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Showcasing an Average Game Club

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May 30 2011

The idea for this article came from correspondence with James, a hobbyist from England.  After a few shared emails, I asked to see examples from his club’s collection.  He delivered – so now it’s your turn!

Hi, folks, Brent here.  It’s Tuesday, meaning it’s time to drop an article on the Bell front page then hold my breath and wait to see how kind the comments are. Your feedback provides insight I use to improve the product – that’s the idea, anyway!

This article is a look at an average gaming group, an idea I had after corresponding with James from Merry Old England.  I don’t know him personally; he wrote to me at [email protected] to pass along some encouragement after a particularly contentious flame war in one of my articles.

He said:

“…at the end of the day this is a social and non-serious hobby we’re all into (when I meet up with my buddies, we don’t call it a games night – it’s GEEK NIGHT, for God’s sake) so why all the serious anti-social negative stuff?”

Why indeed? I responded, thanking him for his words of encouragement… and then I had a thought.  James is part of a small game club… what kind of toys do they have? So I asked for some shots of his club’s stuff, whatever they happened to be working on, which I’m now sharing with you.

James provided pictures of his Dark Angels; here’s his current scheme.
His Attack Bike.
Now this is a cool idea!  I really dig this one.

Peter provided pics of his Chaos Land Raider; according to James, these are nails.  I’m hoping they’re really just toothpics, but you could still get hurt handling this monster!
Rich sent his Logan Grimnar conversion; anyone have an idea about the head on the wolf pelt?  It looks carved to me.

Carl’s Orks.  Evidently he and his little brother are both in the hobby.  Not sure how I’d have done with that; my brother was into music, so luckily I wasn’t called upon to share.
The silver over a base of red looks pretty Orky to me – and that’s an easy idea I’ve never seen before!
From Battle Fleet Gothic.

The scratch-build weapon caught my eye…
…here’s a closer look.  I’m curious how this was done.

Feedback is an important part of the creative process, so is it any wonder Ye Ol’ Blogosphere is loaded with pages dedicated to people’s collection of miniatures?  You lot are infinitely inventive, constantly coming up with all manner of cool conversions and paint jobs…

…which we all then get to gawk over!  The Internet has helped our community explode, in my humble opinion.  We have access to anyone, anywhere, and that’s all to the good.


If someone goes to the trouble of placing their collection for all to see, they’re hoping someone will like what they’ve done. Still, it’s fair to say it is easy to get lost in the ocean of web pages out there.

To that end, I’d like you folks to drop links to your work!  This is your opportunity to plug your stuff – it’s all in good fun, so don’t sweat it.

  • Forum; preferably a link directly to the pictures you want to share.
  • Photobucket; this should be easy enough…
  • Blog; a label or an article with pictures is preferable here.
  • Link; whatever else you can think of that I’m missing.

The entire purpose of this article was to showcase an ‘Everyman’ club; we all of us have skills at varying levels, so no need to be modest.  

Thoughts?  Comments?  Hugs and gropings?

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