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ITC 2017: 40K Year in Review Statfest

Get ready to see what the meta really looked like in the past year – with actual DATA!

Pimpcron: Shorehammer Convention Recap!

Pimpcron recounts the spectacle and madness that was Shorehammer.

40K: ITC Championship Mission Pack & LVO 2018

Today we take look at the new ITC Championship Missions for LVO 2018. Bet ready for the new face of competitive play.

40K: The Great Painting & Matched Play Debate

Are we going here again Stormy?  Yes we are.  TOs need to be consistent in the standards they set, and the standards need to be set higher.

40K: Oh No! I Forgot To…

  No Take Backs!

Death Guard at the Generals of the West GT

Ahkris here bringing you the latest and greatest on my games at the GotW GT that was held last weekend in Amsterdam.

3 Ways to Improve Warhammer 40k Events

  BBF here again to discuss how to improve Warhammer 40k Tournaments from the smallest to the largest.

40K: Don’t Give Up On Tournaments

Despite some iffy press, tournaments remain one of the best ways to experience the hobby.

LVO and Adepticon Prep: How to Plan For Tournaments – FTN


We’re back to 40K Fundamentals in this episode. We start off with Warzone: ATL recaps and move onto tournament prep.

Goatboy’s 40K – Warzone Atlanta’s Winning Lists

Goatboy here again and today will talk about some of the lists that did well at Warzone Atlanta.

40K: Boy Golly Competitive 40K Looks Fun

  Competitive 40K is totally a great environment for fun and fruitful games.

AoS: Grand Tournament Results Breakdown

The Grand Tournament Results are in and the numbers speak for themselves!

What's New