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Grey Knights – Top 10 Changes

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Sep 5 2014

Grey Knights are out and about and I’ve finally been able to get in some games. Here’s the skinny…

Kirby from 3++ is the New Black. Yes I’m still alive; no I don’t like you :).

Lots of things are obviously different with the new shiny silver Marines but let’s take a look at what I feel are the top 10 impacts based upon current playing.

Nemesis Detachment – with some allies and a Comms relay this is probably the most aggressive and potent alpha strike available; take some Drop Pods, scouting Bikes, Wave Serpents, etc. and bang on the hurt in Turn 1.

Dreadknights – They are cheaper and better; their weapons and shunt are more appropriately costed, they can Deep Strike with the Detachment Turn 1 and they have access to Sanctuary – 4++ thanks when that passes. Expect to see these guys a lot – even a bare bones option is pretty cheap.

Terminators / Paladins – Terminators are now super cheap for a 2+ unit; 13 points on top of a regular Strike Knight for a 2+/5++, relentless, no sweeping and +1 attack. Okie dokie! Finally an appropriately costed Terminator unit. And remember, they are objective secured. Paladins get a solid bump with Apothecary being a lot cheaper and still being able to score though they still suffer from the S8+ vulnerability.

Allies, allies allies – You need an Ally. I’m sure there are pure Grey Knight lists which can work but you have all the same issues from 5th edition with none of the safeguards of Henchmen (i.e. limited to no melta/plasma access, low body count, etc.). Luckily, Grey Knights are Imperials and thus Battle Brothers with all other Imperials; this is a big change from 6th where they were only Allies of Convenience.

Psychic workhouse – Ya Grey Knights aren’t producing 20+ Warp Charges anymore without the advent of Allies but with most units you’re bringing at least one Warp Charge; combat squad and you’re grabbing two. That’s a solid amount particularly given that every unit nearly has access to Psychic powers. S6 in combat across the army is pretty solid given that you won’t always have all your units in combat at any given time. You still have the added benefits to denys as well though they aren’t as solid as previously. Remember as well, Grey Knights only perils on double 6’s for anything.

Nemesis Force Weapons – Halberds are no longer +2 initiative which is really unfortunate; having expensive MEQs who could strike before most models was pretty important – they died just as easily to shooting and anyone swinging at them normally but being able to poke first in combat actually made their combat prowess, well reasonable. No more tanking with a 2++ Warding Staff either and other than the Hammer, everything is AP3. No Axes or anything to get to AP2 so despite everyone having Force Weapons, 2+ armor is still a pain.


Psybolt Ammunition – Doesn’t exist. No longer do your expensive models have better shooting than your average Marine – remember 6th edition already halved the effectiveness of Stormbolters compared to Bolters at range; as you cannot get S5. This has much more of an impact on vehicles – specifically Razorbacks, Dreadnoughts, Stormravens and Land Raider Crusaders; basically Psybacks, Passbacks and Psyfledreads don’t exist anymore and while I don’t think anyone will actively mourn the loss of 125 point Fortitude/S8 Rifledreads, its a loss that could have been accommodated by increasing the points rather than deleting the option.

Fortitude – Doesn’t exist. This didn’t have as huge an impact in 6th as in 5th but with vehicle explosions being harder and only possible with AP1/AP2, it was that much more likely to be a useful power. Also, your vehicles aren’t all Psychic Pilots and producing free warp charges anymore.

Grand Strategy – Doesn’t exist. Objective Secured Dreadknights? Paladins? Purifiers? Interceptors? Can’t have them sorry. FoC swapping appears to be dead as every option that has allowed this recently from Orks onwards has been removed. No more Purifier or Paladin Troops. This is simply an extension of that.

Psycannons – yes this is number 10 because I think most reasonable people expected them to become Salvo 2/4. It sucks because moving and shooting is no where near as awesome as before but it was expected. With the decrease in cost to Terminators I would expect to see more of them who don’t care about this change anyway but the points increase on them by 5 points was a little kick in the mouth too. I expect a lot more variety in weapons used will probably be the norm now – particularly with some Drop Pod stealing action.

    As I’ve indicated on 3++, I feel Grey Knights are in a pretty okay place. They’re not going to jump into the mix for best army but I feel either as an Ally or Primary army they are bringing options to the table and not just in the Formation. I feel the Formation is probably the best thing about the book but there are some decent builds that don’t rely on this as well.

    Kirby out!  What are you thinking of the Brothers from Titan a few weeks out?

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