Unboxing: Kallus, Devastation of Everblight

Kallus is back with a new form and he’s stronger than ever – come take a look at the Legion’s new Warlock!

You just can’t keep a good Warlock down. Kallus has a cool new model and a twisted new form to match:

It’s not often a creature comes back after being eaten by a dragon, but that is exactly what happened to Kallus, Devastation of Everblight! His athanc shard brought him back and changed him into something more powerful and deadly than before. Kallus was a pretty dangerous melee warlock before and his stats reflect his previous combat prowess with a twist. He’s a Speed 7 Warlock and he’s still got his deadly Hellbrand weapon. His spells also complement his aggressive melee posture. With Battle Lust and Overrun he can really amp up a unit or get a heavy hitter into position.

Model wise, the first thing I thought of when I saw this model was “Whoa, it’s a Dragon-centaur guy!” That’s essentially what he is which I thought was a really cool concept. His torso and body is mostly resin (except for a few bits) and his lower extremities are metal. Because of this, I recommend superglue when assembling this model. It’s not super complex and it’s pretty easy to tell how things fit together – just do a quick dry fit after clipping/cleaning the model.

The details on the resin are particularly crisp. I liked the sharpness on the armor plates in particular. Once he’s all assembled, Kallus does look pretty epic! Overall, I think he’s a great addition to the line for the Legion. Plus his feat can really put the burn on enemy models. Kallus, Devastation of Everblight is out now so go check him out!

Kallus, Devastation of Everblight $37.99

The pattern for Kallus’ mind and body are indelibly imprinted upon his athanc shard, ensuring his restoration no matter what he undergoes. This was proven when Kallus endured the one act that could truly destroy him: being consumed by a dragon. What should have ended his existence instead made him evolve into something stronger. Kallus now butchers enemies with tooth and claw in a draconic form reminiscent of Everblight’s own


Kallus, the Dragon-Centaur guy!

  • dave long island

    This mini is just a mess below the waist. IDK. There’s some claws down there, couple of arms, legs, god knows what else, but no armor. He’s fully armored up top, but apparently ran out of funding when it came to getting armor down below. Maybe later on in the year when he gets his Christmas bonus he’ll order the rest of the armor. He looks cool up top, but a mess down below.

    • Jacob Semmes

      I agree. And his face just looks bored, which pretty much sums up his whole pose: boring. For such an awesome character concept, the model captures none of it.

      • BClement

        I think the face is supposed to come off as a tad swarmy, with a slight smirk. Unfortunately, it’s not really captured with the metal they used.

        I think the lower arms probably could have used a little more attention as well.

    • DeadlyYellow

      It’s weird. I like generally Everblight, but I don’t care for some of their design elements (like the massive jutting foreheads and chins on humanoids.)

      Though this guy certainly takes the cake for models on my unlikable spectrum.

    • marxlives

      I agree…I wish there would be more lore articles on BoLS cause I want to know how his athanc survived being consumed by a dragon. It is too bad they didn’t use something similar to the Raek model to flesh this out and make it awesome. Doing a conversion and saving this model maybe my goal for next year.

    • marxlives

      You know what I was thinking the same but check out the 3D view and this model may be more of a, the photography took a crappy shot than the model being bad.


      • dave long island

        I see what you’re saying, it does help to figure out whats going on using that 3D viewer deal. IDK. I think the problem is, they got the guy’s long torso coming out where his neck would be. I think if you have a guy with two sets of arms, then you need to space them out evenly. You can’t have one set low, then a long torso, and then another set of arms. To me it just doesn’t work. Also why would he not have armor on his legs? If I were fighting him, that’s where’d I’d direct my attacks: at his unarmored legs.

  • Vepr

    I want to like the model but the lower arms just seem so out of place. If they had done something more dynamic with them it might have helped.

  • BeardMonk

    PP have been hitting it out the park with their recent releases, new sculpts or resculpts of old models. And then they release this……. :-/

  • zeno666

    The model of Kallus2 had so much potential.
    Does he have 2 x Claw attacks? Then put his front paws down.
    Make him look more centaur’ish.
    Not like some ork-conversion where you cut Kallus1 at the waist and put it on a Raeks head…