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Overview: Codex Grey Knights

Come and join the BoLS Crew as we take a look through the Grey Knights Codex!

40K Rules Conundrum: Grey Knights Stratagems “Grey Area”

Get ready for a Warhammer 40,000 rules debate – This time it involves the Grey Knights and the rest of the Space Marines.

Goatboy’s 40K Thoughts: Codex Grey Knights

Goatboy here again and I have a quick review of the new Grey Knight codex just for you!

Grey Knights/CSM Codex Peek & Review – FTN


2 codexes at once!  We have the books in hand and we talk for 2 hours about both. You don’t want to miss this.

BoLS STREAMING NOW: 40k “CSM & Grey Knights”

We have both codexes, several painted armies and are taking your questions! Come play with the BoLS team.

40K: Grey Knights Codex – Fighting Psykers with Psykers

Dive into the Grey Knights Codex with us and learn how you’re probably a heretic.

40K: Grey Knights Codex Preview

Codex: Grey Knights a surprise preview! Check out the Marines of Titan – it’s a Grey Knight Preview!

40K RUMORS: Grey Knight Codex: Latest

The Grey Knight codex is just around the corner. Here’s the 11th hour rumors:

40k: Should Grey Knights Get Primaris Marines?

The Grey Knights and some others cannot use Primaris marines – but how much longer will that last?

40K Lore: The Grey Knights Meet their Match

Today Loremasters we speak of “The Months of Shame” – A secret war where the Grey Knights bit off much more than they could chew.

GW Confirms Codexes, Chaos and Grey Knights Next Week

GW confirms that Chaos Space Marines and Grey Knights are coming next week.

40K: Grand Master Voldus – A Closer Look

Games Workshop has the final video for the Triumvirate of the Primarch – it’s time to look at Grand Master Voldus!

What's New