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Wargaming New Year Resolutions

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Jan 2 2013

Its 2013 and that means time to break out the New Year’s resolutions.  How do your’s compare?

1) Play 1 game a week minimum (I don’t care what it is, just play – make the time)

2) Enforce the only 1 unpainted unit rule in an army.  If I want it that bad – I can paint it to a 3 color minimum and get it on the tabletop.  I consider playing with silver to be rude to my opponent.

3) Try to master 2 systems.  So far its looking like Warhammer 40,000 and Warmachine are going to be it.

4) Once per quarter try out another game – just try to get in a pickup game. I’m thinking, DUST, Dystopian, X-Wing and maybe Kingdom Death’s Monster when its’s out.  Probably Dreadball too.

5) Face the “wall of unpainted purchases”  Pull out my 3 most desired units and get em lined up and ready for paint.

6) Only buy a new unit for every unpainted one I finish (see #5).

7) Try to paint up just 1 tables worth of quality terrain for my home table.  A lovely table just draws friends into the hobby – and I can drink in my house!

8) Organize my hobby table – clean out all the garbage, ditch the paint dregs, and refill my palette with new pots where needed.


9) New brushes – seriously – its gotten embarrassing.

10) Go to 2 tournaments this year – play in one hardcore for the glory, play in one all fluffy for the hobby.

~Which ones are you trying for?  

Author: Larry Vela
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