AoS Editorial: Filling Out The Factions

We’ve seen what GW can do with the Stormcasts – What about everyone else?

The Stormcast Eternals have gotten a TON of great stuff since the launch of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. That makes a lot of sense because they are the new poster boys for AoS! Now that they’ve gotten a second wave of releases they have really” filled out” as a faction. You can play them different ways and each seems pretty viable at the moment. So what about everyone else?

It’s not as simple as wring good rules for each faction – although that is a BIG part of it. They need to have models in every slot that invoke a sense of style and identity. If you say “Order” everyone has an image that springs to mind. It an image that gets even sharper with words like “Stormcasts” or “Sylvaneth.”  But if you say Destruction, it becomes a bit more vague. In fact I would say if you said “Orruks” you’d still have some folks say, “you mean orcs?” and that’s the problem I’m talking about.

I think to fix this, every “Grand Alliance” sub-faction needs to be iconic and thematically appropriate. I also think the faction’s style should be larger-than-life and should really separate it from the “generic-ness” that can sweep over high-fantasy settings. They can be based on the old tropes, but they should become something wholly their own.

With that said, let’s start with the Grand Alliances and determine how GW could really make them interesting. We’re going to skip Order for obvious reasons…

Grand Alliance Death

I won’t harp on this one too much because we’ve already talked about it before – Death needs a hand. They haven’t really gotten a lot of attention recently (which is a shame) and were beat down pretty hard in the Season of War summer campaign to boot.

The Undead Hordes have always been a faction in Warhammer. I think the issue is that Death is just so broad and the Undead take lots of different forms. Do we go with Wet (zombies) or Dry(skeletons) undead. What about Egyptian(mummies) vs Gothic(vampires)? What about spectral(ghosts) vs physical undead?

Here’s the thing – they already solved a lot of these design issues when Games Workshop unleashed Nagash!

Say what you want about the End Times of Warhammer but this kit was one of the BEST things GW produced, hands down. Combine this model with the Morgahsts and the Montarchs and you had the makings of a new type of Undead faction that was starting to look down right awesome! So what happened?

More of this type of undead. Less of the generic zombies and skeletons please.

Your guess is as good as mine. But I want to re-iterate the point: If Games Workshop redesigned the Death faction to be more like Undead Constructs of the Morghasts and less like the generic undead they would have a really strong visual theme they could work off of. That would allow them to really go crazy with the faction, give them a distinct visual identity and give folks an iconic image of the Death faction for Age of Sigmar.

Grand Alliance Destruction

I know I’m going to get flack for this one, but the Orruks just didn’t go far enough. Ironjawz had some potential and they got a solid handful of releases. The Megaboss is solid, the Brutes are good, the Maw-krusha is fantastic. Heck, even the Gore-gruntas are a big enough shift from the old boar-boys that they work. However, the Weirdnob Shaman and the Warchanter seem a bit lack-luster. But I think the Orruks biggest issue isn’t the new models – its the reliance on the old ones.

The Savage Orruks are …well…look at them:

These models are dated. One of the best things about moving away from the rank-and-file system is that the models are now freed from having to fit in ranks. From a modeling perspective that’s fantastic! This should open everything up and allow them to have cool, new poses and look a lot more dynamic. We know GW can do this, we’ve seen it with their new models time and time again. But it’s not just the Savage Orruks that have the problem. It’s the “Generic Boyz” and the re-issued Black Orcs that suffer from this too:

When the Black Orc kit came out originally, it was a great kit – for it’s day. But seeing them reboxed and repackaged as new “Ardboys” was a bit of a let down. Compare these to the Brutes and you can SEE the difference in design aesthetics.

Gone are the smooth edges and flat armor. The Brutes have a roughness to their armor that encapsulates the Orruk look much better than the old Orcs. The weapons are jagged and roughshod metal and their poses are much more open. They might share a paint scheme but it’s hard to look at them standing next to each other and think they look the same thematically.

This exaggerated roughness needs to be the stylized theme that ties the Orruks together. The core of the army is ready – it would take some work but I think a new box of these “roughed-up” boyz as your basic unit plus a couple more characters to fill them out and you’d have a great poster-boy Destruction army ready to go!

But that’s just the Orruks and the possibilities with that faction. What about the forest goblins?! The Arahnarok Spider is great blue print for what the gobbos could be like. That model still makes my skin crawl. Imagine an entire Forrest Goblin Army created with the same care and the freedom to have some truly inspired poses!

