Privateer: The Sea King Wades Ashore

The next Trollblood Gargantuan hits stores next week!

These enormous trolls were called up from the depths by ancient coastal trollkin kriels only in times of dire need. These beasts have two stomachs to fill, so they will eat anything that crosses their path to sate their hunger – and they’ll use that food as a totally disgusting weapon on the battlefield. Not only will this giant try to eat it’s way through your forces it’ll vomit crabs and various creatures it’s eaten along with a flood of seawater as a method of attack.


Gross methods of warfare aside… the model looks just as awesome as the character art in the Trollbloods Command book.

Sea King$144.99

Eager to devour any who pass within reach of their webbed claws, the sea kings have heard Hoarluk Doomshaper’s call and ventured from the seas. Rising out of ancient legend to bring horror from the deep to the foes of the Trollbloods, these enormous marine beasts can easily smash a ship’s hull and devour its entire crew, leaving nothing but splintered timbers behind.

  • ZeeLobby

    Love the model. Kind of sad minions still don’t have a gargantuan yet tho.

    • AEZ

      For someone who says stormcasts are over the top I think it’s pretty odd you like the guy with a ship on his back. The ship is totally out of proprotion too I’d say.

      • AEZ

        It’s priced above GW level is it bigger than the recent big AoS kits?

        • ZeeLobby

          Gargantuans are pretty big. I almost never see AoS stuff at our local stores, so I haven’t been able to compare.

        • Azhrarn

          It’s part plastic, part resin, perhaps even part metal. And it should be fairly substantial.
          The Cygnar one is about 2/3rds the size of an Eldar Wraith Knight (but quite a bit more bulky).

      • ZeeLobby

        My issue with Stormcast has always been that they’re fantasy space marines. My general opinion of GW models are that they’re too busy with an overabundance of armor flourishes and skulls. This guy’s details are indicative of his environment, not a bunch of things he decided to dress himself with just cause. The new squats are good for example imo, as at least a lot of the detail is functional.

        • AEZ

          Ehm.. WHY would he allow that ship on his head.. can’t be comfortable, isn’t practical.. it’s way more useless and in the way than the small details on stormcast armor.
          The barnacles and seastars are way to big I think.

          • ZeeLobby

            If you read the fluff, Trolls don’t care too much about comfort. Clearly someone ran aground on what they thought was a reef, and it turned out to be a giant monster that ate them. Trolls just wouldn’t care to remove it (heck, the mountain troll walks around with a mountain on his back).

            All of that is very different from “I think this armor should have more curly-cues. Yes, that’s it, curly-cues.” I mean take the composition of 30K Guilliman to 40K Guilliman and the new model just looks hideous, lol. Tzeentch symbols on the new LoC wings are another good example of just really over-doing it.

            As for “way too big”, that’s just a WMH thing. I mean aren’t the giant bolts, and giant smokestacks a little over-enlarged as well. That’s just an aesthetic of the line. And I mean it is an alien world, whose to say they aren’t that big in Immoren? I do find it hard to believe that something in the air of the 40K universe causes all artificers to put extra curly-cues on their armor.

          • AEZ

            Well maybe they just find it aesthetically pleasing? It’s a reason for quite a lot of terrible pieced of clothing IRL.
            And symbols dedicated to your god on armor or clothing aren’t THAT odd incomparison to a ship on your back. Why he wouldn’t just smash the damn thing into tinder is just odd.
            Anyway the combination of the ship that is (probably since scale is hard to judge) way to small and way to big barnacles seems odd.

            Why are fantasy versions of space knights odd.. it ends up as knights on steroids.. which happens a lot in more than one fantasy setting/game.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah, like i said. Large details are kind of WMH thing. They have a cartoonish aesthetic. A lot of their undead are similar. And I mean heck, look at the grymkin. Some people like it, and some don’t, but the models are composed consistently and with good amount of positive and negative space.

            That’s probably the best way to describe newer GW models. There’s no negative space, it’s all positive. And when you do that, it tends to over-stimulate the viewer and wash out the impact of those details. I mean good lord, the number of doodads, bongles, symbols, etc. on that LoC.

