FW: Strike Force Bundles Now Available For 30K

Forge World has a new batch of Strike Forces to help you get rolling into the Horus Heresy!

If you’re not sure where to start with the Horus Heresy we have some suggestions. However, if you are looking for some one-stop shop solutions, Forge World has a few other options as well:

via Forge World

Legion Vanguard Collection £225

An instant collection of Space Marines miniatures, this bundle has been designed to let you pick and paint your preferred Legion. Included:

– A set of 2 resin Praetors;
– 2 5-man MkV Assault Squads;
– 2 5-man MkIII Breacher Squads;
– A Leviathan Pattern Siege Dreadnought, a resin kit complete with additional Siege Claw and Storm Cannon.

This one is probably the most generically useful. You’ll get enough models to start to fill out a basic 30k Force Org Chart.

Eidolon’s Strike Force £200

An instant collection of Emperor’s Children miniatures in one handy click, this bundle contains:

– A resin Lord Commander Eidolon of the Emperor’s Children;
– A set of 5 resin Phoenix Terminators;
– A set of 5 resin Legion Kakophoni;
– A 5-man resin Legion Palatine Blades Squad;
– A resin Legion Contemptor Dreadnought, complete with C-Beam Cannon and Heavy Bolter Arm.

Emperor’s Children Players – this one is for you! You’ll get Eidolon and a fighting force worthy of his time. This is a great place to start, but you’ll probably want to pick up some basic trooper boxes as well.

Clan Brannsar £165

An instant collection of Iron Hands miniatures in one handy click, this bundle contains:

– A resin Iron Hands Iron Father;
– A 5-man set of resin Medusan Immortals;
– 2 5-man resin Legion MkIII Squads;
– A 5-man set of resin Gorgon Terminators.

This is a solid Iron Hands collection starting point. You might want to consider adding in some vehicles like a Dreadnought or Transport as well.

Typhon’s Chosen £145

An instant collection of Death Guard miniatures in one handy click – this bundle contains:

– A resin Calas Typhon, First Captain of the Death Guard;
– A resin Leviathan Pattern Siege Dreadnought, complete with a Siege Claw and a Storm Cannon;
– A set of 5 resin Deathshroud Terminators.

Death Guard Players, this is basically Typhon and a retinue of bad dudes to run with him. You’re going to want to add in some basic troops for the Force Org slots, but this would take your army in a very punchy direction once you have that done.

Sevatar’s Strike Force £150

An instant collection of Night Lords miniatures in one handy click, this bundle contains:

– Sevatar, First Captain of the Night Lords – a resin Character Series model;
– A 5-man set of resin Night Raptors;
– A 5-man resin MkIV Recon Squad;
– A resin Night Lords Contemptor Dreadnought, complete with Chainfist and Heavy Bolter Arm.

Sevatar is a pretty terrifying figure on the battlefield – and he’s got good rules to boot! This Strike Force is well suited to the Night Lords, but again, this would be a nice bundle to pick-up if you’re looking to take your army in that direction. You could start with this an another box of basic troopers and you’d be well on your way.

If you really want to have a well rounded starting point, we suggest picking up Betrayal at Calth or Burning of Prospero depending on which MK of armor you prefer. If you started with that and added one of these bundles, (and maybe the respective shoulder pads) you’d be well on your way to having a fanastic core of a Heresy Era Army. From there you can expand what ever direction you want!


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  • tinythebig

    And people say this game is dead. Bah!
    Everything good about 7th, none of the bad. This is why I’m playing 30k more than 8th. If they hurry up and make more plastics, we’ll have people flocking over from 40k more and more.

    • orionburn III

      I’d like to give 30k a try but the price point is too much for me. 40k is hard enough to afford…lol. Maybe one day. My problem is that I only want to do Ad Mech so that’s a pricey army to do.

    • thereturnofsuppuppers

      just cant get past the space marines v spacemarines thing.

      I would like a bit more variety.

      Edit: I do understand its appeal, I love the setting. But as a game, that costs as much as it does, it got a bit stale.