And I would be remiss if I ignored the potential of the Beastclaw Raiders. The Stonehord/Thundertusk is a great kit and the Mournfang Packs are almost there, too. A redesign of the battleline Ogors and you could have a really great faction. Think about how cool they could make the poses now that they don’t need to rank-up.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. The potential for Destruction is totally there. They have at minimum 3 solid sub factions to choose from and they could really turn into something impressive if Games Workshop devoted some time and resources into this Grand Alliance.

Grand Alliance Chaos

I think Chaos is probably the closest to having a legitimate presence and identity on the tabletop. Khorne had been carrying the load for the faction but now the new Tzeentch models have really stepped it up as well.  Between the two, you’ve got a strong and diverse core of models that will allow players to create a good Chaos Undivided theme. But don’t discount Nurgle – they had some great models released during the End Times that folks have apparently forgotten about. Couple all that with the simply amazing Archaon the Everchosen kit and his Varanguard (even if they are prohibitively expensive) and you can see the visual identity start to form.

However, Chaos still has a lot of room to grow. The core units of Chaos Warriors is a kit that has done it’s job for a long, long time. Intimidating, simple, and a unit that would rank-up perfectly – it fit the bill. But now, when they aren’t ranked-up these Chaos Warriors just look small and almost restrained. Even on 32mm bases they just don’t have the save gravitas as the Stormcast Eternals – and if they are supposed to be roughly equals, that’s a problem. These are the Chaos Marines to their Sigmar Marines. You can’t have a great story when the bad guys don’t stand-up to the heroes…

A good example of what GW can do can be found in the Blightkings. Larger, more dynamic models with that same design would be fantastic! Or look at the core Chaos Knights – progressively, they aren’t that far off from the Chaos Warriors but they are much better kit. Again, Chaos isn’t in a bad spot – far from it. They are on the cusp of being equals they just need a couple of core unit updates and they will be on equal footing with Order. Between Undivided, Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle they have it pretty well covered. There is just one gnawing thing that’s bugging me…

Slaanesh or Skaven!

This is something that desperately needs to get resolved. The Chaos Pantheon’s 4th seat has been in question ever since Age of Sigmar Launched. The Horned Rat has apparently usurped the seat. But I’m not going to re-hash lore. What I want to get into is the fact that the Skaven are actually another solid contender for Chaos as well. They got some great kits with the Stormfiends and the Verminlord. Hey – even the Hell Pit Abomination is another one of those surprisingly awesome kits in the Skaven line.

They suffer from the same problem that everyone else is having however. Their core battleline troopers are dated. I think this is doubly so for Skaven who have to suffer through painting more rat models than just about anyone else. That’s just brutal and it’s the one army I am not envious of playing. If you’re a Skaven player who’s created those massive bricks of Clanrats and slaves, I feel for you.

Grand Alliance Order

Okay, I was going to skip this faction but I can’t help myself – the Sylvaneth models are too good to skip over. Games Workshop took the old trope of “Wood Elves and Forest Spirits” and managed to create something new and distinct! They also feel like they are in a really good place in terms of models and options. They have a couiple of “Big Kits” some good core units and some good “elite” units (Kurnoth Hunters, anyone!?) – I think they probably only need a cavalry equivalent and they should be set!

And I don’t want to discount the Fyreslayers either! As goofy as some of the models are I can’t help but root for these guys. They are another sub-faction that I think could use another core unit or two and a hero kit to really fill them out. Maybe some type of cavalry unit to go along with those Magmadroths or something as well. But they have a specific identity that is strong and GW could really run with that to create some more awesome models.

I’m really hoping they managed to do the same for the Duardin models. If Games Workshop can manage to take the “steampunk” and “dwarf miner” tropes and mash them together to create something new and cool they should have a really solid set of armies for Order… and if the Blood Bowl Dwarf team is any indication I think they are on the right track.

Overall, Age of Sigmar’s army range is pretty huge. Unfortunately, it seems like some of the factions are getting all the attention. If Games Workshop doesn’t do something to balance the scales then folks will lose interest. It’s not fun when you’re constantly playing your faction against your faction all the time. Variety is the spice of life. It’s not as easy as it sounds but with some dedication and resources I think all the factions can come around to being awesome in their own right.


What do you think about the AoS Faction Spread? What would you do if you could tinker with the theme of a Grand Alliance or Sub-Faction?

  • Alienerd the unbannable

    A few years ago, if I read an article which started with “The Nagash model is one of the best that GW have ever put out”… I would have had a very different face.

