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40K Battle Report: MBG Tau-dar Vs. Next Level Painting Blood Angels (Video)

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Oct 09

Yo, Kenny from Next Level Painting here with my series of Battle Reports from the NOVA open. I’m still rockin the Blood Angels!

You guys voted from me to play Blood Angels at that event over on the Forge the Narrative website, so here it is!

This time in the opening rounds of the Silver Bracket at Nova Open, I had to play none other than MBG himself!

MBG’s list

Rob Baer- Taudar
Tau Commander- Muli Specturm Sensor, CnC node, Engram Chip
Broadside x2 High Yield Missiles, 4x Missile Drones, Split fire
Firewarriors x6
Riptide, Ion Accelerator, Fusion Blaster, Interceptor, Skyfire
Farseer, Spear, Spirt Stone, Jetbike, Runes of Warding
Dire Avengers x5 Wave Serpent ML, Shuriken
Dire Avengers x5 Wave Serpent ML, Shuriken
Dark Reapers x5,-Missile Upgrade  Exarch, Night Vision, Crackshot Wave Serpent ML, Shuriken
Warp Spiders x5
Warp Spiders x5
Jetbikes x3
Jetbikes x3

Hope you liked this list!

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