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Hordes: New Warlocks Unboxed

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Nov 26 2014

Here are the two cool new Warlocks headed your way this month, including one kit that is over the top awesome!

Sure eXerxes might be big and scary, but this fine lass has captured my heart. I’m doing her first.

Such grace. Such poise. And she’s one of the Farrow’s best Warlocks too.

As cool as she is I might just wait to run her until the Meat Thresher finally comes out. But because we haven’t even seen a painted picture of it yet there will probably be quite a wait. I’m pretty sure it will be plastic too. Fingers crossed.

Last for Helga is a close-up of her spear.

And that brings us to the big event: It’s Xerxis and his crazy Skorne-o-don.

A good amount of bits here.

Here’s that Skorne-o-saur.

Big rhino shoulderpads. Also – cool conversion bit for a Cyclops Brute shield.

Here are Xerxis’ legs.


And the last of the resin bits.

Here are all the metal bits.

Yes Xerxis will be happy to impale you with this banner. Of course he’d probably impale you with a spoon if that’s all he had.

Coolest weapon in the Iron Kingdoms might go to this crazy mace.

Game face.

Suitably giant shoulderpads for Xerxis himself.

And a comparably tiny torso, but with big flags to hang off the back.


Really? Only 8 tassles? But I wanted to do more tedious gluing…

And here are all the other bits.

~A couple dumb jokes aside, eXerxis is a ridiculously awesome model. And I love Helga too even if she isn’t as epic. Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Ben Williams
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