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Hordes: Unboxing Two Junior Warlocks

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Jun 30 2014

Some of the new journeyman warlocks look nothing short of amazing! I’ve cracked the blisters to show you proof!

She’s Like the Lady from Home Alone 2. 

If you had to look up Brenda Fricker’s stellar performance in Home Alone 2, shame on you. Anyways! Una comes in a total of 6 parts. The sculpts on the “murder birds” are ripe with detail and don’t look to terribly hard to attach.

Here is a better shot of her staff, which has insane detail on the grips. I am not to found of the knife/staff topper bit, as it looks like a garbled mesh of stuff. The birds cover most of the piece anyways, so it’s really just frills and extra detail. 
Lastly Una herself. I’m really glad my girlfriend bought this model, because painting all the tiny details on her leather and cloak is intimidating. This is an absolutely beautiful model that lives up to the sales picture. 

Hammer Time! 

Horgle comes in seven pieces, most of which are hefty bits. 
Here is the torso and his chest, both of which keep with the hefty motif. Both the arms and these bits have nice male/female slotting, so the weight shouldn’t be a problem when gluing them together.
Horgle’s head–complete with angry Kratos scowl–his anvil and cloak. The cloak looks and feels like a giant piece of metal. It’s probably one of the worst cloaks I’ve seen, and the only blemish on an otherwise solid sculpt. 
There you go boys and girls! Let me know what you think of the new models in the comments and check out more from me here

Author: bLank
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