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Warmachine: New Cephalyx Unboxed

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Oct 10 2014

Don’t let them take you alive!  Time to take a close look at the creepy Cephalyx if you DARE…

Let’s start off with the new Mind Slaver and Drudges. When I saw these guys in a Cryx box and not a Mercenaries one, there was a split second where I was like “hey somebody made a mistake.” Then I remembered that these guys are Cryx Allies and not actualy Mercs. There are only a couple of corner case situations where Cryx players will actually use these guys though.

Normally I don’t bother with pics of the minis in bags, but these guys came in ziplocs. Is this just a one off? Will all the Privateer plastics start coming in ziplocs? Is it even a big enough deal to mention? I mean we’ve all seen ziplocs before. Well it’s not a big deal but it’s nice to be able to look at the bits without having to tear a bag open and then have lose bits that might get lost.

These are the same heads and torsos as the last batch of cephalyx we saw earlier this month.

Here’s a close up.

 These smashy drudge weapons are what make the slaver unit different from the bender unit.

A fine selection of head close-ups.

Here’s the torso of the mind slaver.


He has a bunch of other cool bits.

No no, it’s Dominator not Dominatrix. You want the Dark Eldar article.

Anyway here he is. Privateer continues to do amazing work with metal.

The detail on these crazy mechano-arms is just so perfect.

 And this head is nice and creepy.

And this is the last Cephalyx model I’ll be unboxing for the foreseeable future. Yep, I’m afraid the Agitator rounds off all known releases for this new mercenary contract. I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing more of these guys before you know it though. It’s not like Convergence where Privateer stated from the start that it was a limited release faction.

And here he is. Another really nice metal model.


One eye? Nope. Two eyes? Not going to cut it. Eight eyes? Good enough for a spider maybe but not this guy. Eleven is apparently the minimum number of eyes required for proper agitation.

This guy has the smallest arms of any of the Cephalyx. I guess it’s because he gets an extra set.

He has a cool little mechano-spine for them to attach to.

And look! Individually cast fingers! Ok so it’s not really that special, but I think they’re neat.

~Well that’s all for now folks! How have the Cephalyx been treating you?

Ben Williams