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Top 10 Greatest Things GW Brought Back from the Dead

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Jun 18 2014

I love it when GW brings something back from the dead and onto the tabletop.  Here are some of the best!

co-written by DaKings

Bio-plasma breath!  Back in the days of yore, Carnifexes could shoot their bio-plasma and incinerate their distant foes.  After a multi-codex hiatus, it has returned in all its gooey hot glory!

Conversion Beamers – Lost for decades, the Rogue Trader weapon was rediscovered by Masters of the Forge in recent Space Marine codices.  Also for you fluff bunnies, you used to be able to arm Genestealer Hybrids with them!

Legion of the Damned – Originating in the very early days of Rogue Trader, these loyal ghasts have returned to defend the Imperium in recent years!

Harlequins – Like the Legion of the Damned, these warrior performers once had an entire army list , then sat out 3rd edition before returning as a slim and trim single unit.  We still miss the Solitaire.

Hallucinogen Grenades – Everyone’s favorite grenades are back with a vengeance with an effects chart maybe even nastier than their Rogue Trader one.


Reaper Range Finder – Lost for two decades since it’s introduction during Rogue Trader. Now those grim Aspect Warriors can nail skimmers and flyers with impunity again!

The Red Terror & Old One Eye – Like peanut butter and jelly, these two perennial favorites were disappeared for a decade before busting back onto the tabletop and throwing the Doom of Malantai into their oblivion cell.

Donorian Clawed Fiend – This infamous xenos scum sat patiently in the 3rd Edition “Other Dangerous Aliens” picture before getting his time in the limelight  in the new Dark Eldar codex.  Evil never sleeps!

Tyrannic War Veterans – Such amazing models – who became Sternguard for an edition or two before returning to their former nid-busting glory!

Cypher – the Wanderer took decades off to infiltrate the fluff before shifting over from the 2nd Edition Chaos Codex to his own recent Dataslate!

What did we miss?


  • 40K: Orks Looted Wagon Rules!