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40K Video – Spontaneous Combustion of a Finecast Model?

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Mar 27 2012

MBG here with my .02 cents on Finecast miniatures

Finecast miniatures are either a blessing in disguise or a disgrace to the community, depending on who you talk to.

Personally I have never had an issue with the models, and any of our customers that have had issues were taken care of by Games Workshop Customer Service ( 1-800-394-GAME).

One thing is for sure, people still buy Finecast miniatures regardless, as I have to reorder boatloads every week.

So, when the controversy about Finecast was at an all time high, I set out to try to prove some of the accusations wrong.

One blog I had seen, said that Finecast melted in direct sunlight.  Well heck I thought why stop there… lets crank it up a little and see how much punishment these models can really take!

Ever store your miniatures in your car for a few hours, and wonder just how safe it is for them?

Enjoy -MBG

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