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Ironweld needs its own Battle-line troops. Ideally, some manner of Dwarven constructs or clockwork cavalry. Funny that you don’t mention them. Also, people STILL want Bretonnians back in some form.

  • I’d like to see the Aelfs get a new range of minis cos the old ones are puny and I don’t really count the new Wood Elves-that-aren’t-elves.

    • Chris

      I agree, i am a huge High Elves player and i also think we are kind of abandoned. The Sylvaneth are no elves and they really need to have new troops.

  • Karru

    Well, for starters I would go with more regular Humans and Elves. As for the design of both, I would go with less “90’s super hero style of half naked buff men” and instead go with a mixture of realistic and fantasy look. For humans, a faction that combines Empire and Bretonnia for starters. Basically mix the two designs together. Renaissance era and Medieval Knights mix would be great to look at.

    As for the rules and their “unique” flavour, here is something. First real Cavalry army in the game. As of right now, from what I have seen Cavalry isn’t really that big of a deal. Only Cavalry units that really see use are monstrous ones like the dracothians that rely more on their ability to dish out massive amounts of ranged damage instead of actually killing stuff in CC. Regular horses that would be able to charge in and “shift” the enemy formation a bit. For example, charging into enemy allows you to move them around a bit and doesn’t allow the enemy to pile in. Basically allows you to set up a perfect charge giving the enemy little hope of striking back that turn.

    That’s just humans. Elves could be little bit of the same they have always been. Excellent in CC, good with bows, but weak when getting hit.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      They need to be less generic than renaissance knights, sadly. GW needs to protect its look, after all.

      Still, there is a nice middle ground between a Stormcast Eternal and a Bretonian Knight that can both be iconic but also mundane.

      • Sonic tooth

        i dont understand this idea of killing brets/tomb kings to protect i.p as theres nothing to stop other companies ripping off stormcast either. iv already seen one companies faux stormacast in the works

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          It means 3rd party companies have to build something specific for the look and feel for AoS, which may be completely inapplicable for other games (which a generic medieval knight definitely is not). It also means fewer people will be making kits for the game, since it is very niche.

          • vlad78

            If AOS thrives, you’ll see how many 3rd party compagnies will do things compatible with AOS. ALL OF THEM. And if they are clever, they ‘ll make it compatible with 40k too. Stormcasts scream for it. Alternative sigmarine compatible with the custodes range will be an obvious choice.
            Orruks are already better suited to the 40K range.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            The game and armies need to be popular enough for long enough to justify the investment.

            Eventually we will have 3rd party stuff but I doubt it will ever be as pervasive as generic elf soldier or generic medieval knight.

        • Karru

          It’s most likely the case of people having good access to replacement models. I have seen people play with cheap generic knight and Napoleon era models as a count as Empire army.

        • Andrew Maletz

          Curious. Which company?

      • Karru

        I’m not talking about pure generic knights here. Just look at KoW Basileans, to some extend they are knights but with a fantasy twist on them.

        Basically it’s just the shapes and the design that I would like to see them focus on. Basically do something they haven’t done before with AoS. Realistic Plate Armour. No sculpted muscles, no gigantic men and no oversized shoulder pads.

        Just look at the Empire range, I would like to see that mixed with the old Bretonnians. They can give them different ornaments and such to make them more “unique” but I would like to see something that would stand out in current AoS. It’s literally large models fighting other large models. The Tzeentch release at least changed it up a little bit, but still it would be nice to see an order faction that didn’t rely on large elite infantry.

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          Ok, I can see that. You just want to blend the two, then make them unique but not over the top, the way much of the line is.

          I can dig that.

          • Karru

            Yeah, while I do like the aesthetics of both factions to an extend, they are still pretty generic. A mixture of the two would be cool, especially if they keep the scale the same and the looks relatively realistic. It shouldn’t be that difficult.

        • Aezeal

          Wild Riders / Sisters of the Thorn are pretty good.

    • Aezeal

      Reavers are seriously nasty on the table… most annoying opponents ever.

      • Karru

        Are they used more for CC or Ranged harassment? Looking at their rules, they seem to be more focused on ranged damage and harassment and not charging into CC.

        It’s the same thing as was with 8th edition fantasy. People didn’t use Cavalry as a charging unit, instead if they had them they were always harassment units. Reavers, Pistoliers, Outriders, Marauder Horsemen, Dark Riders. Small units of 5 that danced around the enemy, preying on warmachine crews or just taking random shots at smaller units. The actual CC was meant for Monstrous Cavalry like the Ogre Mournfangs, because they could do actual damage.

