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40K FLASHBACK – 6th Edition Rumours

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May 7 2014

THE SKY IS FALLING – Only it didn’t! So how did we all react to 6th Edition?

DrLove42 here. With all the sky is falling talk about 7th (a fair bit coming from me in my circles I must admit) I decided to do what I did 2 years ago….go back to the rumors for the previous edition and look at the reactions to them back then.

So what were the big rumors for 6th? Jink Saves, Hull Points, Fliers, random charge range, close combat AP, overwatch and snap firing, generic rule book physic powers and more all came true.

You know what didn’t come true? Superheavies in the main rule book, tiers for instant death, able to trade FoC slots for other FoC slots, no random game length, assaulting before shooting no random movement, deep striking 100% accurate if you were more than 12″ from an enemy, bidding for first turn, in game strategic assets and my favorite – BS changing based on how much you or your target moved and how big the target was.

All those new rules that came in seem common place now. Hard to think of a time where a charge wasn’t on 2D6 and skimmers didn’t get a jink save. But what was the internet’s reaction to these rumors as they came out? All these are genuine quotes from forums and blog comments as the 6th edition rumor mill ground on: Get ready to laugh!

I predict that as with Fantasy, the allies will for special scenarios.

Shame that didn’t work out! 

All Skimmers get a free cover save? Land Speeders are going to be so broken now!

Only hitting fliers on a 6? They’re going to be really hard to kill.

More random dice will just slow the game down 

Random charge lengths are in? Then I’m out

A lot of that sounds like garbage.  If I want to play fantasy, I’ll play fantasy, thanks


You’re going to love the new physic phase!

Power swords only AP3? Everyone’s just going to use Terminator armies!

I no longer give any credence to the 40k rumors. Who could possibly want random charge lengths? Or purchasing terrain? Honestly. The 6+ save against psychic powers is just ridiculous.  

Missile Launchers are effectively -1 on the damage table. Who will take them anymore?

Why would marines have the same powers are Eldar. That makes no fluffy sense 

Of course some people have always reacted the same

Chicken Licken!  The Sky is Falling  AAAAIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 I’m not liking what I’m reading, I hope to the Emperor Himself that this is far from accurate 

And this one, although nothing to do with 6th just made me laugh after Chaos and Eldar

Phil Kelly could never write a codex that isn’t 100% balanced

It may also interest you to know that back when 6th’s rumors were flying, so to was Sisters of Battle and Black Templar codexes…

So that is the internet’s reaction to 6th edition. And yet, generally 6th seems to have been enjoyed. So maybe cool the panic until the real rule book is in your hand and a few games are under your belt?

I’ve enjoyed 6th. Its had a few hiccups and the rules have been so bent they’re practically doing a 180 at the end but its been a good edition. I’ve gained only a single new army, but have enjoyed them immensely. Played in many tournaments, made new friends and have had Chaos Cultists turn into Deamon Princes and Chaos Lords turn into Spawn. But the question now remains…is 7th going to be a glorious winged beast we ride for years to come, or a mutated slobbering beast in the corner we just tolerate?

Thoughts folks?  And while you’re at it – what was your FAVORITE rumor that folks over-reacted too over the years – that turned out fine?

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