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40K 7th Rumor Tidalwave!

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May 11 2014

The first of this week’s 7th Edition Rumor Tidalwaves hits.  Get ready for rules -a- plenty!

via DakkaDakka (from the Overlords Podcast) 4-11-2014

— So Guys I heard from a pretty reliable source that got to sit down with the book for a few minutes here is what I can remember from what was said. 

1. 4ed consolidate in to combat is in 
2. If you fail to cast a power you can’t cast it the rest of the game 
3. Every unit including vehicles will now score 
4. Unbound armies may not contest objectives 
5. Lords of war are in 
6. Escalation and stronghold remain as they are now 
7. Vehicles will be harder to kill the chart changes once more. 
8. The book will come out in 3 options Art like warhammer visions, Fluff book, and one that only contains rules and that one is about as think as the current SM book. 
9.difficult terrain is just -2 inches 
10. Wound allocation has changed a bit.not super clear as to how. 
11. D-weapons toned down but he was unclear as what that meant so from the sounds of it they will still be super ugly. —

– Losing the failed psychic power will tone down the crazy psychic deathstars.
– Consolodation returning will help restore balance between assault and shooting.
– D weapons, Escalation and Stronghold Assault integration is totally expected.

It’s certainly looking more like a real “7th” and less of a “6.5” by the day.

I’m sure you will all have strong opinions on these:

Author: Larry Vela
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