      • Koonitz

        I can understand that worry, but you’d be surprised at the variety within legion armies. Not just because of unique primarchs and units, but also because there are so many different options. Like Predators and Sicarans, so many different Land Raider variants, fliers (even fliers traditionally withheld by the Imperial Navy in 40k, like the Lightning). Many different infantry variants (tacticals, tactical supports, three different terminator armour variants), dreadnought variants up the wazoo, JETBIKES! many different land speeder variants….

        Many of which you just don’t see in 40k.

        It’s kinda like me saying “Space Marines in 40k are all the same. They’re all Ultramarines with Guilliman.” While if you only look at tournament top tables, you’d be right, but you know full well that’s not the case.

        “Space Marines VS. Space Marines” is just such a simplification that you do yourself a disservice in using it as your only excuse.

    • ananoke

      I would love to see that but as it stands i haven’t been able to get a game of 30k is quite a long time. Hoping the new rule book revitalizes things but as it stands ive converted my pyroclasts to sternguard and use my firedrakes as assault terms for 8th.

    • marxlives

      Ya, I look at these guys this morning. The 7th updates has me very interested. Price point is the only big barrier at the moment if you want a specific army (Iron Hands in my case) but the starter is pricey but a good start.

      • Koonitz

        Honestly, I would start slow. Get the Betrayal at Calth and/or Burning of Prospero boxes, and start by building up your infantry.

        You can get Rhinos and Land Raiders from GW’s stock (the 40k models are “Mars Pattern”, which was rare outside loyalist forces as they were more mass produced during the later end of the Heresy, but not unheard of).

        Or, you can get two Necromunda boxes and have enough tiles to start playing small, 4’x4′ boards of Zone Mortalis, which is super fun and no vehicles required!

        • marxlives

          I would but I have always been an Iron Hands fan. I always liked Blood Ravens too so Thousand Sons during that era is still right up my alley.

      • carlisimo

        You can squeeze 1500 points out of Betrayal at Calth, out of a typical 2500 (and the norm for Iron Hands would be to take a superheavy tank to get to 3000). That said, IH look better in Mk III – so you’d want to buy Mk III squads on eBay from people splitting Burning of Prospero boxes. The price per squad is very nearly as good as if had bought that box, but you don’t have to buy its other contents which aren’t a great fit.

        The FW kits with IH parts are probably best divided up among the plastic marines – just call them regular tactical or veteran squads. At the moment their legion-specific units are a little overcosted.

        • marxlives

          Do you know how many points you get out of the army bundles? https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-US/Iron-Hands-Task-Force

          • carlisimo

            About 1,000 without upgrades, or 1,200 if you use the power-armored dudes as Veterans. Add another 100-200 points for upgrades using the box contents.

            But that’s an awkward set because it means putting Mk III torsos and heads on Mk IV armor. The Iron Hands did know how to combine them, but make sure you like the look. Also, all the money you’re spending over the cost of Betrayal at Calth is purely for optional, aesthetic upgrades.

    • Jo Ro

      Yeah! Look at this! Repackaged stuff that was already available! The game is roaring back to life!

    • Drew

      I want to play this game so badly, but the cost is prohibitive. The books alone are staggeringly expensive, depending on how many of them you need. =(

      • Nyyppä

        You need one. One book. You may want to use more but you only need 1.

        • Drew

          That’s simply not true. At a minimum, you need three: the rulebook, the Age of Darkness army list book, and the Age of Darkness Legions book (or vastly more expensive campaign book if you play one of the later legions). I suppose you COULD get by without your legion rules, but that sort of defeats the purpose of playing in the Heresy setting.

          • Nyyppä

            What you need is a memory good enough to remember basic rules and your legion rules which are both pretty simple. The rest is in your army list. You need one book to use ase a reference for that list.

          • Drew

            Setting aside for the moment the fact that you’ve decided to be insulting rather than civil for some reason, how would you suggest one remember the rules for either the game or their Legion without access to the books those things are printed in to learn them in the first place?

