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Category: Adeptus Mechanicus

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40K Lore: The Society of the Knight Houses

Loremasters, today we delve into the world of the Questor Imperialis and the society of the Noble Houses that own, maintain, and pilot these Lords of War!

40K Lore: Noble Knights Of The Imperium

Imperial Knights or the Questor Imperialis are some of the most advanced pieces of technology known to the Imperium. They embody the spirit of the Adeptus Mechanicus and the might of humanity–truly they are exemplars of man and machine fused in beautiful harmony.

Tabletop Gallery: Still No Transports

“We used to hitch a ride on these Drop Pods, but then the edition changed.”

GW: Forgebane Pre-Orders “Pricing & Links”

The new boxed set is up for Pre-Order. Forgebane is ready for action!

40K: Forgebane Unboxed

We got our hands on the new Forgebane box and are taking a quick tour of the contents!

40K: Forgebane – The Battle For Blackstone

We’ve got a closer look at exactly why Belisarius Cawl is going after Blackstone direct from Forgebane!

40K: Blackstone – The New Warhammer McGuffin

Forgebane is coming soon and with it, some new plot drivers and McGuffin detectors. It’s time to get the lowdown on Blackstone!

40K: The Balance of Forgebane Forces

At first glance, Forgebane looks like it might be a tad out of balance – but is it really?

GW: Rumor Engine “Chain Attack”

Either GW is getting into the “Block Chain” business or we’ve got a new Rumor Engine!

GW: Forgebane Pricing CONFIRMED

The new boxed set is coming to retail stores everywhere – so what is it gonna run ya?

FW: Dig Deep With The Termite Assault Drill

Forge World is previewing a new unit for those subterranean transportation needs – the Terrax Pattern Termite Assault Drill!

40K: The Armiger Warglaive Marches To War

There is a new Knight on the block and Games Workshop is giving us a look under the hood!

What's New