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The Merits of Goofball Gaming

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Jun 26 2010

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m not a hardcore tournament player. Nor am I a brilliant painter. One thing I am, though, is a person that likes to play Warhammer – the non-ball crushing kind.

Last week Strangleweb posted an article asking us why we play. Responses came from über competitive players that have fun by winning, and those [like me] that play to have fun despite the outcome and aren’t into the whole tourney scene.
Not all of us have the desire or capabilities to be a champion of the IGT circuit – there is nothing wrong with that. Some of us just enjoy playing at local stores, or on our dining room tables with friends and some beer. We play with minis that aren’t painted, let alone primed and properly based – I’m playing with movement trays with dice on them right now because the models are being worked on. We put together annoying 90% on foot ork armies that take ages to get through a turn, and play the worst armies in the game just to see how badly we can get crushed.
Casual players are vital to the hobby, as are those that bring home trophies and piles of prize support. There’s no need for the rift I’ve seen appear between the two. We’re all here for the same core reason: having fun playing a game.
So, what am I getting at here? There has been talk in the past about how the hobby has become too competitive and tournament based; that some players put together tournament armies rather than building more dynamic forces that can be moved around point levels easily – a force that can be competitive and fun in a casual game without too much rearrangement
A little reminder that there’s more to this game than tournaments and ball busting – embrace your inner casual player, make a list that’s stupid. I want to see the most goofy list you can make – gamesystem of your choice. 

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