            I’m sorry if my suggesting this is an extremely expensive niche of what is already an expensive hobby has upset you in some way, but outside of illegally downloading the books somehow, you are going to need access to them at some point, and they are more expensive than their counterparts in virtually any other game system.

            None of that is to detract from how cool the setting is or to insult HH in any way, merely to point out that if GW/FW want to grow the game, finding a way to make at least access to the rules more economical would behoove them.

          • Nyyppä

            Nothing insulting there. It’s literally one book that you need. The rules are almost exactly the same as 7th edition, especially if you played it wrong like most did before and often after the FAQs. If you know those there are plenty of podcasts and videos on youtube that thoroughly go through the changes. So no, no rulebook needed if you are not starting warhammer just now. If you are the 7th edition rules for 40k are now practically free.

            It took me maybe a minute to find my legion rules online without downloading any PDFs.

            You might even get by without the armylist book thanks to various army builder apps.

            It’s expensive, not arguing against that, but the books are not the reason why it’s expensive.

    • PrimoFederalist

      The only thing remotely more fun/interesting about 7th was morale and vehicle facings. That’s it. And even then you’d often get Sweeping Advanced if you lost, so it’s not like it was like 3D chess tactics at work, though I admit it was fun to try to pop in behind vehicles. The new weapon profiles which make various close combat and ranged special weapons usable and worth taking more variety, the conflation of vehicles with MC so the B.S. rules differences between like-walkers is gone and both have degrading profiles, the playability of more types of units, etc. I really have zero understanding of the fetishizaion of 7th by the 30k community. I joined 30k *because of 7th* (ie to escape it)- so the bizarre desire to preserve it’s corrupted form escapes me. I, for one, would welcome the melee weapon profiles and rules since swinging last with an axe, powerfist, etc never made any sense to me. I get the WS differences were fun-ish, but while they added a bit of flavor, it was always lost to me with the paper thin one-shorted dreadnoughts, slow-motion axes, and the plasma guns which just randomly explode for no reason. And the billions of plasma pistols we had collecting dust in our bits boxes. No idea why weapon skill and 20 psychic dice are so worth hanging onto…

      • BadMrPumpkin

        woke af

      • carlisimo

        I think it’s more accurate to say that Horus Heresy is based on 6th edition (e.g. only Troops score unless you have a special rule), even it did adopt most the changes in 7th that didn’t affect army construction. That meant that it escaped the worst aspects of 7th, though you’re right that it’s stuck with an unpopular psychic phase – which has largely been tolerable because only one army can take a lot of psykers, and a) it’s new, and b) its players have mostly been self-regulating to avoid becoming hated like Custodes have. And yes, there are issues besides that one.

        On the plus side, morale plays a larger role than in 7th ed. 40k (no ATSKNF), terrain is still important enough that there are usually better directions to go than straight forward (vehicle facings contributes to this), tanks are always at risk, template weapons make you spread out (looks better, for one thing), and the old AP rules give you a little more of a paper-scissors-rock effect. I like the reserve rules too, except for it being harsh on flyer transports.

        I won’t say it’s better than 8th ed., but it’s different in ways that I prefer.

        • Nyyppä

          It’s more binary like. You win or lose, big time, almost every time. I like attrition more and thus would like to see it go 8th edition route. They might even balance the legions out while they do that.

    • Julio Lenin Roman Martinez

      I’d love to join but it’s just freakin expensive to bring most of the cool stuff in my country. The box games are an excellent deal, but when you add the books and those shiny FW toys, it becomes prohibitive.

  • Rasheed Jones

    Good thing human beings have detatchable kidneys or else I could never afford this…now I need a buyer.

  • piglette

    This is cool. Do they come with any kind of price discount?

    • Nyyppä

      I head that FW has a site that has this information for you. While I don’t know if I’m right with this it’s strictly against GWs business tradition to offer discounts with bundles…which is stupid since it means that you will pretty much never buy those unless they have very specifically the exact things you want to buy.