Privateer: New Cryx April Releases

Three new models and the Cryx Command Book are coming this month…

Lord Toruk commands you to purchase!

Cryx Command – $34.99 SC / $44.99 HC

From the darkness of their nightmarish isles, the undead legions of Cryx strike at the Iron Kingdoms. Each battle serves to fuel their unholy necrofactoriums as scuttling necrotechs reshape everything that walks, crawls, of slithers out of their dank, macabre workshops. Wielding the powers of death and black sorcery gifted to them by their terrible master, Toruk the Dragonfather, the insidious warcasters of Cryx send forth masses of undead thralls to overwhelm their mortal foes. Their ranks bolstered by looming black-iron helljacks and skittering bonejacks, the undying army of Cryx will not rest until Toruk’s shadow covers all of Immoren.

Forces of WARMACHINE: Cryx Command provides the foundation you need to serve the Dragonfather and bend the power of death to your will, featuring:

  • Complete rules and profiles for the nefarious warcasters and murderous warjacks of Cryx, including two new warcasters, a new character warjack, and a new solo.
  • A selection of units and solos that can form the sinister core of your Cryx army.
  • Detailed background information on the Nightmare Empire, including an in-depth look at its warcasters and warjacks.
  • A painting guide full of tips and inspiration to help you create an army as individual as you are.
  • A new theme forces that allow you to create specialized armies with specific benefits.


Captain Aiakos$18.99

A merciless cutthroat of the high seas, Aiakos has risen from humble beginnings among the gangs of Blackwater to become one of the fiercest captains in Cryx’s pirate fleet. The warcaster rushes to the forefront of every engagement, bounding from ship to ship to skewer his opponents with harpoon and blade. Wherever the promise of a bloody battle arises, Aiakos and his crew are not far behind.


Mortenebra is the dark mistress of the Cryxian war industry. With her cold and penetrating mind, she has worked behind the scenes to further the development of the Nightmare Empire’s necromechanikal horrors. Driven to seek insights through the crucible of combat, she has continued to augment her own physical form through iterative reimaginings of her mechanikal frame. Now, with the chance to observe her creations in battle, Mortenebra’s dark mind has been stirred to new and greater heights.


For decades Kharybdis was lost, believed to have been destroyed when the Cygnaran Navy sank the blackship carrying it. With nothing but a crude map, Captain Aiakos set out to recover this powerful helljack that slumbered in the deep. Kharybdis now terrorizes victims of the warcaster’s bloody raids, tearing anything within reach to pieces.

~I’m really digging the new Mortenebra – really creepy.

  • Malisteen

    and here I was hoping skarre would get a character jack. sigh.

    • marxlives

      What has Skarre done to deserve a character jack ?

      • Severius_Tolluck

        I dunno, redeemed herself and saved Terminus from the outer plane!

      • Malisteen

        Be thematically tied to our only infantry units worth running? Have the single best looking model in the game (in her epic incarnation at least), let alone our faction? Exist? What forms exactly do I need to file with you to get clearance to like a given caster?

        If you want to go by who ‘deserves’ whatever in the fluff, then the entire Cryx faction deserves to be thrown in the garbage heap, because narratively they’re all a bunch of failures, existing exclusively to job repeatedly since being undead gives the writers free reign to kill off the characters without any meaningful change to the status quo because they just come back even deader and with a new midsection scar.

  • Greg Osborn

    The new Mortenebra sculpt is awesome!!

    • Johan Strandh

      Agreed. Could possibly be the coolest model PP has ever produced.

    • ZeeLobby

      Probably scary to glue together, but def awesome.

    • Hell-Nico

      All their centipede-like models are awesome tbh.

  • chris harrison

    Is it just me, or is that chick in the middle with the big axe totally hot, even though she’s undead?

    • Jay Barton

      I don’t know the lore behind this particular character, but she may be alive still. Cryx had many fanatics and organizations such as the warwitch sirens (she looks like a warwitch) and they are very much alive, even aikios is likely still alive. Shoot they even has a guy that just keeps adding arcane machinery to keep himself alive.

      • Kinsman

        She’s dead, though. You’re right about the mix of living and dead, but this one’s dead. 😉

        • Jay Barton

          Kinky, Necro for days mate! Haha

    • Chris

      Bane Witch Agathia. She’s one of the warcasters in the new starter box with three jacks.

      • chris harrison

        i love the miniatures and art for Warmachine/Hordes, and like the game well enough, but WarmaHordes night at my FLGS turned into a “That guy” convention.