in Gathering Storm II: Fracture of Biel-Tan.

Ynnead’s Avatar, the “ancient Aeldari” name, Biel-Tan and the aspect warriors taking a major hit…the unleashing of the dead from spirit stones! It’s going to be a wild ride!


Looking at the “Prophecy of the Hidden Path” what connections are you seeing to the event’s going on in the current 40k story line?

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Cannot wait!

  • “Long Dead souls gather behind
    The rebirth of Ancient Days”

    “Rebirth of Ancient Days” is the name of “Biel-Tan”, no? So it speaks about the Fracture of Biel-Tan? Cunning plan all along… 😛

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      We all totally missed that!

  • John Traupman

    who thinks GW will kill off the aspect warriors so they don’t have to convert all of them to plastics…

    • Arufel

      It will be pretty difficult as the resurrected units are created from aspect warrior soul stones. I can’t see them invalidating half of the craftworld book.

      • silashand

        Oh I can definitely see them doing it. It allows them to release new units for the combined Eldar instead of rehashing the same old ones again.

    • Arthfael

      Keep repeating this nonsense no one wants to see happen and they will.

    • Darth Bumbles

      Dark Eldar have only two troop choices, I can see the Craftworlders going the same way. Maybe Guardians get Dire Avenger specs?

    • Andy Wise

      It gives them a chance to reimagine what the aspect warriors could look like. One of the problems they have is the limited scope for dual kitting a large number of units (what 9 inc forgeworld)? Taking shining spears (cos they could be an add on to jetbikes) and shadow scepters (cos forgeworld). You still have 7 quite distinct units.

      I simply don’t think it’s realistic (in spite of many people’s hopes) that we’ll see redos of all aspect warriors.

      Frankly any kind of new, non guardian based aspect like models would be welcome from my side.

    • mac40k

      I can totally see this. First of all, Dire Avengers are the only Aspects currently available in plastic. But really, Fire Dragons could be done by adding an accessory sprue with fusion guns and head swaps. For that matter, you could throw some reaper launchers in there as well and voila, one kit can build 5 of either Dire Avengers, Fire Dragons, or Dark Reapers.

      (Apparently) no one uses Banshees, but DE Wyches and Harlequins are already available in plastic, so they fill that slot (as seen in the new formation). Furthermore, although I am unfamiliar with their rules, by looking at the GW Webstore, DE Scourges fill the same role as Swooping Hawks with more weapon options and are already plastic so I could see the Hawks getting dropped in 8th. Shining Spears were made by adding resin upgrades to the old jet bikes, but who’s taking them over the new Windrider scatbikes? I say they get dropped.

      Scorpions are the step up from Storm Guardians, but Storm Guardians appear to be in the new formation, so maybe they’re replacing the resin upgrade kit with a Storm Guardian/Striking Scorpion upgrade sprue? I can also make the case for Scorps being dropped since both the Elite slot and Assault role are already overcrowded, especially in a newly combined Aeldari/Druchii/Harley 8th ed book. OTOH, Incubi are in one of the new formations and they are also still resin, so maybe they get a new dual kit with Scorpions after 8th drops, similar to how Wraithguard added Wraithblades when they went plastic. Before you say the DE and Craftworld armour looks too different, look again at the Visarch for your design cues as to what is to come.

      That only leaves Warp Spiders and their anatomy is so different from the other units that I can’t figure how they could be part of a dual kit, so they may be dropped in 8th.

  • ILikeToColourRed

    still hoping that they dont kill off my favourite god