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The DiRT – Infinity Assets – WarCors

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Oct 9 2014

Infinity Warcors, What are they? And Steps to create a new Infinity Group.

So I thought I’d throw together an article to address some comments that people left on my last article.  Namely, to talk a little bit about the Warcors.  Short for War Correspondents, Warcors are both a program and a miniature (with specialized function in campaign:paradiso).  and finally the role the warcor has on campaign:paradiso.

The News : Steps to Start An Infinity Group?

1) See if there’s a Warcor in your area…

Established in 2014 (That’s right, THIS year), the Infinity WarCor program is a demo outreach initiative.  100 Warcors were chosen world wide.  The united states is fairly well represented in that initial 100 batch.  Editorial Disclosure: I am one of the initial 100 Warcors.  If you are starting up an infinity group in your area.  This is a easy recommendation…. Consulting the Warcor List to see if one is in your neck of the world (thank you jonathan for the correction).  Not only does this page list the forum names of the various warcors, but where they are located, and a button to contact them directly.  All-in-all it’s a pretty good source to assist getting those initial players together so your group can flourish on it’s own.

Two tables set up for demos during a LGS Grand Opening by Warcors

2) See if there are players in your area….

Also found on the official forums is the living database of where you can find players.  Make sure you go to the last post to see the complete list.  If you have not added your name to this list, make sure you do as it may end up helping others find you as well.  Getting Infinity off the ground really requires just 2 or 3 players and a supportive local game store.

If you are more of a visual person, there is a website that provides a more geo-spacial representation of where the infinity players are.  Realize that both of these resources are only as good as people provide data.  The website can be found here.

3) Check out a case study for how we got Infinity to grow in the Raleigh/Durham area

There’s actually a lot of really good information in that video about how we went about getting Infinity off the ground BEFORE there was a Warcor program.  That being said, do not hesitate the Warcor resource near your area if there is one available.

The Skinny: Warcors – Beyond Demos

Want to know how the tournaments and gaming event tables always had organizers at Gencon this year?  You have to thank the Warcors (and one in particular who helped organize everyone – “Magno”).  If you watched all of the Gencon 2014 Infinity Seminar, you may have come across the following image:


While Magno is a humble guy who emphasizes just how much it was a team effort in effectively handling GenCon, I have to say that the honor was well deserved.  Now onto the more standard Warcor model…

The Dirt: Warcors – The Unit

Almost a year before the miniature existed.  The stat-line for a Warcor existed.

Introduced in Campaign Paradiso, Warcors represented the wartime correspondent on the battlefield.  As such, they are not well equipped in terms of fire power.  Between missions, a Warcor that is introduced to the battlefield and survives dramatically influences whether or not the army you are playing can apply experience points in multiple skill trees.  Another way to look at it (from a fluff perspective) is the army that can bring a non-combatant journalist and keep them alive is more sympathetic to the rest of the human sphere.  The propaganda that the journalist model can provide allows that army to be supported in the Paradiso theatre of war.

Within the scope of a Paradiso Campaign, armies tally up the experience points earned in the previous mission that can augment either the Spec-Op model OR augment the skill set of the army.  The army skill trees look like the following:

During the course of a campaign game, a player can only choose 1 of the 5 skill trees to apply experience points to, unless they successfully make a promotion roll.  For human sphere armies (excluding aleph) the success probability of these rolls is best achieved with a Warcor.

Tohaa and Combined Army (and their sectorials) need not apply for a Warcor/Journalist as they already have their chance of getting a promotion augmented by 3.  Without modifiers, Tohaa and CA need a 4 or less, while human sphere armies need to get a 1.  A warcor model comes with the Journalist N1 skill, which augments the range of the roll needed by 3.  While the Aleph is a human sphere army, currently they also have access to a named journalist/hacker (Thamyris) who provides Journalist N2 (or a +6 promotion modifier).  But all of these modifiers assume the army was able to keep the journalist alive. 

Infinity Images


Unfortunately, this is how far I got with my September/October Infinity painting challenge proposed by Nestor who is managing the WGC Infinity Facebook page.  Need a good ongoing challenge?  Check it out….

So that’s the news, the skinny, the DIRT on the Infinity Warcors miniatures and program.  Only 4 more weeks until I have my new studio set up and a lot of new content will be making its way to YouTube.  As always find me here, my YouTube Channel, or drop me a line or Infinity photos at my new email address [email protected] .

Author: doremicom
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