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Battlegroups of Legend: “Victor for Victory”

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Aug 5 2015



Hey BoLS, this weeks Warmmachine list is a pretty easy one if you couldn’t figure it out by the title.  I believe Victor is straight boss and will definitely be on my Birthday wish list.

His gun has a massive range of 20″ and 3 really annoying ammo types.  The best one is the fire.  Models hit are put on fire.  This threatens low armor casters early if you get the drift you want.  The other AoE’s are also pow 8 blast damage with different situation effects.  Combined with some spells this massive ranged gun will be a problem real quick!

What caster?

Khador has some interesting Jack casters and while I would love to run some Kharchev he doesn’t do much for Huge base models. Butcher 1 is tempting for the extra dice of damage.  Irusk2 has fire for effect which could be pretty boss on the mortar.  I like to skew really badly though if you couldn’t figure out from other posts.  Today’s list is going with the IRON WOLF Harkevich.

What does Harkevich do for Victor?

NEED for SPEED.  aka Escort.  That speed 4 is nothing to write home about.  Escort solves this dilemma with +2 speed.  This gets exponentially better with every warjack he takes as it is a battlegroup spell.

More guns!  Harkevich has Broadside.  Before Victor broadside was really not that impressive.  At 9 points per destroyer spam was never really a great option.  Conquest big gun is nice but doesn’t have the same dirtyness that Victor does.  The crab jacks open and close tech is interesting but to build a list around I am not sure…

Fortune: Rerolls so good!!!


Well what is better then 1 Victor?

Harkevich +5

Victor 18

Victor 18

TWO Victors!

I believe to get the most out of Harkevich and the broadside spell is two Victors.  The range and ability to shoot 2x is phenomenal. You can threathen deployment zones almost immediately.



What is the rest of the list?

Supporting the Victors rain of death should be top priority.  I am tempted to put a spriggan in the list as well just for the flare shot.  Unfortunately, it really makes the model count go down.  I thought about winterguard star as well.  With the sprays you can clean up any stealth troops that make it to you and have a high powered ranged attack vs tougher targets.  Another useful tool would be a shieldguard or two.  Being able to stop black oil will be important because gorman won’t be dieing to fire damage rolls.

Winter guard infantry + UA + 3 rocket  11

Kayazy Eliminator 3

Koldun Lord 2

Kovnik Joe 2

Goblin Tinker 1

I think the star does a reasonable job supporting the 2 big units.  Joe can give them tough or that extra to hit dice making them accurate or jammy.  They could be a good fortune target for Harkevich as well with the long ranged rockets.  I debated over less rockets for some other solos, but a tinker rounds out the list nicely.  The other 5 or 6 points needed to be something annoying.  I find Eliminators to be just that.  Acrobatics and high defense is great for zone holding.  Finally, a little support for Harkevich focus pool.  Upkeeping escort and casting broadside doesn’t leave much focus for the wolf to hand out.  A koldun lord brings an extra focus to the table and a magic spray in a jam.

What’s it do?


First turn you are going to want to run both Victors, cast escort and broadside.   If you are 31″ apart from your opponent you will need at least a 3′ drift to the 1 to hit anything.  However, if they have advance deployment you are in range.  LET IN RAIN.  Each turn your goal is to put as many models on fire as possible. Rinse and repeat till there is nothing left.

This is a pretty niche list.  Watch out for troll since they will be immune to continuous most of time.  You can still play against them but, you will need to drop that rock ASAP.  Cryx is probably a no no if they are playing Denny2 or Gatsby2.  You have game vs the rest but, its not ideal. Kruger 2 is annoying with the drift control and so is Rahn.  With 5″ AoE you will still hit with a 3″ scatter so it’s not the end of the world.  I think a cryx drop would be pretty good 2nd list to pair with this.  Sorcha2 comes to mind.

What do you think BOLS?  Do you fear the double victor?  Nothing to worry about?  30″ fire fire everywhere!!!!  What are your thoughts?  Please share in the comments below.

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