        That’s one of the things I enjoyed about Bretonnia back in the day. They were the only real Cavalry army that could make it work. Because of the Lance formation, every 3 model rank counted as a rank in terms of combat resolution AND steadfast. The damage that they could dish out was massive, especially considering that their front arc wasn’t that wide so they enemy couldn’t get all of his attacks back. On top of that, the ranks they had allowed them to actually break units with that charge. That was the big thing about Cavalry units in 8th edition and why they got shafted. Because Cavalry doesn’t really have ranks and the amount of attacks was more often than not limited, they would charge in, kill a few models and then lose combat thanks to the massive amount of ranks the enemy unit had. Even if they won, they would still have to test against an LD8/9 unit that’s within the BSB range.

        I’ve gathered that we are seeing a similar problem in AoS. Regular Cavalry just doesn’t cut it. Heavy charging Cavalry isn’t that useful, when you can just take cheaper units in larger numbers instead. Cavalry units usually have very low Attack count and their only bonus is the fact that they get something like +1 to wounding on the turn they charge. That’s why Monstrous Cavalry once again dominates the cavalry scene. They get more attacks, better toughness and even in some cases better weapons for the same price or just slightly higher.

        That’s why I would love to see a Bretonnian inspired Cavalry army in AoS. Regular Horsemen that have the ability to break the enemy on the first charge. If they don’t they will have a hard time fighting back since the power is meant to be in the charge.

        • Aezeal

          Yeah heavy (but not monstrous) cavalry is overcosted and atm only some light cav and some monstrous cav are viable.

  • Malisteen

    I’d also love to see expansion of the deathlords. Imagine stormcast-scale infantry in the End Times undead style – like smaller, wingless Morghasts, perhaps fluffed as corrupted Stormcasts Nagash had stolen from Sigmar, since that’s a thing in the fluff now. You could do character versions, monstrous cavalry versions riding miniature wolflike or horselike versions of the Mortarch steeds, flesh out the morghasts themselves with a morghast hero.

    More mortarchs, even – no reason to stick to three when Nagash used to roll with nine. You could have entirely new characters (again, corrupted stormcasts is an obvious idea there), or dip back into oldhammer with more old world undead refugees. Khalida and Isabella were both with Neferata at the end, and could make great options for mortarchs with interesting built in rivalries to play off of with Neferata and Mannfred, respectively.

    • Sonic tooth

      id love to see them go crazy with tomb kings, kindov like that Egyptian looking iron maiden album cover my heavy metaller older brother had in the 80s.

  • Sonic tooth

    could be wrong here but wasnt it mentioned somewhere in end times fluff that the grail knights were still alive as a kindov “honour guard” to alarielle? if so this could be a great idea for cavalry for the sylvaneth while throwing a bone to bitter saddoes like me who loved bretonnia?

  • cudgel

    World of Warcraft could always use more expansions.

  • Guillem Roura

    I disagree.

    No doubt new GW minis are very good, quality-wise, but their design team has been shaken and stirred and now can’t really see what’s up and what’s down anymore.

    Nagash was a “complex” model, but I’ve never liked him. Too unbalanced, too spiky, too busy. You can build busy, but you need balance. The Yncarne is a balanced floating guy, he flows and he looks awesome. Nagash looks wrong in all the places he should look right. His legs don’t seem to be floating, the specks of ghost are not whirling in a dynamic manner, his staff is too big and his hat is ridiculous.

    It’s not that I dislike the new bone-construct aesthetic (I don’t like it, true, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad), it’s that the model is not very good. The design doesn’t help either, and the design choices they showcased with Nagash are still there, worse even. Archaon got an upgrade (spikier, more bestial, bigger horns) which was necessary since Dorghar is now a three-headed mastodont, but Archaon’s detail is kind of lost there. Not a fan of the new Chaos aesthetic either. Poses too sharp, armour too scrungly and very difficult to tell what’s going on.

    The old Chaos warriors were absolutely astonishing miniatures. Tall, imposing, menacing, but slow looking, impervious, solid. They conveyed an emotion: “we’re coming and we’ll kill you. Trust us”. That was carried away phenomenally well in the Mark of Chaos videogame trailer, which showed the new Chaos Warriors in all their frightening glory. But then, they redesigned them for the Chaos Knights, and they looked like coffee machines again. God damn it.

    Too static? Too much “built for the ranks”? Yes. But that doesn’t mean you have to remake their whole concept, forget their awesome fur flowing capes, their sinister presence and their steady demeanour, and turn them into half-naked gladiators. Opening up the traditionally closed Chaos helmets was one of the worst decisions GW has done in decades, right there with nonsense Orruk armor.

