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40k Unboxing- NEW Stormtalon Gunship

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Jun 1 2012

Begun, this Summer of Flyers, has. If Yoda was in the 40k universe I’m sure that is what he would say.

Well new flyer models have officially been released, and today I’m reviewing the Stormtalon gunship.

I also had a very special guest helping me, but I’ll let you watch the video to find out who it is.

So I’m stoked about this kit, even though *some* people think it looks rather silly.

The Stormtalon has tons of neat weapon options, and thruster bits that will open up a whole new world of aerial conversions.

I cracked open all the new “Flyer” kits recently and did a wave of  unboxing videos for them.

I can’t wait for more awesome ground breaking plastics from the Citadel Design Team in the future, as  2012 has been amazing in terms of quality plastic kits!

~Have at it folks!

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