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GW Editorial: The (Financial) Empire is Burning!

bLank 4 Minute Read August 24

GW’s financial records have been out for a bit now and it looks like the Emperor is hurting in the wallet. What does this mean for GW and their competitors? In the futile effort of pretending I’m fiscally responsible–usually after the sting of Miniature Market sales–I’ll crack open the dusty stock app and pretend I […]

Malifaux: Cool Off with Rasputina

bLank 7 Minute Read August 10

Summer heat getting you down? Cool off with the frigid tactics of Rasputina and her Children of December crew. With everybody at the secret bunker of BoLS going Malifaux crazy, I figured I’d use that as my momentum into M2E and Wyrd’s new plastic kit. I had initially been a grumpy pants about the whole […]

Golem Arcana: What?! No Tape Measures?!

bLank 6 Minute Read August 3

Golem Arcana promises to bridge the gap between digital and traditional table top gaming. See how in my demo review. The Future of Gaming, Huh?  I typically enjoy combinations of things. Sweet and Sour? Delicious, yes please! Peanut Butter and Chocolate? Best combination ever! Fire and Ice? Winter is in fact coming! Digital and Traditional […]

Hordes: Bear Cavalry….Because Bears are Terrifying

bLank 4 Minute Read July 30

The new Hordes book Exigence has some fantastic new models, including a new Trollblood Warlock riding a bear. And guess what? His stat lines are grizzly! So the last time we saw Borka he was drunk and it was hilarious. This time around he has some amazing background about turning his life around which I […]

40K DEEP THOUGHT: Is 40K Unfriendly to New Players?

bLank 4 Minute Read July 24

With the release of the new Stormclaw two player starter, I wonder if our beloved 40k doesn’t need more new player entry points. Miniature games are a huge undertaking for any new player. In my experience players typically have the best transition into strict miniatures games ( 40K, War Machine/Hordes, Flames of War) through gateway […]

Warmachine: Mastering the Griffons with Una!

bLank 3 Minute Read July 16

Circle’s newest journeyman warlock has a huge love for birds! Here’s everything you need to know about Una the Falconer:  Hordes Warlocks! Now With 100 Percent More Birds!  So pushing past the obviously glaring fact that the sculpt is deliciously gorgeous, Una is clearly made to work with the Griffon models. Have the specialization of […]

MERCS: An Interview with Megacon Games!

bLank 7 Minute Read July 8

bLank here everybody and today I interview the guys at Megacon Games about MERCS!  MERCS is a game that’s been flying out of everybody’s mouth as of late. I figured I’d do my best investigative journalist impression and do some digging. I got the opportunity to interview Keith Lowe, Brain Shotton, and Kenny Sims who […]

Hordes: Unboxing Two Junior Warlocks

bLank 3 Minute Read June 30

Some of the new journeyman warlocks look nothing short of amazing! I’ve cracked the blisters to show you proof! She’s Like the Lady from Home Alone 2.  If you had to look up Brenda Fricker’s stellar performance in Home Alone 2, shame on you. Anyways! Una comes in a total of 6 parts. The sculpts […]

Warmachine: All Glory to the Cephalyx!

bLank 4 Minute Read June 25

Warmachine’s newest sub-faction offers a look into the darker parts of Immoren. Time to delve into the darkness: Hailing from the dank sewers of the great cities of Immoren, the Cephalyx perform their twisted experiments in secrecy. Pushing the limits of the body, Cephalyx surgeons precisely fuse metal and flesh to create horrific monstrosities capable […]

LCG Primer: My Escape Rope from the Dark Hole of CCGs

bLank 3 Minute Read June 24

Could Fantasy Flight’s LCG model, eventually do away with the collectible portion we’ve grown to tolerate in card games?  I was a longtime fan of the collectible card game model. There is an undeniable rush that surges throughout your body as you hold your last pack hoping you get the card you’ve been chasing. The consistent rotation of sets forces […]

HOBBY: A Good Old Fashioned Paint Throwdown!

bLank 4 Minute Read June 22

Who makes the best paint ,and a wholehearted challenge to prove me wrong. BRING IT ON Internet!  I recently got a gym membership in a sad attempt at burning off all the Funions I smash into my face on a weekly basis. Surrounded by furiously burning testosterone–and being vigorously encouraged (read: yelled at) by the […]

Netrunner: Your Guide to Running the Stalk

bLank 4 Minute Read June 17

Fantasy Flight’s Netunner is the closest thing you’ll get to actually being Harrison Ford. Check our first in a series of guides to mastering the game!  So I just spent the last four days in at a leadership conference in Eau Claire, WI. After being bathed in ice-breakers and general happiness, I wanted nothing more […]