    Now that we’re on it… the Ironjawz… no. Take the Megaboss. Very good pose, and very well balanced too. The miniature carries more strength than any Orc mini ever before… It’s just that the armor is ridiculous. All the new Orruks have absurd armour that doesn’t work. Don’t go say “it’s fantasy” because GW’s always had one foot on the ground while the other was way up in the stratosphere. That’s their defining characteristic, a nice bridge between historical and fantasy wargames.

    So no, the newer designs are not the cream. The minis are good and very well cast and high-detail, which is good. But the design team is getting very strange directives. Look at the new Guilliman. Its sculptor is a good sculptor. He was probably given very bad art directives and some vague concepts like “more gothic” or “less grimdark” or God knows what, and we’ve got the abortion that is Roboute Guilliman in 40k. Something’s not right there. I consider the last Wood Elves the peak of GW miniature design. Those Wood Elf Lords were gorgeously sculpted and painted. Now look at how ugly are the Orruks and their new banana paintjob. Do you think Orruks would paint so evenly? Would not have chipped or rusty armor? Why do they look like they just came from the spray-paint garage?

    The Stormcasts are cool, though. Pity they are still underdeveloped, fluff-wise, despite being the posterboys.

    Wall of text. Sorry.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Maybe you just don’t like the aesthetic of the game?

      • Daniel R Weber

        Which one? I’ts all over the map now.

        • The only constant is that they are all very busy, overdesigned if they’re not very bland instead. There’s no middle ground of subtle details anymore.

          • Daniel R Weber

            That’s the setting influence there. Blending a bad rock opera from the 1970’s with a 12 year old’s fantasy fan fic novel.

      • Guillem Roura

        No, I dislike many of their choices, but there’s not the unifying “half grounded, half over the top” aesthetic that GW pulled off before.

        Also, the aesthetic of the game has been mostly solid for 20 years. Not the first 10 maybe, but the next 20, sure. Some ups and downs, but mostly ups. AoS has been around for way less time and it’s already had so many downs…

  • Rainthezangoose

    This game needs the “Empire” of its edition as its the last real big complaint that holds water against AOS. I like space marines. I do, iv even painted my first Sigmarine from the warhammerquest box and I like them a-lot more in the flesh. But the nitty gritty of everyday warfare, the real struggle and the genuine mortal threat that comes with a relatable human fragile condition of what Freeguild or whatever they are calling empire represents on the table top. Its why space marines work in 40k, there is too few of them and they are cool because of the comparison you draw between then and the bread and butter military units in the Imperial army.

    Also death, death is cool. Id actually play death in AoS if skeletons weren’t so expensive. I mean you’d need so many of them and they cost so much! UNDEAD WARHAMMER QUEST PLEASE. I don’t care if its all repackages just make it happen.

  • Daniel R Weber

    The ranges within the Orcs need to work better together. The Ironjawz book is a tiny assortment of models with not a full complement of abilities/items/artifacts like the Bonesplittaz received, but even then the Bonesplittaz and the Ironjawz aren’t fully envisioned lists. The savages are ‘whatever we had out at the time’ which the article suggests is fairly limiting. I’d argue the models themselves don’t need updating as they’re dynamic enough any 8e player would attest to when trying to rank them up. No, they need more than ‘the list you take from when fighting monsters’ for orcs. And so on. Destruction has a WIDE range of models, but the coherency of it all is sorely lacking. Poor death is the same way. Right now the only two ‘real’ factions are Storm/Order because poster child, and Khorne/Chaos because came out at same time as poster child. Not full Chaos, although the Tzeench book suggests what could be done to the other lists. It’s another case of AoS being schizophrenic in what it wants to be. Like not being able (as written) to play the narrative scenarios throughout the books as Matched Play due to the way the two rulesets conflict with each other. Each book seems to be the ‘hint of things to come’ only to have the next book change it up more…

  • Noah Jerge

    What about new Beastmen/more god-specific gors?

    • ragelion

      They have already done that.

      • Noah Jerge

        I get that they made Tzangors, but I think that they should make some for the other gods too.

