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40K Top 10 Units we NEED Rules For

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Dec 26 2013

There are whole lot of dark corners of the 40K universe that we need rules for.  Here’s were I would start if I ran GW Digital.

My self-inflicted restrictions for these are they either:

a) Already HAD rules in the universe at one point (and probably miniatures)
b) Don’t have rules but would require easy conversions (no new minis from scratch)

Genestealer Cult – We’ve all been begging for this list for decades.  A fusion of IG and Tyranid elements, with Limos just for coolness points!

Adeptus Arbites – We ALREADY have models and had rules for a variety of units from Judges, to Enforcers, to Cyber-mastiffs, and even more.

Eldar Exodites – We have various Guardians, Eldar and Dark Eldar vehicles – to do a mashup with Dark Elves and Lizardmen dino beasties.  Just give us some cool rules – we will convert the rest!

Lord Solar Macharius – I really really miss saying “put down the dice – I choose to Seize” 

Mechanicus – For those not keeping track, we now have over a half dozen different Mechanicus units and a proto-army list in the Horus Heresy books.  Come on GW Digital – this one is shooting fish in a barrel if they want those resin FW units to have sales increases of 2000%

Imperial Navy Forces – A ship-borne variant of Imperial Guard for all those Zone Mortalis or ship-board themed games.  How cool would they be for all your narrative game ideas?


Eldar Naval Forces – See above, insert pointy ears and crystal poop (read xenology…)

Enslavers – Anyone remember these ultimate bad-guys who take over the enemy?  They are a 40K Cthulu type ancient evil and had rules! ALL HAIL HYPNOTOAD!!!

Relictors – Such a great “Chapter on the Edge” who lost their former rules.  Phil Kelly could knock out a set of rules over lunch.

DOOMRIDER – He does Cocaine! (how can he not have Vector Strike – think about it)

What did I miss?

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