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DropZone Commander Tactics: Shaltari – Muster Your Forces!

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Oct 28 2014

The Protoss/Eldar of the DzC Universe!  How to start building a Shaltari army!

Note: Army lists were made with Fighting Forces of the Reconquest.

In a previous post, we gave some ideas on how to build a PHR army… let’s turn our focus to the Shaltari.  The below is a list that uses alot from the Starter Box and will have a lot of play options for your enjoyment…

“Starter Shaltari Army”

Clash: 997/1000 points
Standard Army
    Standard Roster [997/1000 pts]
        Gate Group [155 pts]
  Eden Gates: Eden [45 pts]
            Spirit Gates: Spirit [40 pts]
            Spirit Gates: Spirit [40 pts]
            Haven: Haven [15 pts]
            Haven: Haven [15 pts]
        Court of Elders [271 pts]
            Coyote: Coyote(Elder) [171 pts]
            Jaguar Squad: Jaguar [100 pts]
        Swordpoint [249 pts]
            Tomahawk Squad: 3x Tomahawk [114 pts]
            Kukri Squad: 3x Kukri [135 pts]
        Warrior Clan [194 pts]
            Braves: 2x Braves [64 pts]
            Firedrake: Firedrake [130 pts]
        Warrior Clan [128 pts]
            Braves: 2x Braves [64 pts]
            Braves: 2x Braves [64 pts]

Army Breakdown
Gates: We have two Gates (Eden, Firedrake –> Coyote, Jaguar, Tomahawks, Kukris) and four fine Gates (Spirit x2, Haven x2 –> 3x Braves).  In a pinch, you can hand off Objectives to the Havens and keep your Braves in the fight.  In most cases, you will likely dematerialize the Coyote and Jaguar on Turn 1 and drive the skimmer tanks onto the battlefield.  The key with Gate use is to think ahead of where you things to be (e.g., send your Coyote on Turn 6 to contest a Focal Point).

Court of Elders: The Coyote (2x E10) with it’s passive save (4+) and Command Module ejection make it one of the toughest models in the game.  With the Elder Commander, you’ll most likely win initiative and have three command cards to play (the Shaltari command deck requires a lot more finesse and trickery to play than other factions).  The Jaguar (2x E10, 4x E6) is probability the most versatile unit in the game, equally good at AA and anti-tank roles.  These Walkers will be very difficult to destroy.

Swordpoint: Keep your skimmers moving for the defense bonus.  The Tomahawks (3x E10) and Kukris (12x E6) are good and fast core units for your army.

Warrior Clan: Braves are the best “Troop” type in the game and do have a fighting chance against “Exotics.”  Overall, the Shaltari have the best Close Quarter Battle (CQB) units in the game.  The Firedrake is another versatile unit and its Disruption Cannon (1x E10 – template) can hit units on Turn 1 (48″ – devastating to skimmers who drive on and will not likely have the skimmer defense bonus).  If you can knock out AA capability, the Firedrake will dominate from the skies.

Firepower: 7x E10, 1x E10 template (Passive Saves 5+ except the 4+ Coyote)
AA: 16x E6

In general, the Shaltari do not have many weapons greater than E10 and do not have access to flame weapons.  They must win CQB to secure Objectives in buildings.  As such, you may want to replace your Kukris with Birdeaters to save points to have a unit of Firstborns.  Frankly, you must master the use of Gates to choose where and when to engage the enemy.  Worst case, you’ll annoy your opponents by making those Passive Saves.


How do you build your Shaltari?  For more detailed analysis of Dropzone Commander, please check out  Thanks for reading and Fly Safe!

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