  • Serious issues with Elves… I was a Dark Elf and High Elf player… I liked playing two opposite sides of the coin. Dark Elves should NOT BE IN ORDER faction. I was just re-reading my 3rd or 4th edition DE army book for fun and the one race they hate more than ALL others is the High Elves. The Witch King tried to unleash the Realms of Chaos to wash over the Old World, they have more in common with Chaos, Destruction, and Death than Order. They also have really old models that all look pretty much the same, they need something serious.
    It seems the Wood Elves may be gone for good if the Sylvaneth are technically their “Wood Elf Replacement” but then at least come back strong with High Elves that incorporate some of their rural brethren. The Elves are in serious need of help right now.

    • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

      Haven’t read the current lore yet, right? There are the reasons why.

      Also, not because you want to unleash the Realms of Chaos it means that you are are lookin for Chaos, it can mean that you only want to f*ck over the whole place.

      Also, Dark Elves (all Elves) are gone, and the Sylvaneth are a whole new, independent faction, a true force of nature, while the “Wood Elves” have been kind of exiled by the Sylvaneth.

      • Where is this lore? In the $60 book? I have only seen bits and pieces. All I have to say is the lore blows if there are no Elves at all and maybe blows even more if somehow the HE and DE are together. Compendium armies are a joke I guess then?

        • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

          While I don’t support undiscriminated piracy, you can get that book for free on .pdf. Or just grab the starter magazine at £5. Or ask for info on your LGS or with a friend. Or read the lore in forums.

          It doesn’t blow either, I mean, the whole world exploded at End Time, if you weren’t Chaos or a major god of any kind you would survive.

          And compendium armies are for you to play with your older armies on the new ruleset.

    • Sonic tooth

      end times and aos lore/fluff is a massive insult to elf players. its just awful.

  • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

    Sorry, english is not my mother language, but the OP had some serious typos all over the article.

    Anyway, I play Seraphon but I still want to see more variety of enemies. Death and Destruction are almost always mixed armies, but there are always people who will prefer to stick with a main theme. And I think anyone will like to face new enemy compositions, or paint new miniatures in new ways.

  • SisyphusIsHappy

    Yeah, Death has some issues. Flesh Eaters for instance have some really good looking minis, their elites specifically and the terrorgheist, but the rank and file ghouls look terrible and I don’t think the abhorrent ghoul king looks all that great. He doesn’t look as threatening as some of the courtiers. For one he looks a little like he is surfing when mounted. The crypt horrors and their cousins all have this awesome sort of horror movie body horror thing going on. I really like how they and their courtiers look. Except the Varghulf. Ugh, he looks awful for such a good mini rules wise. I hope they focus more on the feral grave robbing body horror of the ghouls. The rank and file ones need a lot of work to look good.

  • Roland Sinclair

    …Seraphon? :((

  • AnomanderRake

    Remember back when the Empire in WHFB was the meanest, bravest, toughest force in all fiction because they were facing down the same daemonic hordes the 40k Imperium was dealing with, except without the benefit of tanks, laser guns, and Space Marines, just with cold steel and poofy trousers?

    Stop the BIGGERWACKIERBIGGER push. Stop telling me I need gods, naked dwarves, revenants in mystical power armour, and weapons made of the stupidest-named materials in existence to fight the forces of darkness. Bring back the humans. On 25mm round bases. With the poofy trousers. Proportioned to look like people, not demented cartoons. And on the warscroll I want to see weapon entries for “sword”, “halberd”, and “spear”, none of this “Sigmarite greatblade”/”Celestite war-pick” gibberish.

    • Drew

      I think the lack of meaningful, normal human characters (or even elves and dwarves) is a major weakness of the setting. Who are the Stormhosts fighting for/alongside?

      • AnomanderRake

        I also really want to see GW’s newfound extreme-detail/low-level sharpness turned to making the fiddly bits on wacky Doppelsoldner costumes rather than sticking feather-piercings onto daemons or hoop skirts onto Eldar.

  • Gunther Clone C

    Totally agree on Skaven, ESPECIALLY the dated line of Clan Eshin models, save the one named character that is now an “assassin.”

  • plasticvicar

    The big issue AoS suffers from is the more tries to differentiate itself from WHFB the more absurd it looks on its own.

    WHFB was ‘fantasy’ but had enough crossover with the real word and traditional fantasy tropes for people to relate to and enjoy, just look at the insane success of Total War: Warhammer and the resultant ‘what happened to the tabletop?’ inquiries it generated for example.

    By squatting the Old World GW have pushed themselves into a creative rut as now they must create ‘new’ versions of their IP but make it different enough to not seem to be rehashing WHFB. So theyve replaced all horses with lizards, humans with fantasy Spess Muhreens and elves with tree spirit ‘Aelf’ creatures which now come across as completely unrelatable at all.