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10 Tips to Help You Win at 40k Escalation

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Dec 31

Well love it or hate it, Escalation is here and we’re left picking up the pieces.It seems to be that most players are afraid of playing with these new rules because they “have nothing to kill the big stuff”.

But fear not players of the regular 40k, I shall offer advice on how to bring down the big ones and win games of 40k Escalation!

Hey you never know, it may not be as hard as you thought in the first place!

10. If It Bleeds…  Determine what you have in your army that can even hurt a titan or gargantuan creature, and in what quantity you can field those units.  Of course in games of Escalation fielding them in the most points effective configuration is recommended.

9. I Wanna Go Fast! Now you need a delivery system for the units you came up with above to get into grips / range of said super heavies.  That maybe via teleport attack, deep strike (or the even more daring a skies of blood bailout), or just hoofing it across the board.

8. Nothing to See Here-  Determine your plan of attack for your “Titan Killers”. Will you leave them in reserve so they are not taken out first turn, or should you start on the board to get into range faster?  Will you be shooting the enemy or engaging them in assault to deliver the coupe de grace?

7. Bring a Friend- Nothing helps kill titans than well, more stuff to kill titans.  Be sure to bring a few units capable of killing a titan, but also being flexible enough to perform other roles on the battlefield as well. A bunch of melta guns will be very ineffective against a remaining Imperial Guard army full of 5+ saves.

6. Up In The Sky- Not all threats will be as obvious at first. Some Gargantuan Creatures can fly now so you’ll need lots of random shots to try to get them to come crashing down so you can unleash hell on them. Don’t forget about the rest of your enemy’s units as well…

5. They Set a Trap for us, Didn’t They?  Some big units’ only purpose IS to die, and by dying I mean taking most of your army with them.  Try to include picket or bubble wrap units in any army is going up against anything that’s main purpose is to explode in close proximity to your lines.

Hint: looks for Chaos units that have the “Doomsday Reactor” special rule.

4. Synergy- Sure everyone talks about this when making lists, but don’t forget this basic tenet of Escalation: when facing Super Heavies you get to roll on a special Warlord Traits table that depending on your roll,  may help your HQ beef up your Titan Killers.

3. Seize the Day- Don’t forget that along with the special Warlord Trait table for HQ’s, when facing an opponent with a super heavy you get +1 to your seize roll.


2. Superior Tech- Use the new Void Shield fortifications from Stronghold assault to protect your titan killers a little bit longer, or use subterfuge and combine attacks from these units and deep striking ones to form a Hammer and Anvil attack!

1. Nothing Exceeds Like.. The more mobile and higher rate of high strength fire an army has, the better it will do against super heavies. But remember something in your army will die, so try to make sure it’s not the good stuff.

Don’t put all your eggs into one super heavy killing basket. Take models to engage but not necessarily threaten the big guys, and units to finish them off as well.

Oh and remember to pack some scoring units too.

Well hopefully that helps take the mystique out of facing these super heavy units some. With some practice (and luck) you can hone your army into a super heavy killing machine. 


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