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40k Interview: The Current State of Adeptus Custodes w/ Geoff Robinson

Today I bring you an interview with Geoff Robinson, who has been doing very well with Custodes in the 40K tournament scene.

Forge World: Telemon Heavy Dreadnought Beta Rules Available

Get ready for a blast from the Heresy-era – the Telemon Heavy Dreadnought now has Beta Rules for Warhammer 40,000. I hope you like your dreadnoughts beefy!

Goatboy’s 40K: Custodes & Chaos Lists – Post FAQ

  Goatboy here again with a set of quick and dirty army-lists. I need your help to pick a post-FAQ army to bring the pain!

Tabletop Gallery “Best of the Best”

“When the Imperium needs to make a point – they send in The ‘A’ Team. The Adeptus Team!”

40K: Custodes Do Elite Right

Elite armies are difficult to nail down–but Custodes set the new benchmark by which other elite armies should be judged. Anyway you slice it, if we’re talking about an army that wants to succeed with a small number of resilient models, the Custodes are the… gold standard.

FW: New Pre-Orders “Valdor Unleashed”

The Captain-General of the Legio Custodes arrives from Forge World with this weekend’s pre-orders. The Emperor’s right hand in here in all his resin glory!

FW: Legio Custodes Spearhead Now Available

It’s your one stop bundle for the latest Legio Custodes Models from Forge World.

FW Pre-Orders: Legio Custodes Upgrades & Captain

Forge World has a new batch of Custodes Upgrades and a new Shield Captain up for Pre-Order!

40K Op-ed: I Was Wrong About Custodes

GW put my fears to rest with a solid book.

Goatboy’s 40k: Dreams of Golden Bikers Saving my Soul from Chaos

Goatboy here again – and currently I am somewhat enamored with the idea of Golden Bikers…

40K Lore: Organization of the Adeptus Custodes

Come loremasters and discover the orders and sects of The 10,000 – the Adeptus Custodes.

40K BREAKING: Adeptus Custodes FAQ

Hot off the internet, a new FAQ for everyone’s favorite golden boys, the Adeptus Custodes.

What's New