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Battlegroups of Legend: “Haley Defense!”

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Aug 12 2015



Hey BOLS, I am starting up a tourney list article to share my weird ideas with you all. I will be talking about 50 point lists and the method to my madness.

I have been on the warmachine tourney scene for a couple years. I was a big time fantasy player before 8th edition. These lists will come up with some niche ideas.I will try to come up with a 2nd list to pair with this , but won’t go into the detail as much.  I own and play most of the factions and kind of bounce around.  I have played with almost every faction.  I must admit I have not played minions. I do own and have played with 2 gatormen sacral vaults so, give me some credit minion players.  Today’ I want to talk about Haley3 for cygnar.  Her Temporal Flux has potential to be one of the game breaking spells.  An aura defense buff is nothing new.  Damiano and Madrak have been using sure foot for awhile.  However, TF is on 3 models not 1 with a 5″ Aura.  So , I want to talk about getting the most bang for the buck.


How can I get more out of Haley3’s Temporal Flux?

Well the easiest way is to stack defense buffs.  What are some in faction(including mercs) defense buffs?

Set Defense(Lancer,Thorne,Dynamo, Stormguard,Steelheads,etc..)

Rhupert C. (He can give +1 Defense to a unit)

Gorman(He can give concealment)

Dig In(Trencher models, Murdoch for 1 turn)


A. Jakes(Side kick)

Boomhowlers( Ragehowl is a defense buff vs jacks/beasts)


So those are the majority of models I can use to make my defenses pretty high.  I am sure I missed something.

Haley3 has a pittance of jack points but, Thorn will be really hard to hit with TF and set defense.  Plus Haley Prime will be able to cast even while engaged through him.

I really like Side Kick and think Dynamo is really strong.  I think A. Jakes and Dynamo will make a good pair.

Boomhowlers are a cygnar tradition and they fit into my maximum defense idea with Rage Howl.



The list so far:

+3 Haley3

2  Squire

8 Thorn

3 A. Jakes

10  Dynamo

9 Max GG Boomhowlers


Wow that’s already 32 points! I think I am going to stick with the high defense theme.  I need some ranged troops but also something that can hit hard.  The nyss are weapon masters, have really high defense, and respectiable shooting.  Murdoch can make them go to ground for a turn, and makes them cygnar for revive potential.  Tie it all together with Rhupert for even higher defense shenanigans.


12 10 Cylena nyss + Murdoch.

2 Rhupert C

46 points and counting!  I think I have a pretty sturdy front line and ok ranged threat with Dynamo and the nyss.

I think with the last 7 points we can round the list out with some more niche support.Junior will make the boomhowlers even more tanky.  As I don’t plan to yell 4+ tough all the time with this list. Lady Aiyana makes this a possible cryx drop with the magic attacks ability.  As well both her and holt stick with the high defense theme.

4 Lady Aiyana and Master Holt

3 Journemy WarCaster




Final List 53 Points





A. Jakes


10 GG Boomhowlers

10 Cylena Nyss + Murdoch

Lady Aiyana and Holt

Journeyman Warcaster


How does this work:

The main idea is to cover Dynamo and the Nyss with Temporal Flux at all times.  Dynamo will also have Side Kick upkeep on him.  The boomies will be running jam business but keep Greygore back enough that he doesn’t get sniped.  Remeber to ragehowl if beasts/warjacks are going to get in range the following turn.

Vs Beasts/warjacks

Dynamo’s defense will be at insanity levels!  He is base 12+ sidekick 2+ Temporal Flux 2+ Ragehowl2+ Set defense+2= Defense 20 vs charges and Defense 18 vs non charges.  He will be 18 vs troops charges!

That is pretty impressive if you ask me.

Nyss will be equally as high at base 15+ Temporal Flux +2.  Throw in things like go to ground, dirge of mists, and rage howl they can easily hit the 20s!


Things to watch for:


This list has some weakness to AoE’s. You can mitigate it a little bit with go to ground,arcane shield, and the bunker objective. AoE fire is probably a big sad face.  I would suggest dropping something different vs multiple ravagores or menoth in general.

Wraithbane gets through all your tricks.  Make Naga’s and other spell ignoring models your prime targets.  Shoot them, melee them, whatever, make sure they die!

This is okay vs retribution but watch out for raven!


This is good vs:

If you stay spaced properly I think this is a great cryx drop.  Even dark guidance will have a tough time hitting these defense stats.  Watchout for hellmouth and 2 helldivers!

Not bad vs khador. I think you can kill buther 3’s army and he will have to do the 1 man show.

Other cygnar.  Epic caine needs 9s to hit a TF hailey not including any other bonuses.

Skorne,Trolls,Circle will have a tough time hitting you and you will have a tough time killing them.  I think you win out in the long run.


What to pair with:

You might need some more armor breaking then what this can provide.  Consider Styker3 or Siege for something like WoldWar.  Stryker 1 could be a great pair.  If your opponent can handle high defense they might not be able to handle high armor.


What do you think BOLS?  I think list can really cause issues for a whole lot of current builds out there.  Would you play it?  How would you deal with it?  What would you change?  Please share your comments below?


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