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ODDBALL: Celebrity Warhammer Mysteries

Jun 7 2014

It’s always going to be a good time when the mainstream internet fumbles into tabletop wargaming…

Grantland, did a bit of “investigative journalism” on the topic of Celebrity Warhammer players, not to mention, “what is Warhammer anyway?”

Nerdsplaining Warhammer: Which of Your Favorite Actors (Besides the ‘Fault in Our Stars’ Kid) Like to Hand-Paint Tiny Figurines?

Go click on over and give it a read. How can you resist with a small excerpt like this:

Vin Diesel’s name is floated in almost all of these threads, but that’s probably because he’s an on-the-record Dungeons & Dragons fanatic and therefore plausibly Into This Sort Of Thing. That said, please enjoy the following Diesel anecdote relayed by Dakka Dakka user “-Loki-” in 2011: “He asked the [Games Workshop store] in a mall to close so he could have an uninterrupted game, was refused, so [he] bought some Blood Angels assault marines and left.” The Blood Angels, per the Monsters & Creatures Wikia page, are a subsect of Space Marines who “suffer from the Black Rage and Red Thirst– a berserk fury and lust for blood caused both by the chapter primarch’s death and degradation in the gene seed,” which is a very Chronicles of Riddick–y sentence.

~So who’s your most likely and least likely Warhammer celebrity?

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