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DZC: The Scourge – Muster Your Forces!

Enslave everyone!  How to build a starting Scourge army in Dropzone Commander!Note: Army lists were made with Fighting Forces of the Reconquest.  “Starter Box”Clash: 995/1000 pointsStandard Army    Standard Roster [995/1000 pts]        Oppressors [335 pts]            Desolator: Desolator(Champion) [195 pts]            Desolator: Desolator [140 pts]        Vanguard [222 pts]            Hunter Squad: […]

Post-Human Republic (PHR) – Muster Your Forces!

 Crush your enemies in the name of The White Sphere!  How to start building a PHR army! Note: Army lists were made with Fighting Forces of the Reconquest. Recently, Hawk has released starter army boxes in plastic (except for Resistance since they are new), we wanted to publish some army lists to help you get […]

Unit Types of Dropzone Commander

In a  previous article, I compared DzC to a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock.  Let’s explore the different units of DzC! Command: Depending on the selected level of your command unit, these units lead your army and have a command value ranging from 2-6 (1 if your command is destroyed). Command value affects: This value is added […]

The Factions of Dropzone Commander (DzC)

In my previous article, I gave a brief overview of how Dropzone Commander (DzC) is played.  Naturally, it’s time to introduce the factions. What are the factions of Dropzone Commander?    United Colonies of Mankind (UCM) Story: Human pioneers/colonists on fringe worlds that mostly provide natural resources to Earth.  They now mobilize to recapture Earth from […]

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