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Warmachine: Khador at WTC 2014

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Oct 22 2014

Khador had a very strong showing this year at the World Team Championship (WTC) in 2014. Let’s take a look at the stats!

For those that don’t know what the WTC is, it is the World Team Championship that occurs every year, and each country hand picks a group of players to send to represent that particular country. WTC 2014 occurred on October 4th and 5th, 2014, and was hosted in Poland. There was a total of 260 players from countries all over the world. 

  Khador last year in WTC 2013 had a weak showing, with the overall field comprising of 7% Khador and the percentage of teams that chose Khador at least once was slightly below 40%. Khador’s overall win percentage was less than 50%, signifying that the faction was having issues at that time frame.

In WTC 2014 however, this lack of Khador is no longer the case. The overall field nearly doubled with 12% Khador, and the percentages of teams that chose Khador at least once was around 55%.  In total, there were 30 Khador players in the overall field. Butcher3 even appeared in the top 10 warcasters and warlocks in terms of number of times chosen, clocking in with a tie of 13 times with Deneghra2.

Number crunching
Khador247, a forum member on the official Privateer Press forums, compiled the caster matchup results for the faction in WTC 2014 in the Khador sub-forum. Kriegsspiele, a regular in the Khador sub-forum posted in a reply to the thread a calculation of the overall win percentage, and showed a rather dramatic increase.

WTC 2014: Khador’s most popular warcaster version

Representing the Motherland
Khador in WTC 2014 clocked in at a 56% win percentage overall, with the Butchers, Vlads and Sorschas showing up to greatly represent the faction, being taken a total of 48 times out of 60 warcasters. This is 80% of the Khador caster pool that showed up to play. The Butchers were taken 26 times, the Vlads were taken 12 times, the Sorschas were taken 10 times, the Irusks were taken 8 times, Old Witch was taken 3 times, and Karchev showed up only once. These are signs that the faction is very healthy as whole and not stagnant as many players have plenty of ideas in mind.

Khador’s most victorious warcaster version in WTC 2014, Vlad1

Victory for the Motherland
Warcaster win percentage wise, the Vlads have the highest overall win percentage. Vlad1 was played 8 times and won 75% of his games, Vlad2 was played 16 times and won 69% of his games, and Vlad3 was played only 3 times, but he won all of his games. I would not be surprised if we see more of the Vlads as all three versions are capable of excellent army support but are able to end games by themselves when necessary. The faction also had the highest percentage of all the factions, as calculated by official forum member neonchamelon.

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Mountains of Steel
Khador’s warjack selection was just as diverse as the warcaster selection. Nearly every warjack except for the Decimator and the Marauder was taken at least once. The all-stars however, in terms of number of times selected, were Behemoth at 20, Conquest at 12, the Juggernaut at 11, Beast 09 at 9, and the Spriggan at 8 times selected. The above graph gives the exact breakdown of what jacks were taken with what caster.

Click to enlarge

Servants of the Motherland
Khador’s unit selection is also suprisingly diverse, albeit very skewed by the amount of Butcher2 theme forces were in the midst. Widowmakers were the most popular unit overall, followed very closely by the Black Dragon Iron Fang Pikemen. This is a dramatic shift compared to the commonly accepted Khador wisdom of using Winter Guard Infantry and Kayazy Assassins, as low ARM models do not survive easily after the release of the Colossals. Greylords of both versions are seen in a surprising amount, with the Outriders being relatively new to the faction and already used in significant numbers is an excellent sight to see.

What do all these numbers mean?
These numbers show that Khador is back to being a healthy faction after undergoing quite a downturn in the metas of 2012 and early-mid 2013. This increase in health can largely be attributed to the addition of Butcher3, the rise of the Vlads, and Khador players learning how to play without using Iron Flesh as the main strategy. The only direction the faction can go is up.

The full details of the rounds and the pairings of WTC 2014 can be found at the official website.


~What are your thoughts on Khador’s performance at WTC 2014? Post them in the comment section below! For more Warmachine related content by FrozenKommander, check out his YouTube channel.

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