            And fantasy space knights are odd because fantasy knights exist. It’s like ripping a concept from fantasy to sci-fi back to fantasy. I would have much preferred them to come up with something unique and original. It was a lazy copy-paste imo.

          • Steven Hyche

            So all sea kings have a perfectly balanced ship wreck on their back. Gotcha, I can see why thats ok rather than a follower of a skull god taking heads as tropheys

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Technically most things in warmachine are pretty much named characters. There really only is the one mountain king, one sea king, etc.

          • Steven Hyche

            The warlocks are named and some of the beasts, this one is not. Even says in the article it is not

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Yes and no. It states that deep sea trolls such as this one have heard the call and have come ashore. Does not mean all look like this one, or are called the sea king specifically.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. Totally understand why that follower would want to be unable to close his legs due to hanging skulls, and trip whenever he runs (awesome trip-running-action-pose included!).

            Who knows, maybe sea kings hibernate til disturbed, maybe the number one disturbance is boats to the back. You can always convert it if you don’t like it. Should be easy to saw off. Good luck scratching all those curly-cues off girlyman though. I guess every monopose GW model is only found in those poses in the wild (oh lazy generalized statements).

          • Steven Hyche

            Psst, they are disturbed when called apon by trollkin kriel. Your critique is legitimiate but you come off as very anti GW only while allowing things like this to slide and actually being ok with it and defending it for that matter.

          • ZeeLobby

            I mean in the end aesthetics are in the eye of the beholder. That is always true. There are definitely WMH models that I despise. On the last article I made it pretty clear sentry stones are just broken and bad as well. I like the new space marine models a lot. I don’t think they’re overly embellished.

            I just don’t see what I’m letting “slide” here. I think its very thematic for the character. I think they do a decent job on negative/positive space and momentum of the model. I think it’s way better than most warjacks they have modeled (stop-sign being the biggest offender).

            I mean I could go through and list all the things I like and hate about both game systems, but I only comment on ones that are important to me. I personally really like this guy, and I think the fluff behind the new marines is REALLY dumb. New 40K rules look decent, though I really need points to make a conclusion. And I’m really not a fan of WMH feats, as I think they’re just too back breaking for a single action.

          • zeno666

            Its his favorite comfy ship 🙂

            Also its quite hard to judge the scale of space knights on steroids when they’re smaller than humans (Imperial Guard) lol

          • AEZ

            I just don’t understand that last line.

  • Nick Silver

    The deep sea king?

  • Gunther Clone C
  • OldHat

    Ick. That is ugly. And cartoony in a bad way. This is a model from 2017, but feels like one from 2002. Weird.

    • Drew

      I think it might be the paint job? I’m planning on making mine green…might help.

      • zeno666

        Its the paintjob for sure.
        Green would be a good way to go.

      • OldHat

        It is all the cartoony details. The sail looks so thick (and boring). Weak pose is pretty weak. The ship looks like a fishbowl decoration. The starfish on him look comical. Like, what the heck is up with this model? The Mountain King looked so much better in all ways, why revert to this aesthetic after their recent progress?

    • zeno666

      Hehe yeah, like Bloodbowl miniatures!

      • OldHat

        Exactly! It is just like the old BB miniatures (or some of the new FW ones… sadly). It just feels off.

  • Chris Hateley

    I really wanted one of these to shoehorn into my GW greenskin army (maybe as river troll-themed Throgg or to use as a stand in for Forgeworld’s troll mother since the model is terrible), but frankly Hell will freeze over before I ever pay $144 for a single model.

  • Txabi Etxebarrieta

    I think there’s a really good model here, but it’s buried under the weird-scale boat (though maybe that’s just a perspective issue with the photo), a questionable choice on the star fish, and possibly a different paint job or palette.

    My two cents worth.

  • Die Mekkenfuhrer

    For those saying that the ship is “out of proportion” or “way too small,” the back view shows that it’s very clearly only the front part of the ship.
    Also, it seems less balanced on his back and more like it beached there, then stuff grew around it, thus kinda planting it there.
    I gotta agree with Zee on this; I happen to like this particular model, even the aesthetic.