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40K RUMORS: Necron Monolith Edition

Aug 30 2011

Another week and still more tidbits are out and about regarding the upcoming Necrons. This time we take a look at the dreaded Monolith.

The Big Bad Monolith Returns

The Basics
Everyone’s favorite lunchbox of doom is said to cost roughly 200pts, and keep its current 14/14/14 Armor all round. It is a Skimmer, Tank that can Deepstrike as usual.  The Monolith can fire all its weapons regardless of movement. Its Living Metal (in its new form) remains.

The Guns
In big news, the four corner mounted Gauss Flux Arcs remain, but are said to each be able to split fire and nail separate targets in some manner. The top mounted Ring Pop is now a standard ordinance weapon without all the fiddly rules.

The Glowy Door!!!
But by far, the biggest change is said to be the glowy door, now renamed The Eternal Gate – which now has a nasty offensive ability.  The Gate can make all models within 3″ take a Strength characteristic test – or risk being sucked into the gate and removed from play with no saves of any kind allowed.

~Standard caveats apply.  Interesting rumors on the Gate – I think someone was inspired by the fate of Sirius Black.  You can follow the current Necron rumors here. Have at it.

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